Ranma/Underworld Challenge


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Lawra gave me a fic challenge in the IRC Chat, here is just one of many snippets I have written.


Soun licked his chapped lips nervously as he looked over the post card he had gotten in the mail. It had said only said 'Bringing Ranma from China, Genma', but it had made his blood freeze over. He wasn't a fool. No, he knew what it meant. Genma was looking for a place to hide.

Oh sure they had made a pact, stating that their children would wed. But he didn't want to expose his precious girls so suddenly to what Genma and, by relative association, Ranma was. He wanted more time to tell them the truth, but it looked like his time was up. Sighing, he began calling his girls, and hoped that by now, Genma had curbed his and Ranma's tendencies.

--(Scene Change)--

"Pops, what are you up to?" Groused a young red-head that was walking next to a Panda. "Why aren't we going back to China to get cured and instead going to some human's house?" The way she sneered human made the casual walkerby shiver and head away from the two.

Suddenly the Panda whipped out a sign, [Boy, we are going to stay at the house of an old friend of mine,] The panda then flipped the sign which had more words on it, [I expect you to try and be civil while we stay.]

"Civil?" The girl growled as she raised her hand, as if she was brandishing some sharp claws, "Pops, what the fuck are you up to? Tell me now or I'll rip your fucking throat out!"

The Panda growled back as it whipped out another sign, [You will calm down, pup, or I'll put you down,] the sign flipped, [You forget, in either of my form, I have claws.] And as to make a point, the Panda made its claws extend.

The girl growled out again, but then she backed down. She knew that the panda had her beat...for now. She'd just go along with it, and when she could turn back, she'd show her father whose the Alpha in this pack. After all, she was the strongest, and this cursed form only gave her flea-ridden father a leverage.