Ranma/Mass Effect Crossover


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The idea has been on my mind for a while, even rereading some old fanfic about it. As such, I challenged myself to come up with a new idea on how to do it.

Starts out before humanity finds the relay. Someone Happosai and his students pissed off, learns a magic spell for revenge: banish them and their family from Earth.

They were hoping Hell.

Sadly for them, Happosai was sealed away, so the spell missed him completely.

But it does get a young Ranma, Genma who hasn't been on the training trip for too long, Nodoka, the Tendo family, as well as Natsume and Kurumi, as they think their father is Soun Tendo, which is enough.

The spell sends them to Thessia, making them the only ten humans the Council races meet for over a century.

Some scenes I came up with:

"WAA~AAAH!" cried Nodoka, as she held her young boy once again. "Mama has her baby back!"

"Papa said you were dead," Ranma whined.

"... Go play with those five girls, honey," Nodoka said, her voice eerily calm. "Mommy needs to talk with Daddy," she finished, starting to unwrap a bundle she had carried with her.
"But No-chan!" whined Genma.

"Don't 'But No-chan' me!" Nodoka yelled. "We have been magically transported to an alien world with our son, your friend, his wife, and five daughetrs--two he didn't even tell poor Kimi-chan about until they called him Daddy!

"But I have waited patiently for a decade!

"Now, you will either put a baby in my oven, or I'll do it to my assistants!" she yelled, pointing to the three Asari assistants assigned to help her.

The trio looked at each other. "Don't we get a say in this?"

"Didn't we already report her to HR?"

"Like they give a damn, as long as she's not talking to them," the third waved off. Besides, yeah! Maternity leave ... away from the crazy bitch with red fur on her head.
"My mothers are asking questions about him too," said one of the girls, as they showered ... and took turns staring at the 'male' in the stall across from them. After all, Asari were mono-gender, they weren't going to create a new shower, just for the one male in their school system.

Besides, the mother said she didn't mind if her ... 'son' ... showered with the others.

The father just whined ... and ran off with a stapler.

"Do they want you to mate with him?" another asked, even as Akane gagged.

"I think THEY want to," the girl grumbled. "Acting like fucking Maidens all over again."
Problem is not really sure how to take it, even to make a plot bunny to post. Soun and Genma might try and open a dojo, but would probably have to work training some of the Commandos. Kurumi and Natsume would be adopted by Nodoka after tests show Soun is not their father, but both mothers would want Ranma to hook up with their daughters after schooling, so there would be more humans.

Nodoka might take an interest in trying to save Rakhana, using tech to clean it up, to the point of bringing in the Quarian and maybe even seeking advice from the Geth.

"The Council hates you, ma'am."

"The Council hates anything that moves. They are proof that rarely do worthwhile politicians exist in any species."

Not sure what Kimiko would be doing.

Initially, the adults would have more adventures, and the teens would be dealing with schooling, their uniqueness among the Asari, and how that culture would affect how they see the world.
I like it. The question would come from Biotics and Ki, I think. Genma and Soun can create demon heads and Genma should have created the forbidden moves by now as well. So disappearing from sight and vacuum blades being available. Will it be a think of them being different or of them being similar?