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Did I just win.

Yes, Yes I did.

"FUCK YEAH!.. Now how did I did I do that.."

Then I realized I was being kind of a dick.

I held out my hand, to shake.

"Deuce, Good game"


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I chuckle, and shake his hand, before pointing out he had the advantage thanks to the starting Dugtrio vs Charmeleon matchup. I tell him I'll be expecting a rematch in the future, and he better keep training.

"Oh, by the way, might want to be in vermillion tomorrow if you can. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should check your mail a bit more often."


I teleport away, deciding to spend the night before the ships arrival in Vermillion, and remembering that theirs a bank branch in this city, set up a account, and after paying my fees and filling my savings account with a good ten thousand, and putting six thousand more in my debit before heading to bed.


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Day 12

"About time, I was thinking I was going to have to go dig up my Gyarados for a bit there."

Zaffre walked into the Gym wearily, looking around, and quickly realizing that Misty had the home turf here. Massive pools of water, not much footing, and honestly even with his preparation he couldn't quite get rid of the awful feeling that he was about to get slaughtered. Still he had made the right call, leaving out the water susceptible Solrock to pull out both Grass types he had on him. Still there was always the faint chance he could get out of this.

"Uh, you see, the thing is I'm a researcher, so technically I'm exempt from combating gyms, and I really don't see the point of us battling at all. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to force someone to trade a partner with-"

"Go, Staryu."

Unlike what would normally happen, the red light did not release the pokemon out in the open, but instead somewhere within the water.

"Come on now, don't take all day." Misty said, a rather cruel smile on her face. "Otherwise my Stayu might get a little impatient."

Zaffre frowned. "Sprout, go."

The newly evolved Ivysaur erupted out of the ball and on to the moderately sized platform above the water. Misty's gaze seemed to change a little upon seeing it. Zaffre pushed the thought aside, she'd seen his full team earlier today, while Bulbasaur had been in the box, so obviously she wouldn't be aware he had another grass type to fall on. A plan now had already formulated in his head to remove this field advantage, and that needed his full attention at the moment.

"Light screen." Zaffre called, and in respose a faint glow engulfed both the Ivysaur and every pokemon he hadn't released yet.

"Tackle, Staryu." The obvious response, any water attacks would not be effective, and with the light screen up this was doubly true. Of course it also meant the Pokemon had to get close, which was just what he'd wanted.

Sprout tanked the damage, allowing itself to get hit as it waited for Zaffre's order. "Sludge bomb."

The poison ball fired from the plant on Ivysaur's back, hitting Staryu dead on before exploding into a much larger mass of poison. The poison washed over the area, mercifully missing both trainer as expected, but a considerable amount went in the water.

Misty frowned at this move, staring at the Plant Pokemon suspiciously, but didn't make mention of it before her next order. "Tackle again Staryu."

The second assault seemed a bit rougher on the Ivysaur, but he still had the power to keep going.

"Vine Whip."

Sprout's vine's lashed out rapidly, quickly assaulting the Staryu before it could get a chance to recover from its attack. However it was under the fast moving vines that the starfish suddenly collapsed, to Zaffre's surprise.

"I thought a real battle with a Gym Leader would be a little rougher." It was once the heavy glare was placed upon him that Zaffre suddenly realized he'd said it out loud. "Uh, no offense."

"Well I suppose I underestimated you a bit." Misty shrugged. "I only really have one Pokemon left I'm allowed to use against challengers, but before that, I wanted to ask about that Ivysaur."

Relieved that this was going so well and was already almost over, Zaffre responded. "I got it from an old lady. She seemed to have vanished though, saying something about it's previous owner..."

"Abandoned it. Well, something like that anyway. Full story's a bit more complicated than that, so right now I'm going to skip it. I'm going to focus my full attention on crushing you."

Zaffre opened his mouth to question what she'd meant about his partner, before he sudden felt a chill in the air. He suddenly realized she was being entirely casual about their first bout, going easy on him because she'd thought him to be significantly weaker than he was. Now however it seemed she was taking him a lot more seriously.

"Starmie, go."

The much bigger evolution of Staryu appeared on the platform this time, bypassing the now poisoned water entirely. Taking note of the Gym leader's much more serious gaze, Zaffre recalled the weakened Ivysaur, this time opting to send out his other Grass type.

"Your turn Shroom."

The insect Pokemon came out, and at the same moment, Starmie unleashed a wave of shurriken like stars upon it. Zaffre stared a moment, stunned at the Gym trainer.

The female leader shrugged. "Starmie's a Psychic type, I don't have to give it orders out loud, it already knows what I want it to do, like right there, with that Swift attack."

Having not tried to train Soul especially hard, this new information baffled him, but before she could just order the starfish to attack again, he had to make his first move. "Stun Spore, Shroom!"

The Paras unleashed the spores in a massive wave, effectively paralyzing the Starmie instantly. However despite this, another swift attack went through regardless, devastating the poor insect with the second onslaught.

"If I were you, I'd start taking this a bit more seriously, otherwise you're going to lose that lovely Chinchou of yours really fast." Misty said with a smirk.

Feeling incredibly fearful all of a sudden, Zaffre made his next move. "Cotton, let's go!"

Despite the electric type now on the field, clearly equipped with a magnet and the type disadvantage going on, the Gym Leader's incredibly terrifying gaze and confidence didn't let up. What does she know that I don't know?

Misty smiled just a little bit wider, sending horrified chills down the boy's spine. Deciding quickly not to risk it, Zaffre called out his next order, just as Starmie launched its next assault of golden stars. "Cotton Spore!"

The cotton spores usually just reduced speed, but paralyzed as it was, the Starmie would now be significantly hampered. Confident he now had the upperhand, Zaffre called for a Thundershock.

Surprisingly, the starfish lasted through two thundershocks, while it constantly fired those stars at his Flaffy, to the point where the sheep looked to have taken significant damage. Recalling it, Zaffre decided to send out Cha'Ding. Lanturn's only viable non water attack only really worked well when it was at lower health, and sending out Torch seemed rather silly at this point, so with the others weakened as they were, he could risk sending out his flier. It had no advantage, but certainly no inherent weakness either, and the Starmie was nearly finished anyway.

However the instant he sent out the flier, the water user's gaze became positively unnerving. Not wanting to take any massive risks, he decided to play it safe, just in case. "Sand Attack, Cha'Ding!"

The bird conjured up the sand from its wings, swatting it at the starfish. Not quite sure what this achieved however, only knowing that it would reduce accuracy, Zaffre watched as whatever order Misty gave could not be followed due to the paralysis finally kicking in. Feeling confident he now had this in the bag, Zaffre gave his order that would hopefully finish it.

"Fury attack!"

Cha'Ding charged, stick waving wildly, but unfortunately at that moment the order Misty gave finally went through, as electricity started to build up around the Starmie. With a degree of power even his Flaffy with its magnet would be hard to match, the Farfetch'd was instantly zapped and fried in one fell swoop.


"I warned you," Misty said with a smirk. "You didn't take this seriously enough."

Positively stunned, Zaffre considered his options, not finding them particularly pleasing. The terrifying gaze of the the Gym Leader somehow intensified even more, as even weakened the Starmie looked positively menacing as it crackled with electricity, swelling with power.

So this is what it's like to actually fight someone with actual skill. Zaffre thought, feeling a familiar swell of emotion rise in him. Well, it might be a little foolish, but I might as well meet her challenge head on.

"Torch!" Zaffre called, completely throwing caution to the wind as he summoned his original partner. Not even waiting for the red light to completely disperse, he gave out his first order. "Smokescreen."

Misty gave a wicked grin at his choice. "You sure about this?"

Once again, without the Gym Leader having to say a word, the water type backed off a bit, exactly as he'd expected, as it prepared to fire off Thunderbolt once more.

It really is like she's reading my mind. He wasn't fully aware of the mechanics of how psychics worked, but using the smokescreen to force the Starmie to shock itself had been his first plan, and now it seemed to be backing off, away from the walkway where he could easily attack, and was attempting to use the lack of moving space against him.

Still, it wasn't aware of a few things just yet either.

"Tackle, Torch."

Rocketing right out of the smoke cloud with the massive boost provided by the flames on his back, Torch Launched himself to the edge of the pool, allowing him to twist around to ram straight into the heavily weakened and significantly slowed Starmie before it could even fire the attack. Still not enough to do the starfish in however, Torch rocketed to the other edge of the pool this time, awaiting the next order.

Zaffre already had the plan in motion, it didn't matter if they could see his plan ahead of time if there was no way to avoid it. And mercifully Torch had very recently learned just the technique to pull this off. "Quick Attack."

The flames lit up behind Torch again, boosted even further this time as he rocketed forth far faster than before. As if expecting this however, the Starmie immediately fired off a Water Pulse directly into Torch's path.

"A good strategy." Zaffre responded, smiling warmly. "Wait for us to charge forward in the air then attack when we have no ability to dodge. Had Torch not evolved, that probably would have worked too."

This time the flame on his head lit up, propelling the pokemon to twist in midair around the attack. His speed seemed to multiply, as he flashed about multiple locations at once around the Starmie before finally ramming into it hard from behind.

"Right now, Torch is far too fast for you to catch with that sort of strategy."

The Starmie plummeted, right into the still poisoned water. Zaffre was ready for this.

"Also funny thing I learned about that sludge. It's flammable."

Misty's eyes widened for just an instant, before Zaffre gave the order. "Torch, Ember!"

The boosted wave of fire struck the now poison filled pool, setting the entire mass alight in a single instant. It wouldn't do much damage, hell the water itself probably negated the brunt of it, but the Starmie had taken a significant amount of damage already, and this certainly would finish it.

Torch landed casually on the platform, looking none the worse for wear. Grinning happily, Zaffre moved over to pet him, but upon the fire pokemon's flames sudden bursting out again, he turned back around.

The clearly heavily wounded Starmie floated above the now dying flames. It survived all of that? Well, surely one more hit will finish it, so it shouldn't be too much of a big-

Finally deciding to give an order aloud this time, perhaps to drive in just how futile everything up to this point had been, Misty immediately cut off his thoughts. "Recover."

In that fatal instant, all the hard work he'd put into the Starmie's defeat vanished before his eyes. Suddenly fearful, and realizing a vast majority of his team was worn out by this point, Zaffre realized this was going to be nowhere near as simple as he'd thought.

Recovering quickly, he gave out his next order, hoping to buy some time to figure something out. "Quick attack!"

Quilava launched himself at the now healed Starmie, just as it fired off a set of golden stars at him.

"I just said that wouldn't work." Zaffre said, running over his options quickly. All he really had left was Lanturn, and he wasn't sure how many hits it could take from that star attack before flail was going to work to the degree he needed. As he thought, Quilava effortlessly blitzed passed the golden stars, keeping on towards the starfish. Unfortunately, the second he passed them, the stars suddenly twisted around and kept coming after him.

Stunned, he almost didn't hear Misty's voice cut in again. "Yeah, the fun thing about swift is that it's a move that cannot possibly miss."

Torch flashed around the feild while leaving a trail of fire in his wake, desperately trying to shake the stars off him, but no matter which way he turned they stayed in hot pursuit, slowly gaining on him. Thinking fast, Zaffre called out his next order.

"Get Starmie between you and the attack!" Torch responded instantly, twisting himself after the Starmie again. The still Paralyzed pokemon couldn't quite respond quick enough, allowing Torch to use the flames to effortlessly twist around it.

Unfortunately the instant they were about to hit the Starmie dead on, they twisted completely around it, as if avoiding it on purpose, before bearing down on the Quilava again. Zaffre could only stare, stunned, as they hit Torch dead on.

Misty however didn't let the sudden opening go to waste, deciding to pronounce her order aloud again to drive the sudden despair the researcher had fallen into all the harder. "Waterpulse!"

Unable to recover in time, the water attack hit the fire pokemon dead on, driving Torch hard into the cloud of smoke he'd released earlier. Not one to miss an opportunity, Misty yelled out her next attack while Zaffre desperately fumbled for the pokeball to recall his partner before it was too late.


The attack hit the smoke cloud just as Zaffre managed to point the pokeball at Torch and fire off the red beam to call him back. Frowning deeply, he stared at the now thoroughly terrifying Starmie as he considered his options.

"See, now that's what happens when you take a gym leader too lightly." Misty said, as the Starmie floated just above her. It was almost eerie how such an innocent looking pair were giving off such a horrifying aura.

Nothing left to do but wing it, and hope I can outlast her. Though if she uses recover again, I have no chance at all. Hesitating a moment before conceding there was really no other choice, Zaffre let loose his last teammate. "Lanturn."

Misty's smirk grew all the wider. "How nice of you to bring me my prize already." She said, before letting out a laugh.

Zaffre gulped, quickly realizing just how much he'd bundled this up. He really was completely out of options. "Flail, Lanturn!"

Though a Chinchou was a Water/Electric mix, it unfortunately hadn't learned any actual electric attacks yet, leaving Zaffre with only Flail to work with. And since Flail was a variable attack depending on how low the pokemon's health was, this didn't leave him with a lot of options.

Especially when the single swift attack the Starmie used in response nearly devastated the poor pokemon.

"Just because I think it's adorable doesn't mean I'll let you win with it." Misty said, still with that same smirk.

The next flail the Chinchou used did leave a bit more of an impact, but unfortunately his teammate could not last through a second swift. The Paralysis doesn't seem to be stopping it at all, and if it gets off another recover again, I'm done for. There's nothing I can do here.

The thoroughly weakened Sprout came out next, and though it's subsequent Vine Whip left quite an impact, all it took was a single attack from the Starmie to end it.

"Cotton." Zaffre called out, desperate at this point. "Thundershock!"

The Electric Attack finally seemed to leave an impact on the starfish. Finally, one more and it's done for!

Unfortunatley Misty seemed to notice this as well, because her next order happened to be the one he was most dreading. "Recover."

"Thundershock again!" Zaffre called, hoping against hope that the attack could get off before the starfish could complete healing itself. Fortune however seemed to smile on him, because at that very instant, the paralysis took hold again, allowing the sheep just enough time to charge up and fire the blast of electricity. In a single instant, the starfish fell the ground, finally unconscious.

Zaffre stared, stunned, not quite believing his luck. Misty however scowled. "Aw, and I was so looking forward to making that chinchou mine too..."

"Wha..." Zaffre said, unbelieving.

Misty recalled the Starmie, before walking up the the researcher. "You won, by a hair mind."

"Then why does it feel more like I lost." He meant it too, his team had been utterly devastated by pretty much a single pokemon from the Gym Trainer. Had that recover actually been able to get off, he was fairly sure he would have lost completely.

Misty however shrugged in response. "I've beaten people with a lot better teams than you with weaker teams than I have now. We Gym Leaders aren't supposed to be push overs after all. You won by pure luck sure, but that's the name of the game. It's a shame I couldn't nab that Chinchou though."

She flicked something at him, which he quickly recognized to be a badge. Still not feeling like he'd quite earned it, the researcher could only stare at it blankly.

"Come on now, you won, fair and square. Now pick that up so you can get started. I have a few more things to give you, but that can wait till after you're done."

Finally moving, Zaffre picked up the badge. Technically he didn't really need it, nor did he particularly want it, but he felt strangely joyous about it none the less. Of course then he put together the last bit of what she said.

"Wait, get started on what?"

Misty's gaze suddenly become monstrous. "Why cleaning this place up of course."

Zaffre glanced around. A bit of the electrified smoke still lingered on the platform, and though the flames had gotten rid of most of the poison, there was still some lingering within the depths. Further still a few bits of the pool seemed to be on fire, which he was fairly sure wasn't a good thing. "Uh, but-"

He was immediately cut off by her slamming her foot against his chest, sending him reeling into the water. Recalling suddenly he'd never quite gotten around to learning how to swim, he made a mental note to never come near Ceruleon Gym ever again before he fully submerged under the still poisoned water.


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I check my Dex.

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam... Nope, more spam, Party-


The S.S. Anne come's in today?


Yes I can port us to the Vermilion City Pokemon Center and yes, you did actually just win.



I filled a Safety Net account while my Pokemon were healing up.

I have an hour or two before the ship arrives, so...

Whatever, let's just go now, nothing else to do, I don't have a ticket so I'll just be wandering around anyway.



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Day 13

After an exhausting day in which he'd beaten a Gym leader, gotten a badge, and a TM, and nearly drowned, Zaffre decided to spend a bit of time to himself to search around the town a bit more, and hopefully find the old woman if he was lucky.

As he decided to give the Gym a WIDE birth, he suddenly recalled the conflict the other day. He was still stunned he'd actually won against a Gym Leader. He'd never even in his wildest dreams thought he'd ever even have the gall to challenge one. Hell he had no idea why he'd even decided to challenge on in the first place.

Of course, it was only natural that at the worst possible, he decided to vocalize his current thought process. "Wait a minute, challenging a trainer to force them to give up one of their pokemon is against the rules."

"Oh Really?"

Zaffre's blood ran cold. He heard some knuckles crack behind him. He turned, only to confirm his worst fears. It was the Gym Leader again.

"Want to say that to my face?" She asked, gaze menacing.

"Bu-but, uh..." Zaffre Stuttered.

"Well whatever, I was meaning to talk to you about that anyway." She said, turning about. Zaffre stood still, somehow clinging to the vain hope that she couldn't see him if he didn't move. Unfortunately this only caused here to turn to him, annoyed. "Well, get a move on. I don't have all day."


Zaffre glanced nervously around the little park in Ceruleon, not quite sure why he'd been brought here. It seemed the Gym Leader had taken a set of papers out and had been going over them for the last few minutes on top of the bench she'd taken up. What he could only assume was a maid had come in and brought food and drinks for them, but the boy refused to touch his. He'd been forced to sit directly across from her for some reason, which in addition to the maid still standing over the gym leader's shoulder was positively nerve wracking.

"It seems I owe you a bit of an apology." She said, finally putting the papers down. Immediately, he caught sight of his own picture on the first page. Shifting his gaze to the maid quickly, he noticed the woman hadn't budged an inch.

"Uh..." He said eloquently.

"Come on, someone who learned under Oak can't possibly be this much of an idiot. Why do you think I forced you into a fight."

Zaffre thought this over carefully. His immediate answer would undoubtedly be 'because you're exceedingly violent and quite mean' but that answer was also the one most likely to get him beaten up. Thinking carefully over the fight again, a tidbit that he'd ignored before suddenly struck him as not the least bit unusual.

"The bit about the Bulbasaur the old lady gave me."

"Correct." Misty said, grinning. "Unfortunately when I'd heard the old lady gave it away to someone I hadn't fought yet, I was more than a little peeved about it. Especially when I heard it was to some researcher."

Zaffre frowned a bit at the remark. Seeing this, Misty stuck her tongue out at him.

"No offense." She said mockingly, mirroring his words the day before. "When I happened to find you in the pokemon center though, with your entire team and everything, I had to know."

"I thought you just wanted Lanturn." Zaffre muttered to himself, quietly.

"Oh I did." She said, causing Zaffre to jerk away from her reflexively, not realizing she could hear him. "I was more concerned about the Bulbasaur not being on your team though. Even if you're the nicest person in the world, I'm about to let you keep that particular pokemon if all you're going to do is leave him in a box all its life."

Zaffre stirred a little at this, his gaze pulled away from the eerie maid for a moment. "I already had 6 partners by the time I got him, so I just took to alternating in shifts. I don't even leave him in a box anyway, I send whichever one I leave out to Oak.."

"Oh I'm aware. That's why I pulled this stuff. Didn't come in till this morning though, then Brock told me you'd met him, and this report about your encounter with the rockets in Mt. Moon was very enlightening, though the other trainers did most of the work. So it turns out yesterday was for nothing." Misty said, holding up the pile of papers. "Whoopsie?"

She gives me a whoopsie after nearly destroying my entire team in one go. Zaffre thought, giving out a suffering sigh.

"Well, I did learn you at least care enough for your partners to pass. Honestly if there was one issue I had with your style it was that you didn't push them quite enough. I was a little worried when you pulled out that Quilava, but you had a decent enough plan at least."

"Though it didn't work." Zaffre remarked. "Psychic types are cheap."

Misty shrugged at this. "Just because it was a test doesn't mean I would go easy on you if you could take it." She gave him a sly glance before continuing. "Though you should probably know, Starmie can't really read your mind. At best it will respond to my orders through thought, psychics normally don't really have the power to read minds, though there are a few exceptions. Really most of that fight was past experiences I had to pull from, and you falling for the act I was putting on."

"Well that explains the issues I was having with Soul last night then." Zaffre said, giving another sigh. All that time wasted trying to replicate the feat she'd done because of a simple bit of mind games. Trainer fights are rough, I still have a lot to learn.

The boy rested his chin atop the table, feeling completely exhausted. However his thoughts turned back to the on thing that was still bugging him. "Was Sprout's previous master that bad?"

Misty expression turned dark at the question for a moment, before it returned to normal. "Gym Leaders have the right to remove pokemon from a trainer's possession on a few special occasions. Deliberately causing extensive harm to others with them, not being able to exert enough control over them, which tends to be pretty rare, or extensive abuse of the partner. We don't exercise this right often, most of the time the Law Enforcement tends to act before even have the reasonable means to. However this right is given to us because Gym Battles are a scenario which allows us to test the trainers, and see what kind of relationship they've built with their pokemon."

She paused a bit at this, leafing through his papers idly as she drank the last of the drink the maid had set before her. The second she managed to finish it, another had been pulled from the maid from somewhere, as the glass for the other was taken away, presumably back to clean somewhere. The researcher wasn't sure whether to feel better or worse about being left alone with the Gym Leader now. On the one hand, the maid wasn't giving him the blank look anymore. On the other, no other witnesses.

"Signs of abuse are things we're usually trained in seeing. Brock tends to be the best with that though. That's why they put him the closest to the usual starting point, we could weed out all the bad ones earliest that way, in theory. Then again I suppose Sabrina would find it easier, but that one..." She paused, clearly not wanting to say anything bad about her colleague, before shifting the conversation back on track. "Basic point is that Bulbasaur had it quite rough. It's often a thankless task, being a fighter, but even his successes were looked down from that particular person."

"That guy, what happened to him?"

Misty paused, in the middle of putting a fork through the slice of cake she'd been given with her meal. The maid returned with another drink ready, as she retook her position behind the water trainer. Zaffre however didn't notice, caught up in a similar well of emotions that had overtaken him when the rocket had tried to steal Torch.

"I utterly destroyed him, and the guy went ballistic at his under trained partner losing. I told him I was removing license, and the guy bolted, not even bothering to pick up his partner on the way. Unfortunately trying to track him down met with some complications, so he managed to get away. The authorities are still on the look out for him though."

"Can I get a picture of him?" Zaffre asked, expression dark.

"Sorry can't do that." Misty said. "Policy and regulations and all that."

She paused a bit however, nibbling on a bit of the cake, before speaking up again. "Though if you do happen to find him, that Sprout of yours will probably know."

"Good to know."

"Anyway, I was mostly here to pass along these before you left." Four strange looking black balls slid along the table, right into his hands. "On the condition that you use one of them on the Ivysaur. For all your hard work yesterday, since technically I'm not supposed to hold trainers responsible for cleaning up the messes our battles cause."

Zaffre's dark expression was suddenly removed, to be replaced with the dopiest looking frown she'd ever seen on a person. Laughing at him in spite of herself, she rose, causing the maid to suddenly stand to attention. "The next time we fight, I'll be getting out Gyarados, so be ready for it."

The researcher's horrified frown only deepened. Next time?!


Once the conversation finished, Zaffre headed to Nugget Bridge again to start checking the area above Ceruleon. On a whim however he took on the Nugget Bridge Challenge, quickly defeating all the trainers in line. Along the way, one of the trainers with a Mankey got into an epic showdown with Torch, which lead to a devastatingly brutal match that ended with Torch's victory.

Oddly there had also been a rocket at the end that he defeated with rather simple ease. Absolutely none of these people were anywhere near as difficult as Misty had been, so it wasn't remotely as rough.

Of course, he searched around past the bridge a bit, turning up nothing of particular interest as he tried to find Bill's house, but it started to get late, so he headed back in for the night.

Day 14

It had turned out Bills house had been on the exact opposite way past the bridge than he'd thought. Upon arriving he heard the man mention something about an Eevee disappearing, but the man didn't bring it up again once he'd introduced himself and mentioned he was a pupil of Oak's.

The two got into a long and lengthy discussion spanning various topics, before Bill finally brought up his teleportation system. Zaffre then mentioned something about a thesis he'd actually sent to the man involving a potential evolution of it a while back, involving using the pokedex tracker and it's save captured pokemon feature to allow for pulling pokemon out of your box or sending some in when out on the field.

This had lead to the man suddenly being forced to dig through entire piles of papers to try and find where he'd left it, having put it aside and completely forgetting about it. Once he'd found it however and read it over, he mentioned that the idea, while rough, seemed quite feasible with some work. Of course at that point the man had gotten so invested in his work, that Zaffre decided to let himself out and leave him be. He'd known times too when Oak had gotten like that and at such times it was best to leave him alone.

He headed out to explore a bit above Ceruleon, and even managed to find a potion and an abra. Though he'd managed to keep the potion, the Abra escaped, somehow smacking the boy with his own pokeball on the way out.

Somewhat disappointed, Zaffre headed in for bed again, not quite sure what to do about the next day.


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Day 13

Vel turns his eyes back north towards the Viridian forest having heard rumors of Pikachu within it. Setting off down Route 2 he doesn't bother with any detours until as he passes at tree at the side of the road the rising sun reflects light off something at it's base almost blinding him. Blinking the spots from his eyes he goes to take a better look and finds a Leaf Stone lodged between a couple of roots. A bit of digging and tearing of tree roots later he manages to retrieve the Leaf Stone and head on his way.

Arriving at the forest Vel sets out searching for a Pikachu. After several hours he comes across a whole group of them in a small glade. Unfortunately he manages to step on a twig alerting the Pokemon to his presence. Tossing a Pokeball in a last ditch atempt to capture one all he gets for his trouble is a deafening "CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" and a fried Pokeball as the small herd literally shoots it out of the air.

With the sun setting he heads back to camp not stupid enough to risk his Pokemon against an entire herd, there will be other chances. On his way back he finds a Max revive that was apparently part of some past trainer's stash in good condition but the rest of it was unfortunately unsalvageable.

Day 14

The next day Vel decides that if he doesn't catch a Pikachu that day that he has to move on. Now with a definite deadline he sets out even more determined than before.

Giving commands to his two swifter Pokemon he has 'duster and Gil set out as scouts for him. He immediately regrets that decision as Gil goes thrashing through the underbrush terrifying or scaring off any wild Pokemon in the direct he's going. 'Duster merely takes of with a flap of his wings and ascends above the forest canopy to begin scouting.

Several hours later as he's taking a small break by the creek he'd visited before filling his canteen he hears the thrashing of underbrush as Gilgamesh returns. He turns to find that the Meowth had a rather darkly colored Pikachu in his mouth. The Pikachu seemed to give off a bored air as if being hauled around in the mouth of a cat Pokemon was nothing to be concerned with and happened every day.

Dropping the electric mouse on the ground with a small 'plop' Gilg looked up with pleading eyes at Vel. Rolling his eyes thwarted his Pokemon's goal of another snack.

"No Gil, you can't eat him. Besides, I'm more than certain that if you'd tried to take a bite out of him on the way here he would have electrocuted you." As if to prove his point the Pikachu gave off a slight charge that made all of Meowth's fur poof out. Snickering at the appearance of the cat he turned back to the Pikachu just as 'duster made his return and alighted on his shoulder only to catch sight of Gil and let out several amused chirps.

Finally turning his attention back to the Pikachu while his other two Pokemon got into a argument he frowned at the coloring. He knew he'd seen it before somewhere. Pulling out his Pokedex which he hadn't actually needed to use much as he was pretty knowledgeable about most Pokemon he did a scan of the 'chu. A few seconds later he had the stats of it and off to the side was a little blinking alert that read "SHINY". Blinking once in astonishment and looking over at the Pikachu which was staring at him with a bored expression as if to say 'well, get on with it already' he grinned and tossed out a pokeball capturing it.

Calling his two Pokemon back from where they had disappeared into the undergrowth in their tussle he headed back towards camp with a spring in his step.

Day 15

Still in a good mood from the previous days returns he packed up camp and headed farther north up Route 2 slowly making his way towards Pewter City as he rigorously trained the Pikachu he'd caught with the rest of his team trying to get it caught up. By late After noon he'd finally managed to reach the outskirts of Pewter.


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Day 22

Leaving the Center, I make a quick stop next door, where I heard a man was handing out various fishing rods to trainers, soon leaving with a new rod of my own, one he had termed a good rod, I head to the pier, only to find the ship had not arrived, I decide to while away the hours with some fishing. Letting out Nym and Raiden as I sit down, we kill time as we wait for the ships arrival.