Harry Potter Research & Racism


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Dear Readers,

Over the past decade many have asked why I did not go into the Auror force after defeating [He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Name] as originally planed. Until now I have always waved the asker away with "Research" without giving further details to all but a select few. Today I must begin announcing the results of a research team lead by Hermione Granger, whose members consist of Luna Lovegood, Daphnee Greengrass, Terry Boot, Dennis Creevey, Argus Filch, Albus Dumbledore, Lily Evans, and myself.

Over the next week we will be publishing a press release here in the Daily Prophet, with the relevant research appearing in special subjournals releases of The Journal of Magical Inquiry.

I must confess the first stage of the research was conducted over two decades ago, before it being hastily covered up in part to the horrifying ramifications of what was discovered, but also largely due to the political climate of the time. We find it fitting that the same letter that started the second stage of research will start out this series. Please remember this is only a small part of the larger picture, a picture which we will be painting this week in its entirety.


Please forgive me for this briefness, I must act quick as there is not much time. If you are reading this then hopefully these following conditions are met. If the first one is not met please destroy this letter & attached package immediately or it will result in the loss of her Magic.

1) Lily Potter is Dead
2) [He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named Name] is Dead
3) Albus Dumbledore is Dead
4) You are not a student at a magical school.

In my final year of school I entered into a research apprenticeship under Albus Dumbledore to prove once and for all that Muggleborn's do not steal Squib's magic.

I was biased being a muggleborn myself, but the data we began to uncover is as clear as night and day. Clear enough for Albus to evoke a clause on the apprenticeship contract which will suppress this information by removing the information from both of our heads, the fact we even researched this topic, and destroy all materials associated with it.

When a muggleborn is well, born, so is a squib somewhere in the world, in fact within minutes of each other.

This information may look damning, but I believe there is more going on that a muggleborn stealing magic from another. What is actually happening? And if it is theft that is happening, how do we stop it? I certainly know I never made a conscious choice to try to steal magic.

And so I send this letter and package through time to where the magic of our bond will be long faded, where the information won't be instantly destroyed. To a time where there is someone I can trust to pick up this mantle, and hopefully a society ready enough to accept whatever may come.

Lily Evans

Needless to say I was in no position to deny my Mother's wish, and our team has succeeded more than we could have dreamed in our wildest imagination. We have discovered why muggleborns are born with magic, why squibs are born without, a spell to detect when you are pregnant if the child has a risk of becoming a squib, a potion to prevent it, and perhaps most surprising of all, a different potion & spell series that when given to a pregnant muggle will make the child when born a muggleborn.

This series will continue tomorrow, and if blocked by the Daily Prophet will be run in Luna's [Undecipherable ink blot]

Stay Tuned, (Harry, that phrase doesn't work in Magical Britannia, the radios only have the station they were made to have, change it before the final copy) (Nah, leaving it in. Hopefully someone will decide to innovate besides us and Fred&George)
Harry Potter