Pokemon: Professor Kowalski


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So awhile ago, Manly Guys Doing Manly Things had Jared, the failed pokemon trainer intern, get a bunch of awards and stuff from Pokemon Professors, despite not knowing all that much about Pokemon.

So, I got to thinking, what if they made him a Pokemon Professor, and he was expected to get ten year old children a pet monster and go out and engage in state sanctioned cockfights.

Needless to say: Hilarity ought to ensue, or it's not being written right.

Possible Storylines:
-Jared having to go and get three appropriate starting Pokemon. Now, since you can't actually catch them in game, Jared probably going to have to jumo through a number of hoops in order to even get near them, and once he does, he'll have to keep his Gyarados from eating them. Of course, he could go the lazier route of just catching whatever he could find, but then the balance would probably be all screwed up. Maybe he just has to do paperwork, but that could be a endeavor all on its own as well.

-Mr. Fish getting jealous that Jared is getting more pokemon besides himself. Most likely going to end with Mr. Fish eating them, or a no holds barred battle similar to what Kratos and his friends tend to get up to.

-Jared dealing with his first recruits. One obvious option are the Commander's daughter, plus a couple of other kids. Maybe Dom or a few of the other Macho guys have a few hidden around.

The other option for this is the Commander assigns a couple of the Macho guys. Maybe he's helping Jared out a bit, maybe he thinks raisking a pet might be good for them, maybe he thinks that monsters capable of mass destruction will teach them to keep their calm.

-Jared neglecting to offer advice because he's too busy playing Xbox. This can range from simple: "Shut up, I'm playing video games" to hilarious miscommunication, such as telling some kid to rip his opponent's head off as he's too into whatever game he's playing to really pay attention to the question.



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I personally like the idea. As to the new recruits/ trainers idea, i'd say combine the two a bit and have the Commander be good with it till he sees the Venipede his daughter would probably want and have the whole Millipede-phobia come back, making him want to switch it to some of the guys who are most likely doing stupid/ irresponsible shit in the background.

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Wasn't that explicitly mentioned as thing that happened at the end of that arc? Like he said he thought he was actually a professor now? Other than that, yeah all of those seem like things he could do. Though the recent stuff with the insane Omanyte things may put him off this particular career path.