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Day 10

I walk out of the police station in Pewter City, slightly annoyed that I had been forced to stay a extra night in town to finish giving my statement. On the bright side though, they had let a couple of us grab a fossil from the recovered stash that Team Rocket had unearthed, and after grabbing a Old Amber for myself, I let the rest of the group know about the museum and its madmen fossil revivers.

Deciding to go check on my previous fossil and drop off the new one at the same time, I head straight to the museum.

Upon entering, I'm greeted by the same scientest from before, and after showing him the Old Amber, we start talking.

"Ah, Mr. Deuce, welcome back, you came at a good time, we just finished all the exams of your new Kabuto, so your free to take him anytime."

"Good to hear, anything you can do with this old amber?"

"...I don't know where your getting all these fossils, but yes, we can revive it. Will only take a few hours or so actually, we got more then enough data from the Dome Fossils you and that breeder brought in."

"Alright, I'll be back to pick it up in a few hours, and the police have a large stash of fossils confiscated from the Team Rocket incident. Maybe you can get some of them."

"Thank you for the info, I'll be sure to inquire about it, now, I have some work to get back to, so good day."

I pick up the pokeball containing my new kabuto, and after setting Lee to be transfered back to the lab, I register it under my ID.

I decide to spend the next few hours just relaxing, before I pick up my newest fossil and head for cerulean.


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DAY 10

Latrio crosses Mt. Moon to go Pick up his Kabuto from the Crazy Researcher dude.


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Later that afternoon, I leave the museum with my new Aerodactyl in tow, and deciding I have little if anything to fear, I decide to just make my way to Cerulean City, and leave town. Along the way I encounter a few pokemon, but catch none of them, deciding to just use them as training for Kabuto and Aerodactyl, and after stopping to heal at the mountain Center, I head into the cavern, quickly making way through to route 4, finding a Hyper potion in the dust a little past where we had fought the rockets.

As I step out into the cool night air, I look around, and spotting the outline of what must be Cerulean city in the morning light, I make my way through the last legs of the route, and into the city.


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Day 9

Damn, I got a fossil out of those idiot's to.

I am really lucky today.

I took it to the museum, which from what I've seen the others do, is what your supposed to do with these, after I found the right desk and dropped the fossil off, I was off to Cerulean.

At the rate I was going, I'll probably have Fly by the time it's done.

Time to gun it.


Day 10

I found two TM's on my way to Cerulean, Roar and Whirlwind, best save those for later, I put them with Rock Tomb.

There weren't any trainer's on the way, so it wasn't very hard to get there, it just took to long.

I took a quick break at the Pokemon center before heading to the gym.


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Day 9 - The start of a journey

Velocitas landed lightly on the ground outside of Professor Oak's Lab in Pallet Town as one of his family's Pidgeot let him off. A quick pat to the head was returned with a affectionate nip to his hair from the pokemon as a sleepy Meowth poked its head out of his backpack.

One of the first thing's he'd learned as a Pokemon breeder was that you didn't take out your frustrations on your pokemon. So while he would have be more than happy to get back on the Pidgeot and ride back to Cerulean City and give his family what for he instead watched as it flew off back home to its roost.

To say his family had been displeased to hear that he was planning on becoming a full fledged trainer instead of a breeder would have been putting it lightly. Terms like 'gloryhound' and 'brutal barbarian' had been used liberally by his relatives in describing his chosen profession. Unable to sway him they had instead decided that if he wanted to be a trainer he would start like every other brat trainer in kanto, from scratch. So after a quick letter to Oak, a newly matured Meowth and a Pidgeot ride to Pallet town he was ready to start.

A loud explosion from the lab as the windows blew out with a deafening 'Bang!' pulled him from the plotting of his retribution. The door to the lab flew open and Professor Oak veritably flew out of the building as smoke poured from it coughing and being chased by a rather angry and oddly colored Spearow.

The two stared at each other a moment heedless of the irate bird trying to peck a hole in his skull.

"Um, a letter for Professor Oak." This was NOT how he had imagined meeting one of the foremost experts on Pokemon.

"Who? Professor Oak? Oh! Yes that's me isn't it? Well give it here then." So saying he snatched the letter from Velocitas' outstretched hand quickly tearing away the envelope and reading it very rapidly if his eye movements were any indication.

"So, another trainer hm? had a group of them come by not a week ago to get started themselves. As you can see I am rather... Preoccupied with this strange bird," at which he swatted for a moment, "So you're rather lucky that you're just about all prepared with a pokemon already. I don't really have the time to talk anymore today, science calls and all that." With that Oak snagged the bird out of mid air and gave it a rather stern looking before marching back inside the door slamming behind him only to open a second later as he tossed something back out at the trainer and slamming shut again.

Vel looked down at the small card that he had caught:



Contact your local pokemon authority to fully activate this license and gain access to all our services and facilities.

Well wasn't that just great. Not even started and he's already one step back. How exactly he was supposed to be a trainer when he couldn't even participate in gym battles, the most important aspect of being a trainer, was lost to him.

Whatever, he'd figure it out later right now he wanted to get moving. Heading of out pallet town and into the relaxing forest and grasslands of Route 1 managed to temper his mood. A slight chirp alerted him to the presence of a familiar pokemon, a Pidgey. Sneaking up to a bush he spotted it faced away from him in a small clearing. Easing free a pokeball from his belt he tossed it at the Pidgey in the clearing only leaving to time to let out a surprised squawk before being sucked into the ball.

Smiling in satisfaction he retrieved the ball and continued on his way down Route 1.


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Latrio crosses Mt. Moon for the whatever'd time and notices pools of water on the other side. He has a wicked evil Idea.

"Oy, Gamera, and Cancer"

Latrio tosses the balls in the air.

"Come on out. Time to get busy."

The Turtle and Horseshoe Crab pop up in front of him.

"Yo, I need you to do something for me. Can you go into that pond in there and chase out some pokemon, please?"

Both of his pokemon nod and jump into the Water.


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I walk into town, noticing a forgotten great ball off to the side of the center as I enter it for a quick checkup, before entering the gym to challenge Misty, nodding to a few early morning pedestrians as I near the gym, already open even at this early hour.

I enter, and announce my challenge, almost immediately being approched by a pair of trainers. Must be the students of the leader. Ah well, Kabuto, and Aerodactyl need a bit of battle practice anyway.


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Day 10

Well... That was disappointing.

And embarrassing.

I can't believe I almost got sweeped by a Pokemon I had such a huge advantage over.

I guess it's a good thing I'm planning on replacing Pikachu and Pichu with their kid, so much trouble.

Least they won't have to worry about Beedrill when they go home.

And Geodude somehow managed to win.

Thank god Pichu seems to be lucky as hell.

Now, I gotta get moving to Vermilion.


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Latrio's Pokemon knocks a fish he hasn't seen before out of the Water.

Latrio aims his pokedex at it to learn it's a Remoraid

Latrio calls out his Zubat and has it beat the fish up and catches it. He continues to fish. He wants to see how many fish types he can get.


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I walk out of the gym, Cascade Badge and the gyms TM in my bag, and after a quick stop at the center, decide to head north and check out this Nugget Bridge challenge I've heard about.

As I head north out of town, I bump into Zaffre messing around with a pair of black glasses. After asking him what they're for, and being told that they enhance dark type moves, I offer to buy them off him. A few minutes later, I walk away with Ghirahim looking 20% cooler, and Zaffre walks away 1500 pokecash richer.


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Latrio keeps fishing and catches a duck. It's Psyduck. He's done with fishing for now.


PROF. Oak's Lab

"Well you're certainly late. I really hope you have a good reason for it. Anyways, you would normally have a choice of the starters, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasuar. Now it's just Bulbasaur and two pokemon one of my assistants sent me. Now then who are you and what pokemon do you want to have, Bulbasaur Spearow, or Jigglypuff."

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Kariya winces at the Professor's tone of voice, wanting nothing more to put on the hood of his jacket and look away from the man's stern look.

"Ah - my name is Kariya, Professor, and I'd like to bring the Bulbasaur with me."

Day 1 start (Day 5 for everyone else.)


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Latrio ends his finishing and heads towards the temptingly named Nugget Bridge. Shiny shiny gold.

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Once the Bulbasaur, now named Bloomer, is in his clutches, Kariya thanks the Professor, and absconds while he deals with the other late trainers to be.

He absconds so fast, in fact, that he doesn't bother stopping to train on the Routes at all, instead simply rushing to Viridian Forest - it takes him a while to realize where he is.

"Uhm, oh - okay. This place is full of weak bugs, so I can just train Bloomer here for a while before fighting at the Gym. Yeah, okay, I can handle this."


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"Stupid Status moves" Latrio runs off to the Pokecenter and back.


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Day 11

Vermilion City.

Diglett Cave?

Bring it on.

I need a back up for Geodude and Charmeleon need's some prep for Erika.


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"Weak bugs my ass! Who wrote this piece of crap map!?" Kariya cries out as he and Bloomer attack the swarm of Beedrill that they've accidentally disturbed.

The swarm rush from all directions, ready to poison and slice at the poor trainer and his Pokemon - but Bloomer stands his ground, launching Leech Seed after Leech Seed so that it can survive the onslaught of slashes and stings. And though the insects try to pin the Bulbasaur to the ground, nothing can stop him from throwing itself into harm's way, blocking attacks aimed at his trainer with its own body.

Kariya watches in awe, only able to give the briefest of commands as he watches his partner fight tooth and nail in order to protect them both. Slowly, the swarm tapers off, as Beedrill start to flee from the duo, or simply drop to the ground, the Leech Seeds draining them of all their stamina.

Once the Beedril have stopped attacking, Bloomer simply turns around, a happy, relieved growl escaping him as he runs back to his Trainer.

And Kariya scoops up the Bulbasaur into its arm, tossing Pokeballs to capture some of the downed Beedrill, before heading off to the Pewter City Pokemon Center.

"With you at my side," Kariya says, as Bloomer relaxes on his shoulder, "I can't lose."

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After recuperating a bit at the Pewter City Pokemon Center, Kariya and Bloomer marched straight to the Pokemon Gym.

And proceeded to oneshot everything in sight with Vine Whip. Poor, poor Brock.

Once they had the TM and the badge in hand, Kariya set his sights for Mount Moon.

"Gotta catch up with everyone, now - they're probably already at Saffron City, or something."


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I walk out of the center, having come back to heal up from my defeat of the nugget bridge challenge, and head back north, wanting to go meet the infamous Bill that had helped design the pokemon transfer and storage systems.

I make my way past the bridge, now devoid of the so called "tough" trainers that had populated it. Battling my way past more trainers, and finding a water stone barely glinting in the cliff wall, I come to a modest sized house near the edge of the cliff.

Seeing the door wide open, I decide to enter and see if anything is wrong.


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Making my way into the house, I find a small amount of smoke creeping it's way across the ceiling, I follow it to it's source, not wanting to have the house burn down while I'm in the area.

At the source of the smoke I find a good sized lab, with several machines scattered about. A couple of them are smoking, but being tended to by what appears to be a oddish. Paying little mind to the oddish, I walk further into the lab, only to hear a voice ask who I am.

As I look around, attempting to find the voices origin, I hear it again, followed by a tug on my pants. I look down, only to find myself looking at the top of the oddishs' head. I start to reach down to pick up the little guy, when it backs up, tilts it's head back, and looks at me with what is unmistakably the face of a human, scaring the crap out of me as I jump back and release Sneasel to be ready to take it down.

As I stare at it, it smiles, and starts to speak.

"Hey, thank god someone finally came along. There was a bit of a accident with a experiment, and I got stuck like this, you mind helping me reverse it?"

Warily agreeing, I follow its instructions to activate the machine once its entered, and watch as the two linked machines start to glow, before it dies down, and they pop open.

As a human walks out of the second machine, with a now normal oddish walking out of the first, I ask what the hell kind of nut job is he.

After a short explanation on who he is, and what he was doing, most of which I still don't understand, Bill asks how he can thank me for my help. I semi-jokingly respond that he can thank me by not doing that kind of experiment again.

He laughs it off, before noticing Ghirahim, and comes to a late realization that I'm a trainer. He tells me that he recently recieved two tickets to the S.S. Anne party, and asks if I'd like one since the boats filled with trainers, and seems like it would be more my kind of thing. I accept, if only to get the hell out of there.

Besides, I've heard the SS Anne has some strong trainers, and the captain supposedly is a Master of the HM move Cut.

I make my way back to town, deciding that it would be more benificial to not take the short cut and see what kind of wild pokemon I can find. Vermillions gym is focused on the Electric type, and at the moment, I've got a few too many mons with weaknesses to that type.

Though my search proves less then fruitful, despite spending the rest of the day out there, as I enter the city, I'm happy with the fact that Aerodactyl and Kabuto are growing stronger. I turn in for the night after a long and somewhat annoying day, deciding to head back and search in route 24 while I train these two up for a couple days.


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Day 13

My two days of training and searching finally bare some fruit, in the form of a caught Abra. After naming it, along with finally coming up with names for my two fossil mons, I send Gyarados to the Professor, since I wouldn't want to torture him with a electric or maybe even the grass gym.

That night though, I think on something I saw near the clearing where I had encountered the Abra. Most species in that area don't have the means or the need to cut branches down...so, why where there several cut down to make a path out of the clearing?


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Day 9 Cont.

Velocitas emerged from Route 1 that evening in a far better mood than he had entered it. His Pokemon had run drills on the way to Viridian City and now they and he were both worn out. Keeping up with a pair of Pokemon as fast as Meowth and Pidgey can be is quite tiring after all.

Checking in to the Pokecenter for the night and making use of one of their rooms set aside for traveling trainers he slipped into bed an amused eye on his two Pokemon which he had let out for the night. His Meowth had quickly take the prized seat, at least to it, on his chest and gave the Pidgey on the roost in the corner what could only be considered a smug look of triumph. The Pidgey, Featherduster as he had named the ball of fluff, simply gave Gilgamesh, the Meowth, a flat stare before tucking its head under its wing.

Day 10

Rising early he stretched dislodging the snoozing Meowth from his chest and watched it startle awake as it hit the floor. Gilgamesh gave him an indignant look while Featherduster who was already awake simply stared down at Gil condescendingly.

"Well I can see that at least one of you needs a bit of training if they can't even get up on time. Not that you're much better either I don't think Featherduster."

So saying he snagged his pack,returned 'duster to his Pokeball and headed down to the cafe for a quick breakfast as Meowth trotted along behind him.

Some time later they emerged from Viridian city with Gil again looking quite smug at having gotten the leftover bacon off of Vel's plate while 'duster was stuck in his Pokeball.

A rustling in the bushes alerted him to the presence of a wild Pokemon as a Rattata leaped out. Vel frowned in disgust and his pokemon looked on with a predatory air as both were breeds that were avid mouse hunters. He despised Rattata, not just because of the trouble they'd caused around the breeding center getting into the Pokefood and the like but simply because they were one of the most disgusting pokemon he'd ever seen or actually had to care for as one punishment he'd had to endure in the past was breeding a Raticate with a Ditto for a particularly rat-like customer they'd had one time.

"Gil, 'duster. You mind getting rid of this vermin?" The two Pokemon's eyes gleamed as the rattata finally noticed its dire situation, gave a squeak of fright, and dashed back into the underbrush.

Gil was off like a shot and 'duster took off from his spot on his shoulder like some sort of bizarre aircraft and zoomed off after the terrified rat as well. Much squeaking, hissing and chirping later Meowth came trotting back with the dead rat securely in his mouth still somehow managing to ooze smugness with 'duster flapping in behind him.

"Good work Gil, but was it really necessary to bring it back with you?" noticing the suspicious gleam in Gil's eyes Vel sighed as he figured out what the Meowth wanted.

"Oh, fine, like you haven't had enough to eat today you glutton." Gil fairly bounced away behind a tree, apparently he had some manners, to devour his prize.

Many disgusting sounds later Gil emerged from behind the tree face red from the blood of his meal and let out a small 'urp' before setting down to clean himself.

"Oh come on Gil, it's going to take you forever to get clean that way. There should be a stream around here somewhere." At Gil's alarmed looked he added, "what, I'm not going to throw you in or anything now come on." Suitable reassured that he wasn't getting a bath Gilgamesh trotted along after him.

A few minutes later and they had indeed found a small stream. A quick application of water to his hankerchief later and Gil was getting his face cleaned with a put upon look on what little of his face you could see through the cleaning as if to say 'really? I could have done this myself.' 'duster merely looked an amused at Gil getting his comeuppance.

Having finished cleaning his recalcitrant Meowth's face he turned to head back towards the main road when a something down the bank a ways caught his eye. Turning to inspect it he noticed it to be a Greatball in good condition. Smiling at his good fortune he put it in his backpack and headed on to Viridian Forest.

Arriving at the Viridian forest Gilgamesh apparently spotted something and bounded off. Before he could follow after him a Kakuna bounced into view and upon spying Featherduster gave a warbling trill of terror and turned around to bounce away. Rolling his eyes at the predatory look in his Pidgey's eyes he told it.

"Well I suppose if Gil get's a snack you do too." With that the Pidgey took off after the terrified bug disappearing from view just as Gil came trotting back into sight a Superball distorting his mouth into a creepy grin. Smiling as he took the ball from the once again smug Pokemon, was there a time this cat wasn't smug, he gave a scratch behind the ears as it looked on curiously in the direction the Pidgey had just disappeared in to the thrashing noises as the two pokemon just out of sight tore up the underbrush. One final terrified trill that was cut short and a moment later Featherduster came flapping back into view and perched itself back on his shoulder looking down its beak at Gil as if to say 'THAT is how you hunt a pokemon'.

Giving an exasperated sigh at his two Pokemon's insistence at one-upping the other he gave them orders, "alright you two since you seem to have so much energy it's time for some training."

Some hours later the three traipsed back into the Pokecenter with Vel having leaves sticking out of his hair and his pants spattered with mud, Gil being covered in caked and drying mud and Featherduster sitting on Vel's head missing several tail feathers. Much to the amusement of the nurse and a few other customers that were present at this late hour he was still giving them a lecture.

"Just because Gil took out some of your tail feathers does not give you the right to send us all into the creek with Gust Featherduster." The Pidgey turned its head away and would have hmphed if it have the ability to make such a sound.

Vel sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before heading up to his room followed by the quiet snickers of all those present. A quick shower later, for both him and his recalcitrant cat, he was back in one of the rooms reserved for trainers. entering it he noticed a forgotten Pokeball sitting on the desk in the room. Shrugging he added it to his pack before sliding into bed his two Pokemon taking up their chosen spots.

Day 10 End


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Day 9

Zaffre looked at the museum sign, feeling somewhat exhausted after the events in Mt. Moon. His team fully healed up, he headed in to see if the information he'd gotten from one of the trainers turned out to be true.

Of course when they'd practically rushed him through to the scientist in charge, he knew he was in the right place. Almost immediately they informed him that they would be able to create an Aerodactyl from the amber he had found, and if all turned out well he could have it added to his party in a few days.

His response that he wasn't particularly interested in having the ancient creature added to his party however was met with a comment from a rather unexpected source.

"Well if you don't want him, how about I give you something good for it?"

Zaffre's gaze met the closed eyes of the gym leader of Pewter. He ran what he knew through his head for a moment as he tried to recall what this particular gym specialized in. Ah, that's right, the rock leader. Though I heard his main was an Onix... And if that's the case...

Suddenly very interested in where this conversation would go, Zaffre responded with a warm smile. "That might be alright with me, depending what you have to offer. Though I also found this metal coat I'd heard you could use to cause an Onix to become a Steelix. If you're interested, how about we hammer out a trade?"


"Where did you get this?" Zaffre asked, stunned at the pokemon Brock offered.

The squinting man shrugged. "I have my ways. Can't let being a Gym leader stop me from seeking my own interests. Seems you're interested though, so we have a trade then?"

"Absolutely." Zaffre said, fascinated with the strange Rock/Psychic mix of this particular breed. Zaffre handed over the Metal Coat to the man. "Just make sure Oak's ready by the time you start the trade. I already called ahead so he should be ready to go anytime."

Brock nodded. "Happy to help, tracking down stuff like this tends to be a pain." He paused, looking at his new Aerodactyl, slightly confused. "I'm surprised you're letting me have this, I'd have figured a researcher would want to keep something like an ancient pokemon."

Zaffre blinked. "Ah, no, there's really no need. The scientists that created the technology already have a lot of data on a superior Aerodactyl, so it's not like there'd be much gain for it, besides, Oak's good friends with these Cinnebar guys so it's not like he won't get the data eventually."

"That makes sense." Brock said, getting ready to leave. "I'll make sure to start the trade later today, though I need to head back to the gym first."

The man made his way out, but suddenly stopped at the door. "Ah, that reminds me, I wanted someone to investigate something. Preferably someone who has access to fly." Brock paused, looking at Zaffre seriously. "Are you aware of a place called Ice Path?"


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I spend the next few days working on training up my new Abra, now named Nym, to a battlers level, resulting in it's evolution to Kadabra, though at the expense of my others training a bit, though Aerodactyl and Kabuto had grown a bit stronger, and had finally received names, Petra and Vinyl respectively.

I'm starting to get a little tired of route 24, but Nym still needs a bit more training before I'll feel confident in heading to vermillion.

As I head into town for some rest, I'm challenged by a somewhat shady trainer on the nugget bridge challenge. I crush him with Nym, before informing him that I'm not part of the challenge, and taking pity on him, leave without taking any prize money.

I go to sleep on day sixteen of my journey, trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with the trainer, having 80% of his team weak to a single type...

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Day 15

Kariya grumbles as he walks out of the Pewter City prison, rubbing his wrists to get rid of the pain from the cuffs. Even Bloomer seems pissed at him now.

The newly evolved Ivysaur leads the way to Mount Moon again, and luckily, the cops are finally gone.

"What was I supposed to do, wait for them?" the trainer mutters to himself, as he begins looking for new Pokemon to catch. He pointedly ignores the look Bloomer is giving him, though he can still sense the Pokemon trying to say "Yes, you stupid dolt."

He flinches though, as he feels someone rummaging through his backpack. Turning around, Kariya sees a Geodude - running away, and holding his last Pokeball.

"Oh come on!" He shouts, quickly rushing after the Rock Pokemon. Unfortunately, the Geodude knows the mountain like the back of its hand, and Kariya quickly loses sight of it - just as he spots a shiny Paras, relaxing in plain sight.

"This is pretty blatant for karma..." the trainer grumbles to himself, as Bloomer finally catches up to him, still walking at a steady trot.