Ranma High School DxD idea


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Got the idea after I reread a Ranma/Kill la Kill story.

What if before the events of High School DxD, Azazel sends Raynare and her group to Nerima, a place no Devil has claimed as their territory, but seemed stuffed with odd occurances, and must be related to some Sacred Gear?


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I'm actually all for you getting back into writing Ranma fanfiction... several existing stories come to mind as desireous of being continued.

As for DXD... If post Ranma manga, that group likely would be doomed, at least if they acted as they did in canon... if during, it would likely depend when...

But even if not... where would they stay, and why? What would draw them there? Someone with a sacred gear? Who? To be quite frank though, I think Nerima too chaotic even for them to survive...

Also, the drawback of using Nerima is you lose out on all the possible interaction that could occur were they at Kuoh Academy instead because you got the devils territory there..
Why not actually give someone a sacred gear? Not one from the main cast but either an oc or a side character. Should raise the stakes and give the grigori a reason to stick around.

Anyway, I think you’ll run into an issue of plot. Nothing against you as a writer but Highschool DxD suffers from - in my opinion - terrible plot and narrative post S1 ( and it wasn’t great then either) and Ranma... well, depends a bit on the time period but it is somewhat ‘slice of life’. Neither canon offers any kind of easy resolution the other can provide which means you’ll have to come up with something that can stand very well on it own.


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The Fallen might assume Sacred Gears were already popping up in Nerima, given what stories come out of there. Would anyone seeing Ranma and Ryoga fight assume they were simply human? If post-Ranma, then you have the stories of him fighting a dragon hybrid and Saffron--who you could consider somehow related to the Phenex Clan.

Hinako's draining technique could be viewed as a SG that can be used to drain others to make stealing their gear easier. Hearing of how Happosai powers himself up, Azazel might send them there, assuming Happi might be also making artificial SG.

Seduction techniques would backfire on the Fallen.

I don't see it being a story so much as a one-shot, ending with the Fallen leaving for Kuoh, thinking it would be safer to deal with Devils.


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I think that options for sacred gears are pretty open, as long as one of the major components of the fic is comedy.

You could give Akane a copy of Twice Critical. The jokes write themselves. "Akane has a special power that lets her be extra critical? That fits."

You could have Riser get doused by a vat of Drowned Girl water and blame Ranma, turning the NTR / marital rape arc into an arc about Riser demanding that Ranma restore his manhood. Throw in lots of misunderstanding-based comedy about everyone getting "Phoenix" and "Fenix" mixed up. This could also prompt character development from Ranma or the fiance of your choice, because Riser is... he's pretty terrible, honestly.

You could have Kodachi or Tatewaki buy a sacred gear from the Fallen, because have you tried buying property in urban Japan? It's a nightmare! Far better to just lease it from some rich people for a favor or two.

Gos summoning a Devil would be kind of typical for him, honestly.


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Gos would be lucky to do that. Had the idea of him summoning Serafall on accident, because a book he bought for demonic summoning was worthless, but had one of her old contracts in it as a bookmark.

I could see Azazel selling or offering his artificial gear to the Kuno children. If he hammed up the religious history of himself, Tatewaki would believe he was truly gifted by the Heavens.

If they suspect Ranma is using Senjutsu, they may start publicly claiming he is a Nekomata and bring Kuroka and the interest of the Khaos Brigade.

They may consider Nabiki one of the most dangerous devils around, for none can sense her power, and they all fear her.