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In game, the SS Anne will be arriving in Vermillion port on Day 22. At this point, those with tickets will be able to enter the ship, and enjoy it's facilities and passengers. Out of game, we'll be starting it's arrival on Wednesday to allow people that are behind to catch up, or earlier if all players make it to day 22 before then.

Keep a eye on your dexs for mail notifacations in the days leading up to the annes arrival.


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Seeing as everyone has now reached Cerulean City, we're opening up a new feature.

In most major citys, we can access a bank from the second floor of a pokemon center.

These banks are branches of the National Kanto Bank, based in Saffron. They're a recent development, and are still branching out in certain towns and cities in the region.

The banks allow you to store cash in two seperate accounts. One account has a limit of 10,000 pokedollars, but is immune to cash loss upon defeat. The other has no effective limit, though you are limited by how much you can withdraw per day.

Accounts cost 200 poke to start up, and have maintence fees of 25-200 per year depending on how much is in the account. Upon starting up a account, you will be given a pokedex update allowing you to effectively use it as a debit card and money transfer system, allowing you to give out or gain cash when fighting trainers or gym leaders.

Some places however only accept cash, so it's a good idea to keep some on you.
Name: Zeph

Profession: Photographer

Starting Partner:Paras (Element)

Party: N/A

Items: 5 x pokeballs
1 x pokedex


Cameras: Basic
Digital point and click

Cash: 2000

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Name: Meryl

Profession: Trainer

Starting Partner: Charmander (Laevateinn)

Party: N/A

Badges: N/A

6 x Pokeballs
1 Pokedex

Cash: 3000