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Alright I know i've posted this idea before...not here but on another forum. I'm pretty sure it was spacebattles... but since there search function is bloody disabled I can't check.. or even use my old thread for refrence notes that I write here... (Stupid spacebattles a man should be able to view his own threads....)

Incidentally if anyone has a link to my old thread on this idea and posted it here I'd appreciate it...

Anyway the concept was obviously what if you took John Ringo's legacy of the Aldenata universe and inserted Transformers... and having just finished 'Yellow Eyes' I was inspired again.

for the most part it would be Generation 1-2 transformers... (although elements of other versions may show up).

THis is mainly due to the origion series. With the Cybertonians asleep in a volcano in a northwest state (I think it was Oregon.... but don't quote me) until it rumbled and teletran 1 awoke them...

This timeline would be congruent with shortly after the Darhel contacted earth to contract for mercenaries to fight the POsleen.

Both Autobots and Decepticons stay under the radar stealing energon, while Earth builds up to face the Posleen... and eventually begins to prepare the defense against the coming Posleen invasion. This also means they get there Typical earth Alt modes...

PArtly this is due to the Darhel's sabotage of Earth Defenseive programs giving the cybertonians more leeway... partly because at least in the Autobots case they notice said sabotage and decide to remain a hidden 'spoiler' to help protect earth in the future... plus they want to judge the Posleen themselves.

Que the Posleen invasion... by this Point Megatron has the Nemsis as a semi-mobile submersible base.

As the Posleen invade... the Cybertonian's are inevitbly revealed (Completely screwing up the Darhel's little Sabotge).

First the Autobots (not so much as because the Decepticons won't be fighting the Posleen, but the area they are hiding in has poor comunications/local goverments fall quickly to the Posleen hoard) as they rescue people near there home base... and begin to set up a perimiter... then eventually the decepticons... who I think should be currently lurking in the Indian ocean... and set up ground bases in Africa, China, and possibly russia.

Oh and naturally the Posleen landing in Southamerica will be getting annoyed by the Insecticons... (Hey Insecticons in rainforest view Posleen factories.. as free energon meal raids!)

POsleen weaopnry vs Cybertonian armor... well lets face it... it takes there higher level of weapons (Plasma, Rail, HVM missiles) to be a threat.. a cybertonian can just laugh off Posleen rifles and shotguns all day long... although if they get close enough there blades are sharp enough to be a threat in numbers... and even then it takes several hits to down a cybertonian, and they are much better at dodging. (Thus we can have starscream and the seekers in aerial duels with Tenar firing HVM missiles...)

On the other hand the Posleen have numbers on there side... they can afford to swarm a lone cybertonian until enough normals get through to hack them apart...

So in reality both Autobots and Decepticons can only hold on a relativily small area of territory.

The Autobots essentially setting up a small kingdom near there mountain, especially once they start producing Cybertonian versions of power armor for the humans to help defend the line.... Able to trade with the US holing up in the midwest.. but neither having the manpower for a true breakthrough and linkup..

The decepticons have several fiefdoms set up as energon slave farms for the humans they rescue.. a brutal tyranical dictatorship true, but it beats getting eaten by the Posleen.

ACS wise... teh Autobots will have several of thes elimited only by material resources they can scrounge up and a slow production line (witht he constant Posleen threat they don't have the time for mass produciton.. nor access to enough materials yet...) but have a fair amount... at elast enough to even offer a few occasionaly to the US to reinforce there ACS units (much to the Ire of the Darhel)...

The Decepticons will have much less ACS units... not because they can't produce them... but philosphically MEgatron see's no reason to arm the HUman slaves with something that could threaten his fellow decepticosn... Arm a few with laser weaponery so they can help defend their fiefdoms from the Posleen? sure... thats only a minor threat should they try to revolt against there Decepticon overseers... able to be crushed with impunity... a ACS unit is actually a moderate threat however and much more troublesome to deal with rebellious units.

Energon will not be a problem for either the Autobots or decepticons here... HUmans more than willing to produce the stuff in exchange for protection (which also explains why the decepticons set up little fiefdoms... they need powerplants for the slaves TO produce energon.)

Of course the real fun is a couple of years down the road when the Autobots and Decepticons finally manage to create space bridges to there respective forces off planet... THAN the number game shifts somewhat and the reclaiming of Planet earth from the Posleen can begin (By this Point Optimus should have reluctantly accepted that the Autobots will have to break the Posleen goverment and lifestyle before they can re-educate them to a healthier lifestyle that can coexsit with other species ...*actually not farfetched... the end of Yellow Eyes implies that something similar happened after Earth defeated the posleen invasion* )

Although don't think Megatron's eyes are solely on earth here.. while he'll carve out a small kingdom/nation in Africa for slaves... and to keep the Autobots occupied... he has his eyes set on the rest of the Galactic's nations... whole planets of beings to create energon.. and all of them genetically incapable of fighting back should they be invaded? Can you think a more tempting treat for the decepticons?

Which of course will also syphon off autobot resources to protect hte Galactics... and deal with Darhel trying to ensure HUman and autobots win... but not quite enough that they have to give up control...(which is a hopeless cause at this point but can't stop them from trying)

As to the defense of the Panama canal? I can see one or two autobot's coming down to help (well at least after the Coup) to help defend... (what OPtimus can spare... at this point his kingdom and the US are fairly heavily pressed by the landing Posleen)... The decepticon's probably won't be in on it.. mainly because they are set up int he Indian ocean.. and going all the way to Panama is more trouble than its worth and they have no interests there beyond annoying hte autobots...

Although the INsecticons may make an appearance or two.

Also in Yellow Eyes you have two unique AI ships (Ocean) Salem and Daisy Mae.... while Daisy Mae is spoken for (enought hat she actually clones a HUman body to be with her Capatin)... Salem isn't... and i just get this amusing mental image of a Decepticon with a Battleship/destroyer Alt. Form falling for Salem and trying to woo her...


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I haven't watched the cartoons since the 80s so I don't really remember anything about the plot of the Transformers, but my instinct is to say that the Posleen should just be able to swarm them under through sheer numbers alone.