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Day 9

With the Knowledge that ice type pokemon seemed to be fleeing from Ice Path for a reason that bore investigation, Zaffre set off to Mount Moon with the intent of crossing to Cerulean. He'd probably need to find a trainer in order to actually go on the investigation, and most of the others had crossed already.

It seemed he was in a bit of luck however, when he found an item he found out was a Magmarizer. Pocketing it, Zaffre pressed on.

In Ceruleon however, he ran into an old woman purely by accident. He thought nothing of the encounter at first, until she gripped his arm, halting him from moving on.

"You seem to have a good bond with your pokemon there boy."

Confused, Zaffre nodded, not quite sure where this was going.

"Why don't you take this young sprout. I'm sure a kind child like you can help him grow."

Confused, Zaffre looked down at the pokeball the woman gave him, realizing suddenly that he was given a Bulbasaur.

"Ah-" He started, but when he looked up, the woman was gone. Thoroughly confused, Zaffre pressed on. Passed the bridge was the first place he could attempt to grab an Abra, and he still had some time left in the day to try to find one. First however, he needed to go to the Pokemon center to place a Pokemon in the box. Now that he had more than 6, this was going to be a little complicated. Mercifully, Oak had decided to hang onto any Pokemon he had to send back, otherwise they'd be stuck sitting in the box all day.

Sending Shroom in to meet the professor, Zaffre headed past what he quickly learned was Nugget Bridge to try to locate an Abra.


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Day 19

I've spent the last 3 days training up Nym, and having recently learned Psybeam, I believe myself ready to start making my way south. As I start to wrap up my business on route 24, I encountered a Charmander of all things, and judging by how he attempted to fight me off with Dragon Claws and a couple Ancient Powers, I think he used to be a trainers pokemon. As I stand there trying to decide what mon to send back to the Box, I realize that Vinyl is a rock type, and I remember hearing that researcher talk about trading a Aerodactyl to Brock, along with that he had been rather excited about the fossil mon.

I send out Nym, and have it teleport me to Pewter City, where I make my way to the Gym. As I enter, I find Brock training what must be his new Aerodactyl, before I get his attention.

"Hey, overheard my researcher buddy traded you that Aerodactyl, wondering if you'd be interested in a Kabuto."

"A kabuto, are you serious? Why the hell wouldn't I be? What do ya want for it?"

"Well, to be honest, I've kinda got my hands full training the team I have now. But, there is a item I've been planning to track down eventually, that I think you might have."

"What item is that?"

"A Protector."

"Ah, your going after a Rhyperior then. Well, I do happen to have one left, you sure that's what you want?"

"I'm sure."

"All right then, let's go transfer the ownership."

We head into a back room, where we spend a hour or two transferring ownership of Kabuto to Brock. After receiving my new Protector and promising to visit every once in a while, I leave the gym and teleport back to cerulean, where I proceed to crash for the night at the Center.


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Latrio has defeated the Nugget bridge and claimed himself a new hat in a test of his endurance. Now the Breeder decides to train his newest on Route 24 for a couple of days. Water types are his favorite after all.

He manages to teach his duck how to use it's constant headache to use Psychic moves and gets his remoraid to Lock on to targets. Kabuto gets something. Latrio Shrugs.

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Day 16

Kariya breathes a sigh of relief as he finished the Nugget Bridge challenge. His Beedrill got quite the training session - and if it weren't for Bloomer's Leech Seed, he'd have lost a million times over.

He groans, as he remembers what happened at the end - he got his ass ripped apart by some random trainer. That Kadabra was slaughtering his entire team. "I thought Bug was strong against Psychic, damn it..."

Luckily, the guy - Deuce, was it? - didn't take any cash, and since he wasn't part of the Challenge, he was still allowed to finish off the last guy.

Getting up and stretching, Kariya heads to the Pokemon center to rest up for a bit - and as usual, Bloomer leads the way, refusing to look back at him.


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DAY 13

Finding Misty was interesting in his Psyduck he trades her for a Wooper, A Water ground type

Happy in his progress in this town. Latrio heads to Vermilion. He's heard of the head of this pokemon fanclub their is quite a breeder and heads that way for tips.


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Day 10

Having a good amount of luck in finding and capturing an Abra the day before, Zaffre finally put fly to use, and flew all the way back to Veridian in order to secure the desired trade. Managing to get the Mr. Mime without issue, though the trainer in question did protest the nickname "Snorey", Zaffre sent it in to Oak, just as the initial payment of 3000 came in for securing the trade with Brock for him. If all went well, they could learn a lot of item and trade evolutions with the data he'd secured.

Flying back to Ceruleon, Zaffre immediately headed for vermillion to finally secure the trade with the trainer with the Farfetch'd. On the way he did manage to locate a Great Ball underground, and fought a Meowth he caught on a whim, sending it to his box. He probably wouldn't get anything for it, hell Oak already had a few, but he could probably get it to learn payday were he ever strapped for cash. He'd heard a few researchers tended to resort to that when times were slim.

He also ran into one of the other trainers, who though he wasn't interested in a trip to Ice Path at the moment, did want to pay him 1500 for the black sunglasses he wasn't interested in. He accepted the deal, before heading for Vermillion.

At Vermillion he searched a bit, finding nothing of interest other than the location of the trainer seeking the Spearow allowing him to quickly locate the trader. Bidding goodbye to Pecker to give to the rather aghast female trainer, he finally got a Farfetch'd named Cha'Ding. Suddenly realizing he still needed fly, he kept the Farfetch'd on his team after teaching it the move.

He checked a bit past Vermillion on a whim before turning in for the night.

He found a Spinerack purely by accident. Surprised, he sent out Torch, who dealt with it effortlessly. At this point, his partner was almost scarily fast and his flames exceedingly potent. He could only imagine what would happen if he gave the fire pokemon a charcoal to boost its power.

Once he caught the Spinerack, he managed to also locate a Tm for Thief, which he pocketed, before heading back to the two to stock up on pokeballs, take his reward for turning in the Mr. Mime, Turning in the Spinerack, and heading in for a good nights rest.


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Day 14

Latrio uneventfully arrives in Vermillion to go visit the President of the Fan Club for breeding tips.

Latrio does so and recieves a reward for his bond with his pokemons.


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Day 17

A quick run through of Cerulean City and Route 24 left him with a TM for Roar and an Ultraball - and while the latter was damn useful, his Probation meant he could forget using TMs for a long while.

Shaking off the apathy, Kariya walks into the Cerulean Gym - and given the glares he's getting, he knows he's in for a rough ride.

Worker and Killer Bees kept on fainting from the flying Pecks of the fish Pokemon in the pool - but luckily, Queen was strong enough to take a few hits, and Bloomer managed to Leech Seed everything Queen and Rocky had trouble with.

Running out of Leech Seeds is pretty bad, though - it was always his ace in the hole, and without that he'll have to be a lot more careful.

At least he managed to get the Cerulean Badge. Vermillion is next - and four more Badges before Probation's over.


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Day 11

Lt Surge turned out to be much harder then I thought, still managed to pull out a win.

But the real treat was the officer seeing my new Thunderbadge and gave me a VERY welcome present.

I'd still probably try to find Turtle Island.

If only because it's fucking Turtle Island, besides, Squirtle might like seeing his ancestral home or something.

Also, I now have a water type.

Three gym's late.

But, I've been gunning it for awhile now, so...

I think I'm gonna finally go find a bed and pass out.

End Day 11


Day 12

I spent the Day training in the Diglett Cave, Pidgy Evolved to Pidgeotto, and my new Squirtle evolved to Wartortle.

This was going great, now to rest up and head out to Celadon.

End Day 12


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Day 11

Zaffre looked a little around Vermillion, and found the pokemon fanclub. The president of the club immediately took an interest in him, and asked the scientist to show him his pokemon. Showing him Torch, the president practically squealed, before giving him a Voucher for a bike.

A little confused, Zaffre headed to the shop to get a mach bike, before heading back to the route again to see if he could find anything else. This time he went a bit farther, and almost immediately ran into the massive body of a Snorlax while testing out his new bike. Realizing quickly that trying to deal with this pokemon while it was asleep was pointless, he turned back, slightly confused as to just what it was doing there. It seemed he needed a way to wake it up if he wanted to catch it.

He searched around the route a bit, but found nothing of interest, so he headed back for the night, quickly growing in love of how easy it was to get around now with his new bike. Things were really looking up for him.


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Day 20

As I make my way out of the center,having discovered Chamander having evolved overnight, I wonder what I'll find down in the Vermillion city area

I make my way quickly down south, through routes 5 and 6, along with the underground tunnel, due to Saffron City being closed off for some reason. As I pass through route 6, I'm challenged by several trainers, but I just use them to put Charmeleon through his paces. I do find a great ball outside the underground path though.

As I enter vermillion, I decide to explore a bit, and then head down route 11 to see what I can find.

Wandering around the city, I find a building with a large sign, proclaiming it to be a Pokemon Fan Club. I figure it should be an amusing distraction if nothing else and enter.

Inside I find dozens of people, some bragging about and showing off their pokemon, some having playful games played using their pokemon, and in the back, I see a large man seemingly passing judgement on peoples pokemon.

I head towards the man, wanting to find out what's going on. As I approach, he sees me, and speaks up.

"Well, looks like we have a new face here. I'm the President of the Fan Club, and I just love seeing trainers and their beautiful pokemon. Lately though, I've barely seen anything other then those common and plain pidgeys, oddishes and the like. You have anything...exotic or unusual, my boy?"

I decline to respond verbally, simply releasing Ghirahim, Nym, and Petra. His face almost literally blinds me with how much it lights up, and starts gushing about the three of them.

I watch with a large amount of amusement as the three take to praise, and am walking out the door 20 minutes later with a bike voucher, having been told to take it for showing him such rare and wonderful Pokemon. Seeing that the voucher is for a shop in cerulean, I have Nym teleport me there, pick up a Mach Bike, and teleport me back.

I exit town for the afternoon, heading down Route 11 to continue my systematic slaughter of trainers I encounter, and continue training my team.


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Day 13

Route 11 need's a trimming pretty bad, but I got some good training in.

Route 12...


This Pokedex best be fucking right about not being able to catch a hibernating Snorlax.


Now I gotta take the long way, thank god I went over so many maps...

But I still need to go BACK TO FUCKING CERULEAN.


I decide to stop by the Pokemon Fanclub for a bit, to let my pokemon eat up real quick before I got sprinting.

I scored a Bike Voucher.



It took.




To get back to Cerulean city.

I caught a Magikarp on the way thanks to Leventhan, which will be useful later, found an Ultra Ball and a Fire Stone, and, when I got to Cerulean with the Bike shop, grabbed my GLORIOUS NEW BIKE, Timesaver which I shall treasure for however long I have it.

Then I remember that fossil I left in Pewter and decide to try out this bike to go get it before they pawn my Pokemon off or something.

Let's ride.


Found a Full heal on the way through Mt Moon.

That should be useful.

I got my Kabuto. No name yet though.

Cerulean seems so far away... But if I don't procrastinate I should be able to get there in time to get some sleep.


I found a TM for Bulk up in the mountain on the way back...

God damn I'm tired, my leg's are burning.

I'll hit the Pokemon Center, let some of my mon's out for watch, grab Pichu and get to bed.

End Day 13


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I smash my way through route 11, leaving a good two dozen or so trainers making their way to the Center in my wake as I head towards the seaside Route 12, better known by trainers as Silence Bridge. After passing through the checkpoint, I'm soon forced to turn back due to a hibernating Snorlax blockade. I'd have tried to catch it, but judging by both my Dexs comment that a hibernating Snorlax is more difficult to catch then a legendary, and the multitude of various pokeballs around it, I simply head back on my way, though not before checking the discarded balls and finding a perfectly functional basic ball.

I head back to the city, to heal up my mons before I head to Diglett cave, to get some more training in.

An earlier glance at the ticket Bill had given me revealed that it would be a few more days before the ship arrived, along with a mention that I could bring one guest, so I had decided to spend today and tonight training like mad, along with the next morning, before teleporting back to pallet to check up on Klaus, Lee, and Gyarados. Who knows what those three have been up to...


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Day 11

Vel once again gets up early to train his Pokemon. He knows he needs to move on but he just doesn't feel confident in the strength of his Pokemon yet and feels they need more training.

Deciding he'd be mostly undisturbed on route 22 he grabs a quick breakfast before retrieving his camping equipment and setting out. He eventually reaches the small lake on the route and decides it is as good a place as any to set up camp. Beginning to unpack he hears a splash and notices that Gilgamesh is pawing at the water of the pond. Turning back to setting up the his tent he quickly turns back upon hearing a yowl from his cat as it is pulled into the water by a Poliwog.

One soaked cat retrieval later he is staring down at the Poliwog that looks up at him with soulful glistening eyes. Always a sucker for a Pokemon in need he sighs and pulls out a Pokeball.

"alright if you want to be caught that badly then come on." Vel does imagine that there's probably not much for company in such a small pond.

Turning back to finish setting up his tent he notices a Pokeball lodged in the trunk of a tree. Snagging it on his way past he resumes setting up camp. Once done he retrieves his Pokemon and begins running them through several drills.

Day 12

Vel spends all day training his Pokemon rigorously eve forgoing looking around for more wild Pokemon to catch. At the end of the day he and his Pokemon are tired but happy with their training as they head back to Viridian City for a night of well deserved rest.


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Day 12

After another search around vermillion turned up an X speed, Zaffre decided to head back to Ceruleon. He hadn't gotten around to visiting Bill yet, and after finding the Abra he hadn't really searched the place above that extensively either.

He lucked out on the way back, finding a Rare Candy on the path back to the city. He found nothing else of interest, so he made his way to Ceruleon in good time on his new bike. Of course, then ended up finding something so amazing he had to stop and pick it up.

It was a common charcoal, probably something dropped by a trainer not too long ago, hidden as it was among the grass, had he not rolled over it on his bike he might have missed it entirely. But the simple fact that it had the property to boost fire moves like Cotton's Magnet held amazing connotations.

Immediately giving the valuable item to Torch, whose flames flared up the instant he touched the item, Zaffre moved on. He checked in really quick with the pokemon center, letting his team out a bit to stretch, when Oak sent in the money for his Spinarack, along with a reminder that he could set up a bank account in case some unruly trainers managed to get the better of him.

Well, considering the difficulties I had with those Mook Rockets, making sure I don't get robbed if I face stronger ones would probably be a good idea. Zaffre Thought idly. Oak had told him to go to the second floor, where he found the place to register for an account relatively simply. While his team took turns sitting on Soul's spikes as the giant sun shaped rock lay on the ground being spun around, in some weird Merry-go-round fashion, Torch watched over the lot of them.

Knowing they probably wouldn't get into too much trouble, Zaffre started filling out the papers as a fee of 200 was deducted. Unfortunately, just as he finished depositing 10000 into his safety account to make sure he didn't lose everything the next time he happened to battle, and was considering depositing a bit into debit just in case, a sheik brought him out of his reverie.

Lanturn stood shaking, looking quite distraught, as his antanee gave off a few sparks, after having clearly attacked the girl now standing a few feet away from it. Worried and thoroughly confused, Zaffre called his entire team back instantly, not sure what happened but knowing it probably meant a great deal of trouble.

"Ah, I'm terribly sorry, I don't know what happened but-" His apologies were quickly cut off by a sudden kick to his shins.

"Bring it back out!" The girl said, as Zaffre gripped his leg in pain.

"What?" He asked, more confused now.

"The Chinchou, bring it back out."

"Umm..." Zaffre said, hoping to stall until some witnesses showed up. If she intended to hurt his teammate too he couldn't just bring it out for her to abuse. Of course when her leg twitched to kick him again, his survival instincts kicked in, as he tossed the pokeball immediately.

Lanturn came out, looking somewhat distraught, and then quite fearful as the girl squeeled.

"It's adorable! I'd been hoping to get time off to search for one, but lately my sisters haven't been around, so it's been a pain." She said, mercifully keeping her distance from the rather terrified Chinchou as it tried to waddle further away from her. "Hey you. Trade me for it."

"Uh," Zaffre started, confused. "I can't really do that, you see. I'm rather attached to it so-"

"Trade me or fight me for it, your choice."

"Well, fight, if I was to choose, but..."

"Good. Meet me at the Ceruleon Gym in an hour. If you're late, I'll get out my Gyarados." She gave a terrifying smirk at that moment, and had the rocket who'd been utterly defeated by Zaffre seen it, he would have been immediately reminded of the moment of his loss. "And trust me, you don't want that."

The girl turned to leave through the stairs, leaving Zaffre rather confused. However after a moment he managed to pull his thoughts together running over what just happened.

"Did I just accept a challenge with a Gym Leader?"


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Day Nine:

Blue stayed an extra day to give his statements to the police. I then head into Mt. Moon, seeing some dumb trainer trying to attack the police. In Mt. Moon, I capture a Geodude, Paris, and Zubat.

After being released at 10AM, it takes him about ten hours to pass through Mt. Moon, finding a Pokeball in the cavern he fought Team Rocket in.

In Route 4, Blue picks up a Sandshrew, before reaching Cerulean City. Then Blue head to the Pokemon Center and heal up, before sleeping for the night.


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Day 21

I exit diglett cave late the next morning, my team throughly exhausted from the training, and with a new found appreciation of just how tough a dugtrio can be in a underground area. I am glad of the ultra ball I had found towards the north end of the cave though.

After a quick stop for healing and a bit of rest at the center, I find myself looking at the outline of pallet town, as the teleport sensation wears off, and proceed to make my way to oaks. I've got nothing but time to kill till tomorrow afternoon, and I plan to make use of it training the pokemon that I havn't had time to put on my team, along with making sure Gyarados, Klaus, and Lee are behaving themselves for Oak.

I check in with oak, who's currently messing around with some kind of machine, and the computers hooked up to it, which show a onix evolving into a steelix, before heading out to the section of the reserve set aside for my captures.

I spot Klaus and Lee double teaming Gyarados, while Geodude and Spearow watch on in rapt attention.

I grin as the two manage to take down Gyarados even as I approch. They certainly havn't been slacking in the training.


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Day 14

It was a long trip back to Pallet. It took all morning, I've decided that, since I can't get past that weird magical tree that doesn't burn, can't be dug up, can't be broken or toppled and can't be psychically torn apart and SOMEHOW can't be squeezed past to get to Route 9, I'm gonna spend all my time training, and getting to know my Pokemon better.

I'm going to Oak's lab, so I can have all my Pokemon around at once, so I can officially introduce everyone to everyone else, including the three new addition's.


Oak was a nice old man, He didn't seem to mind me going out and wandering around on his preserve.

I let out everyone I had on me and used the map The Professor gave me to locate everyone.

Beedrill and Butterfree got into an argument, I think Beedrill was just mad it's old rival had gotten so much stronger while it was stuck here, or that's what I was getting from Butterfree.

Having a Pokemon that's Psychic is so damn useful.

I wonder how good an actual Psychic Type would be to have around?

Anyway I best have a word with them one at a time... Who first... Let's get the new guy's.

(Placeholder for long post.)

With Dugtrio teaching Geodude Dig, and what little I could do to help it along over with already, I head to my house to get some sleep for tomorrow.

End Day 14


Day 15

I decided to take all my low level mon's on a little training trip.

First though, I took my main team up to Route 22 to look for that Mankey for some quick Vengeance, and to maybe get a fighting type.

After a bit of Searching and some really rough interpretation from what little Butterfree could communicate to me from what another Mankey was saying, the Mankey I was looking for left shortly after I last saw him.

Wonder where he went.

Ahh well, whatever.


I stopped by Pewter and switched my team out, and went through Mt Moon, nothing much happened other then me finding an Ultra Ball.

After I got to Cerulean I stopped by the pokemon center to go to bed, since I walked here instead of using the bike.

For Training Purposes mind you.

End Day 15


Day 16

I slept in by accident.

I'm not even mad.

Because of that I was able to see Deuce smash someone with a Kadabra I didn't know he had.

I took my vagabond team to Nugget Bridge, and managed to beat all the trainer's there, mostly because of Beedrill, Tangela and Pidgeotto.

Magikarp was a trooper though.

Did not see the Team Rocket douchebag coming though.

Anyway, after that I went up past the bridge to Route 25 and spent some time going around beating the trainer's there.

But the best part was when I found and caught an Abra in one shot.

Holy Shit, that's supposed to like fucking impossible or something.

Least now I don't have to spend a day getting to my next stop...


I went back to Cerulean and switched out my team again, this time I'd bring Abra with me to save time.

I teleport to Vermilion using Abra.

From now on.

Time to hit Diglett Cave.



Well, Tangela got a bit stronger, and Abra is almost ready to evolve, so that's something.

End Day 16


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Day Ten:

After a good night's sleep, Blue challenges Cerulean Gym. He crushes both of the trainer's inside easily, before losing to Misty. After getting his Pokemon healed at the Center, he challenges Misty again, and the experience of having fought her before enable Beedrill to defeat her.

Then, he heads down to Route Five to train. Beedrill has become incredibly strong, but he knows he can't rely on him forever, so he decides to train his other Pokemon up to par.
Day something or other

Ahh... what a beautiful sunrise. Just one of those things I can't help but admire and take pictures of.

As I'm taking pictures, I notice this strange man in a white coat, and I turn to take a couple shots of him and his strange quirks of observation. While doing so he approaches me.

"Well hell there...."


"Zeph. Am I really so intriguing as to be photographed?"

"Yes sir. But then again, most things are when striving to be a photographer."

"True. How would you like something to help you travel to take pictures of new things and new places?

"Really? You would give me a gift to help me travel the world?"

"Oh of course. Follow me" So, seeing no reason not to, I follow and to my excitement, the man hands me a pokeball.

"A pokemon?!?!"

"Yes indeed. This is a paras that we recently acquired and I think he would be better suited with you, both of you traveling the world."

"Thank you so much sir. I don't think I caught your name"

"Oak. Professor that is."

"Thank you Professor!"

"You're welcome. I hope to see you two as great friends when next we meet. Also, take this pokedex and these pokeballs. I'm sure there are more friends to be had out there along the way. And maybe you'll catch some of those new trainers from a few weeks back and get some great new photos."

"I will!" And I ran off, to explore all the new opportunities that the world was now offering to me.


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DAY 15
Latrio arrives in Cerulean and promptly claims his new bike. Due to his hubris he shows off immediently.


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Day 19


I can hear you swearing you know.

Shut. Up. Esper.

To this Oak person's place then?

Hospital, then Oak's.

Very well then.


End Day 19


Day 20

Well, I can't use my left arm for a week.

Which suck's.

I'll just get my training done at Oak's lab then.


End Day 20


Day 21

Damn this is so much more efficient then the cave.

I wasted three day's.

Oh well.

Geodude and Leviathan evolved.


Now what...

What is Deuce doing here?


Training, like me.


Who's still up...

That's six, yeah, I can go with that.

"Hey Deuce!"



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Day 21

Hearing my name called while training my team, I turn to see a surprise.

Aarik of all people is approching me, with his arm in a sling. Curious as to what caused the injury, I ask what happened and what he's doing here.


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Day 21

I winced.

"Ahh... Let's just say some Dugtrio are touchy and leave it at that okay, anyway, I'm here for training, since I can't wander around as much while getting my arm fixed up, and while I was heading back to the lab for some food I saw you, do you want to have a quick battle here?"

Part of me hoped he'd say no.


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Heh, sure why not. Let's see how much you've improved since last I saw you.