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Y'know, while Ironbear is a technically proficient author, I find his ham-handed re-writing of the background canon off-putting. The whole bit where he makes it so that 'oh yes Cordelia and Xander totally have a closer connection than Willow and Xander, they used to hang out all the time, he's a black knight blah blah blah" it's irritating in large doses. I can get over the bits where he writes Xander wayyyy more confident than canon cause that's par for the course with most fanfiction and it often makes for a more interesting story, it's the manipulation of the story line to super-justify his pairing of choice that bugs me.

Ironbear seems a capable enough writer in general, I just don't like that he can't seem to write that pairing without making them Super duper child hood friends with the deepest connection/bond EVAR.
Emerald Oracle said:
Ironbear seems a capable enough writer in general, I just don't like that he can't seem to write that pairing without making them Super duper child hood friends with the deepest connection/bond EVAR.
Yeah, I got fed up with that too. It's tolerable in smaller does, imo, but with the length of his current WIP's it just doesnt appeal to me.
So! I'm not sure if this is appropriate, as it's a quest thread on Space Battles, but I like it so I'm reccing it. The fic is named Xander quest, and follows the adventures of young Alexander L Harris, Reincarnation of Ganondorf. There's beaucoup Omake and an Index at the start of every thread. I will admit there isn't a Story-Only thread and with the way SB had been lagging lately that may be an issue. Anyway, here's the link:
Third post down is the complete index post.


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I'm not sure this is the proper place to post this, anyhow here goes nothing. I've just posted the start of a unique Buffy story, I don't think anything like it has been done before, hope you guys & girls enjoy it -


Following their untimely deaths at the hands of a mysterious and powerful new foe, the Powers That Be give Buffy & her two closest friends a second chance at life. This time around things will be different, Xander as the White Knight & Willow as the Crimson Witch will fight alongside Buffy nearly from the beginning. Together our three young heroes will form the Slayer Squad.
Sons and Daughters of Sineya (TTH Link) by dogbertcarroll (TTH Link)
Summary: Buffy and Willow followed Xander through a wardrobe into a world of magic and wonder, the only thing it lacked was warm water.
Review: Diverges S2 just before "Halloween". Buffy/Willow/Xander pairing. At some indeterminant point in the past, Xander found a wardrobe capable of taking him to Narnia. In an effort to help Buffy de-stress from her regular routine, he mentions it to Buffy and Willow (whom he had mentioned it before, though she didn't believe him) and invites them to the cabin he built there. The only catch is that the events described in the books haven't happened yet and Narnia is still stuck in it's eternal winter, waiting for the Sons and Daughters of Adam to end it. It's still a WIP and he updates it sporadically, but the increased closeness between the Scoobies have already changed a number of things- such as their Halloween costumes (of which all three of them got minor enhancements from) and the possibility that Angelus might not make an appearance. It's also kind of funny how Jadia and the wolves keep trying to get Xander (and now Buffy and Willow) involved in the events of Narnia, which they are actively avoiding (to try and not mess things up for the the Pevensie kids). I can't help but wonder how the Children of Sineya are going to affect things there, even accidentally.

Xander Harris and the Trip Through Hell by ZebJeb
Summary: When the portal of Acathla opens, Xander jumps in to close the portal. Follow his journey through Hell to find a way home.
Review: A fun little fic to read. Also, one of the few where Xander isn't shoved through the portal by Buffy to keep her from having to sacrifice Angel. As a result of Xander's sacrifice, Faith doesn't go evil because there's less friction between the Scoobies and Buffy and Faith actually become friends, Buffy and Angel break up much sooner than in canon due to their guilt caused by Xander sacrificing himself for them and Buffy doesn't die while facing off against Glory. Amusingly, Xander survives his trials due to a combination of several factors: multiple aspects of demons, timey-whimey hijinks between various hell dimensions and Earth (time moves faster and slower in some dimensions and others to the point where you can literally arrive hundreds of years at your destination before you even leave your point of origin) and him accidentally turning the sword with Angel's blood on it into a holy relic. This fic also explores how humans managed to banish the Old Ones from Earth and why it is dangerous to overuse magic. The fic also ends with a plot hook that Xander had more adventures through various Hell Dimensions (including Pylea) before he managed to return home.