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Nice, an update. I don't know what it is, but usually when someone breaks apart the whole Haruka/Michiru pairing I get annoyed - not out of a real preference for the pairing, but more because I always found the near open homosexuality to be amusing in the responses it could evoke from readers. That aside, I actually find this rather palatable; considering its also an SI, I just have to say damn good job.


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She shouldn't be awake for another arc. She was the one who tracked down Haruka and only recently became a senshi when she did.
SeiyaxUsagi said:
She shouldn't be awake for another arc. She was the one who tracked down Haruka and only recently became a senshi when she did.
Of course, the canon's already been shot to hell...

During my downtime in Georgia, I've been writing down some ideas for this and other stories of mine. They're all on paper and not fully formed, so you'll have to wait until I'm back home to hear them.

Until then, I can only ask Usagi this question: Are you done with your exams, and if so, can you join the madness now? I mean, story. That's right.


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I won't be joining in. I have to go job searching right now because I am seriously broke. Not to mention I have serious writer's block.

Though I do recommend not waking up the outer senshi for a while. At this point they would probably be able to take down Metallia by themselves. They were that much stronger than the Inner senshi. Seriously Usagi hasn't even recieved the Ginzuishou and she was having trouble fighting them two upgrades later when she was using Cosmic Power.

Though the same could easily be said about the Death Busters easily killing Metallia and the senshi too.


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Man It's been awhile. So what's been going on with Ranma? Lots of side looks between him and Kasumi with the two of them trying to find time to talk? The Fiancees getting suspicious. While this doesn't really have much to do with the story progress right now since all of the inserts are (as far as I know) busy how many of them are going to go to Nerima to see if they can get some training once they have some free time.


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It lives! Seriously though, nice update; I had completely lost hope for that particular project and seeing it updated gives me warm fuzzys all over. Any chance of us seeing a complete revival or is this more of a last lingering cough?


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Sorry, guys, I was totally incommunicado, or however that's supposed to go, for the last while. Just getting back up to speed myself.

That said, I fully intend to grab this by the scruff of its neck again once I'm done with a particularly annoying short I've had brewing. So no, that wasn't a parting cough and sputter, and this isn't dead by a longshot. I'll get right back on track and drag people, kicking and screaming if need be, along for the ride and writing.


Gaaaahhh... School has totally sapped my inspiration, and what's left is firmly in a direction away from this idea. This really sucks.


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...It's dead Jim. Seriously though, nice effort. As for continuing it, personally I wouldn't mind if you high-jacked it since no one else seems interested anymore; unfortunately expecting any other contributions at this point is at best a vain hope. Maybe open it back up for people who are interested, I'd certainly do it if I wasn't busting my ass 8+ hrs a day on school, but anyway yeah, don't get your hopes up.
Well, if anyone would like to take my character (still as a self-insert of myself-You should have enough information to work with as far as writing me-as-Usagi), they are free to do so. All you need to do is ask.
Gah... I think the main problem with continuing this is that I really don't know where to go from here. Plus, Griever and drakensis wrote just so damn much it's hard to figure out how to keep the rest of the Senshi relevant.


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Still, definitely enjoying the story.


So, Inserts so far include all of the canon Inners, plus Zoicite, Haruka, and Hotaru?