Savage Garden (Alucard)

This is a reworked intro-rendition of the vampire world of Alucard.

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"My name is Alucard. I'm a vampire-knight and warrior-wanderer in a region of darkness and light. I wander around Earth looking for intrigue and crimes to solve and underworld dominions to untangle. Most of my work is rather strange and not for the faint of heart. I've been working for some years now in post-USSR Moscow, where strained economics/governance have given rise to underworld syndicates, the Russian mafia, vampire-clans(!), and evil sinners. I've composed a sort of 'notebook' of all the 'realms' or sectors of darkness I see before me in this exotic but challenged modern European city in the 21st Century. This notebook contains notions of 'sections' of evil (and evildoers!) and attempts to elucidate their influence/impact on the mind...and the soul(!).

1. Goldfinger --- A nasty profiteer and pirate, this gambler and tyrant enforces his influence while magnifying his seedy underworld casino and night-club, and he compels the police to ponder constantly if crime really does pay and how much(!).
2. Red Dragon --- A hatchet-wielding manslayer, this dark psycho attacks and kills only Russian policemen in Moscow, prompting priests and writers alike to wonder if the modern European city is somehow 'confounded' by the 'presence' of something...ugly.
3. Harlot of Babylon (Harlequin) --- This seductive and dangerous narcotics-smuggler is a bad beauty and all-around evil female, and I've wondered if she's actually a vampire and not just a nasty human!
4. Black Mask --- This unholy crime-syndicate in Moscow is linked to terrorist groups plotting against America as well as to Moscow's 'bad seed,' and many believe they work closely with vampires(!).
5. Deep Dollar --- This abominable 'super-computer' is not actually a sentient mind but rather a 'wicked' super-programmed computer designed/created by a mad scientist in Moscow who wanted criminals to access the entire city's 'pirate-grid' through convenient portals.
6. Hanna --- This nefarious witch lures men into raping/killing prostitutes for money so she can claim a 'blood-red' throne of urban anarchy.

Since I'm a vampire-knight, my job is to sift through the sands of hell that these 'forces' of darkness create in modern Moscow(!). Sometimes I use my handy-dandy crossbow to simply strike down vampires, henchmen, madmen, scarecrows, witches, tyrants, druglords, and jackals. I'm considered to be the 'prince of welfare' and general 'benefactor' of the meek, though I suspect many consider me to be an 'anti-hero' and scoundrel, since my glowing red-eyes often betray my fascination with bravado and intrigue. I sometimes used a spinning blade-wheel to decapitate cannibal-vampires who prey on the homeless, but I suspect that many of the innocent/vulnerable people of economically-challenged Moscow still consider me to be some kind of...mercenary. However, if my 'daring deeds' control the flames of perdition in Moscow that make this 'urban garden' definitively savage, I'll consider myself to be...a detective(!)."


Chapter 2: Danglars/Bruticus

This is a 2nd chapter, describing Alucard's mission to 'sanitize' Moscow while a deadly CIA-terrorist chase-game ensues on the streets, compelling the sharp vampire-knight (Alucard) to coordinate his crusade with forms of political ideology.

There's no reason anime/manga can't be both shadowy and humanizing, which is why this urban engineering themed short-story was inspired by the pop-culture oriented underworld-humanizing film Dark Shadows.

There're references in this chapter to the notion of 'directed terrorism' (and I've included reflective/symbolic democratic images/photos!)

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"Well, after a period of time working in Moscow continuing to deal with the forces of darkness I described, I discovered I had to deal with a new 'host' of enemies. The first is an American movie-star who is actually doubling as a CIA agent tracking a skilled Algerian mercenary named Ali Danglars who is working for the Russian mafia in dealing munitions to a rogue Chechnyan faction trying to secure the nation-state from any future Russian government 'ambitions.' This American CIA operative, Tom Chancy, is pursuing Ali Danglars across Chechnya and making waves in the Russian underground. This is making my life rather complicated, since generated underworld/underground 'gossip' is 'exciting' all kinds of evildoers to create more 'creative forms' of mischief and anarchy(!).

So I came up with a terrific plan. I'll be distributing replica-models of the Transformers (Hasbro) A.I. fantasy-adventure robot-toy Bruticus (a nifty silver assembled warrior-robot comprised of war-machines!). I'll be 'marketing' Bruticus toys to kids all over Moscow, and when the Russian underground and evildoers catch wind of the 'energy' of imagination I'm injecting with my St. Nick oriented 'toy-distribution scheme' and frown, people will realize that it's not so 'easy' to create anarchy when there are idealists working to create forms of socialization sanity(!). This is after all the modern era of Facebook and Wikipedia, so Russians appreciate(!) why/how kids eagerly seek examples of imagination-refinement. My Bruticus toys will remind the good people of Moscow that terrorism will not thwart social desires for basic 'dogma.'

I'm basically concerned that Tom Chancy and Ali Danglars scurrying around Moscow while various dark forces continue their 'hellish deeds' and crimes will simply suggest that Moscow and Russia are in dissatisfying disarray following the collapse of the USSR(!). As a vampire-knight, I appreciate why human beings are intrigued by forms of imagination-daydreams, and Bruticus certainly represents/captures why/how sentient beings on Earth care about celebrating immortality(!). After all, Bruticus is a super-robot who symbolizes infinite war, and I want Moscow kids to have courage and not be dismayed at the 'corruption game' that Tom Chancy and Ali Danglars are playing on the streets. I can't fail. I'm actually sure I won't fail! This is not just's a death mission."