Retired Professional Assassin finds love, but it's a GL story. (Comedy-ish)


Knower of Stuff
So I was watching a video on youtube about a Retired Assassin who, while living in peace witnesses someone be kidnapped, he then goes and saves them. After watching that, I thought wouldn't it be cool if it was a love story? So the idea started forming in my mind.

So I started planning, and I couldn't think of any other way for this to work but to be largely comedic. So I said why not, it's a Comedic Love story about a retired assassin who falls in love with a woman. She's being targeted for some reason and when he realizes it, he protects her with out her knowing about it resulting in the comedy.

Then I made two mistakes.

I rewatched Iron Man 2.
And I read Teenage Mercenary.

Then the idea of the former assassin being a young woman wouldn't leave my head.

Thus my new idea!

A young Caucasian girl (14 or 15) is found and rescued in some made up 3rd world country, surviving three bullet wounds to the chest. She's taken in by the U.S. Marine who found her and he and his wife adopt her.

She's sent back to America to where she graduates high school at 18 and leaves for college. She goes to class while trying to figure out what it is she wants to do, possibly leaning into her writing a book series.

She meets her new best friend (who happens to be her room mate) and they slowly fall in love over the course of the story, probably end up dating sometime in their sophomore year of college.

Shortly after they start to date, the girlfriend (GF) witness a crime happen by someone in power (possibly a wealthy business man) and testifies to the police. The business man naturally isn't happy and hires someone to make her disappear.

In comes the main character (MC).

While on a date, MC notices someone watching the table she's at with GF which sets off alarms in her head. A short series of events ensue that cause her to believe that MC is being targeted over her past back in the 3rd world country.

After saving both hers and her girlfriend's life that night, MC tells GF that MC used to be an assassin when she was a child and that she's afraid that her past is catching up to her. GF then tells MC about the crime she witnessed (that she was sworn not to tell anyone about "for their protection") and MC quickly realizes that GF has a hit on her.

That's all I have set in stone right now as far as the story goes and I'm wanting to know what y'all think about it.

Character Bios to come soon (MC already has a name!)


Knower of Stuff
Main Character
Name: Willa Alice Brooks
Age: 19
Occupation: College Student
Last Job: Professional Assassin for birth government (fictional country)
Likes: Beach, Reading Books, Writing
Dislikes: Mountains, Swamps, Rats/Mice

To earn some money for food, her birth parents sold her to the government when she was four years old. She was trained at a young age on how to kill her targets in numerous ways. Her last mission was supposed to be a suicide run due to her government (correctly) believing that she was turning against them. She instead saved her target and believes that she fooled her handler into thinking that she's dead.