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"Oh no, she's got Yakuza connection! We're totally helpless and can't do anything to her!" is such a fucking cop out. As if Ranma couldn't just track down some of their bases and wipe them off the surface of the Earth with ease.
ok, not reading the story and not interested in doing so, but man that made me laugh, because unless the Yakz have a couple Martial Artists on Ranma's level or are willing to escalate doing multiple simultaneous strikes on the behalf of someone who only got 'connections'? that shit is not going to fly, especially as the Ranma Cast has access to brainwashing shit that alters people memories and that is without the actual Magic and Martial Artist BS powers that let them walk through concrete and steel with ease.


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Taming the Wild Horse has been updated. Its a Ranma 1/2 / My Little Pony crossover fanfic. Don't let that discourage you it's one of the better written Ranma fanfic I had read in the last couple of years.

"Taming the Wild Horse" by SFaccountant
"Sequel to Home is Where Your Curse is. The rebellion stalls, and Trixie's show heats up as she and Ranma hit the road to make a name for themselves as something other than fugitive criminals. But old habits die hard."


It's also a sequel to another story.

"Home is Where Your Curse is" by SFaccountant
"Ranma Saotome has been brought to the fanciful land of Equestria, and finds himself surrounded by its majesty and wonder. He is not happy about this. Equestria isn't very happy about it, either."

I could not agree more. These two have one of the most Ranma-like Ranmas in fanfic I have ever seen... including his ability to get into situations that aren't his fault but by god he doesn't make them any better because, face it, he's Ranma and making things better isn't what he does.

Read this one. It has the Kenko stamp of approval.

I normally read whatever update he posts there, but he also has a maddening inclination to post a draft of whatever new fic idea he has, so I also normally stop reading at the end of his status update. The last time I bothered going all the way down, he had a Why You Suck at Fanfic Writing primer there or something like it, but the last time I scrolled down so far was years ago.


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Ouch! That wasn't so-great to hear about. :( According to his profile page, he's now intimately familiar with our ongoing pandemic. Will pray that he recovers soon.