Repeal Vexarian's Temp-Ban

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So I'm not entirely certain what got Vex banned. Looking through moderator reports, I see this:

Watashiwa said:
April 23rd 2013: Warning issued to Vexarian, reason: Inflammatory behavior. 3 points of warning issued. Expires after three days.
The Ero-Sennin said:
April 29, 2013: Despite warnings, Vexarian insisted on being inflammatory regarding the subject of the Moderator 3 Election. As per the warning, he has been banned until Wednesday 11:56EST May 1, 2013.
This is interesting, because there's no moderator report of any warnings to Vex given after Watashiwa's. Looking through the relevant thread, there's also no post by an admin or moderator aimed at Vexarian and telling him to calm down. I am therefore forced to conclude that, despite Ero-Sennin's mod report, there was not actually a warning issued to Vexarian. The only warning issued to him had expired three days before the temp-ban was issued.

I'm also unclear what section of the rules he's being prosecuted under. It's clearly not an issue with Unabridged Rules #1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12. That leaves three as the only option, because there is no rule six. Except it can't be Rule #3, because the only action we take then is to edit offensive posts and discourage reposting, which hasn't happened.

So, in short, Vexarian was temp-banned for no apparent violation of rules with no warning, and his temp-ban should be removed immediately.


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Vexarian was banned under the spamming rules,to my knowledge. The appeal was closed, and Vexarian's thoughts on the matter had been heard dozens of times in three different topics. Admins are not required to rule on a appeal as public opinion, or the appealer, wishes. Vex continued posting his thoughts on the mod 3 election multiple times, in increasingly inflammatory ways, despite the fact that the issue was closed, the mods and admins had announced that the issue was closed, and his thoughts had already been heard dozens of other times.

That is what I think he was banned under.

Feel free for a mod/admin to correct me though, I may be utterly wrong.

EDIT: May have also been the rules for personal attacks- a combination of spamming and a personal attack, given the nature of his last post.
If an appeal was already filed, then that's my bad for not noticing it, and I'll take my questions to PMs.

I'm just trying to work out what he specifically got banned for, because what he was doing doesn't fall under what I would call spamming. Spamming to me is more along the lines of double, triple posting, typically with advertisements, all over a board. This was clearly something different.


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That's correct. Before Ero locked the election appeal thread, I said that we considered the matter closed, as you can see here. Further, Ero announced that he was getting really sick of the personal nature of the attacks. This becomes relevant the next day, when Vex, in Gafgar's thread, again brings up the election and his dissatisfaction with it. He also made personal attacks on SEG-CISR.

Ero of course answered Vex with a ban.

Had I been on I would have recommended against such a move since Ero is a target of similar attacks rendering impartiality impossible. I was not, but looking over what happened I find my sympathies lie with Ero more than Vex. Was Ero overzealous in hitting Vex for being unkind to Seg? Yes, and if Vex had not been aware that the election issue was considered over, I would immediately repeal the ban. Since he knew the issue was closed, and he was continuing a pattern of poor interactions with other TFFers instead I think 48 hours of no posting might cool his temper some.

Honestly, I'm madder at Vex for making me think him getting banned is a net positive more than at anything he's done.

Appeal denied.
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