Round 2: Building Worlds


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So the first one went fairly well, despite petering out a bit towards the end. So I thought why not see if people would be interested in doing a second one, and see if we can cook up something fun.

Two minor differences:
-I'd prefer not to be GM for this one. Mainly because I'd be interested to see how someone else would run it. If no one wants to step up, I'm more than happy to take up this role again.

-Some preplanning. I think the world could end up a lot more interesting if we worked together a bit before starting the actual game, so we could avid some cliches and possibly coming up with something really unique and interesting.

So, is anyone interested in ding this again?


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I would be interested again. Might even be willing to take on the GM role.
We should decide in advance what can/will exists without direct intervention. For example, is there rain if nobody created it? Or similar issues.


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Hm, guess people aren't all that interested in doing this again. Guess it didn't go as well as I though it did.

Damn, I had a really cool idea for the afterlife too...


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Bumping for potential revival. New year, new game perhaps?

Anyone interested in creating another world? I think the first one turned out interesting on its own, and may deserve further development, but anew world might be fun on its own.

Any takers?