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Knower of Stuff
Hey everyone! Welcome to our new Rant/Spam Thread! Please feel free to say anything you want here; from tangents about why you hate the color blue, to the many uses of hedgehogs as pets! I got the idea from an old forum that I used to go to when I was in High School and wondered why there wasn't a place here to let the garbage of our minds flow free.

And now for those pesky rules...
This isn't in the Restricted Forum so please no content that's sexual or graphic in nature.
This isn't the place where you complain about another member of this forum, please contact a MOD if you have any issues.
Additional rules may apply depending on Moderator request.

Have a wonderful time being the best (and worst) you can be!

Edit: The post below is one of many ways you can rant/spam/troll!

Staff Edit: I've given the OK to keep this around - we'll consider making a dedicated section for rants if it gets popular enough. -chronodekar
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Knower of Stuff
Tiny Tim tells time.
Piny Pim pells pime.
Diny Dim dells dime.


Knower of Stuff
Concussions are not our friends! They hurt and are bad!
I got hit over the head with a fence pole this morning, and it hurts like hell.