Scooby Doo and the Grimwood Girls


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Since we keep speculating on fic ideas with the girls from Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School in the cartoon pic thread I figured we might as well go whole hog and make a thread for it.

Dracula seethed as that idiot Vanna-pira explained how Shaggy could regain his human form and leave his cadre of monsters. He had been so close! Now where was he going to get a werewolf for his annual race? There was no way this day could get any worse.

"Hello father," a sultry voice hissed from behind Dracula.

I stand corrected. It can always get worse, Dracula thought as he turned to see the pale lavender complexion of his daughter, Sibella. "Sibella, darling. It's wonderful to see you. What has you home from Grimwood so early?" the vampire king asked with a poorly applied attempt at innocence.

"Save it, Mr D. Pops ratted you out about what you did to Coach almost immediately," chimed in Sibella's schoolmate Winnie, who also happened to be the Wolfman's daughter.

Dracula grimaced as he looked over at the monsters in the immediate area and saw Frankenstein's daughter Elsa scolding her parents as the Mummy's little girl Tanis looked like she was about to cry as she asked her father why he had hurt her favorite former teacher? This was definitely not good.

"You know Daddy, I didn't think you could sink any lower than picking up that airhead after mother left you, but it seems I was wrong. Attacking Coach Rodgers? Making him into a werewolf without his permission? What were you thinking?" Sibella demanded as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Shaggy was the best choice. He was aware of the monster world and could adapt. And he was a trained race car driver already. It was a perfect solution," Dracula defended weakly.

"Perfect if he wanted to be here maybe," Sibella snapped. "And don't think you can go back on your deal now that you've let him go, either. If you so much as scratch him you'll be dealing with Mother and I both," Sibella hissed before shifting into her purple bat form so she could try to catch up with Shaggy and Scooby. God knew she had a ton of apologizing to do to the man for her father's mid-afterlife crisis stupidity.

Drag races and floozies. How had the Dracula name sunk so low?

"As much as I like the though of Coach being more like me this was really low, Mr D," Winnie chimed in with a shake of her head before leaving to follow her friend.

Meanwhile, a certain blue ghost girl by the name of Phantasma, Phanny to he friends, was practicing her invisibility as she checked out this Googy girl that Coach Shaggy had hooked up with. So far Phanny had to say she certainly didn't measure up to the other former member of Mystery Inc that Shaggy had told the girls about during his tenure as a gym coach at Grimwood Academy. Maybe it was time to practice her scaring techniques on the obviously bottle blond? After all, if Coach wasn't tied down here maybe he would be free to come visit? Or even come back as their coach again?

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Heh. Shaggy needs some monster girl in her life? I approve of this thread... And I shall go see that movie again. Been years since I last saw it.


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I should clear up that since this is an idea thread other snippets from other people, including adding the Grimwood Girls to other Scooby settings, is more than welcome. I'd really like to see what some of us can do with settings like Witch's Ghost, Zombie Island, or Goblin King.

Although thoughts of Witch's Ghost makes me think of other scenarios. One was that Thorn was actually Sibella, but the whole needing a Wiccan thing kind of messes that up, so I ran with this...

Shaggy and Scooby were enjoying a walk down a path through the woods to clear their heads and unwind after the Hex Girl concert that seemed to cap off the mystery of the Witch's Ghost.

"Like, I thought were were done with this stuff, Scoob. I mean, having the gang back together and all is like great, but this is just..." Shaggy said to his Great Dane companion.

"Reah," Scooby agreed. It seemed wherever the pair went, something scary was bound to follow.

"And was it just me or was there, like, something familiar about Thorn?" Shaggy asked.

"Rike what?" Scooby asked.

"I don't know. Like, as strange as it sounded she kind of, like reminded me of Sibella," Shaggy replied.

"Oh, so you do remember me?" a voice asked from the darkened woods.

"What? Who's like there?" Shaggy asked with a quiver in his voice.

"Now really, Coach Rodgers, is that any way to greet an old friend?" the voice asked as a gorgeous young woman that looked to be in her early twenties with a decidedly purple complexion seemed to materialize out of the shadows.

"Ribella?" Scooby asked, beating Shaggy to the revelation as the dog ran up to her and stood on his hind legs to give her a hug rather than moving to sniff or lick her a normal dog would.

"It's fangtastic to see you too, Scooby," the young vampiress said with a laugh as the hugged the dog before letting him settle back onto all fours.

"Like, Sibella? What are you, like, doing here?" Shaggy asked in shock.

"What? No hug for an old friend? And I thought it was bad enough when you were so close to us in Louisiana dealing with the rogue werecats and didn't even stop by old Grimwood for a visit," Sibella prodded with a teasing grin that seemed to break Shaggy out of his stupor. The lanky man moved in to give the young woman a warm hug as he marveled at how much she had grown.

"Sorry about that. With Daphne, like, looking all over for real monsters I thought it would be a bad idea to, like, bring too much attention to the school. People can get a little crazy sometimes," Shaggy apologized.

"For someone with a talking dog for a familiar, you certainly do worry about what other people think of as normal, Shaggy," Sibella chided with a fanged grin.

"Rog? Rhere?" Scooby asked as he looked for a dog in the area.

Shaggy chose to ignore the familiar comment and leave it for another time, "So like, how are the others? And you still haven't told me what brings you, like, out here in the middle of the night."

"The girls are great. We've all graduated now except for Tanis, who is in her last year, although Elsa has stayed on as a teaching assistant. Trouble at home with her parents. Frankenstein's Bride has always had a reputation for being temperamental. As for what brings me here, well, I actually wanted to see Sally's show. She's a distant cousin of mine on my mother's side. Imagine my surprise when I saw my favorite teacher on stage with her. I knew I just had to track you down and say hello," Sibella replied with a smile.

"So I guess her fangs are, like, real then," Shaggy said more to himself than to Sibella.

"Yes, although she's far more human than vampire. Still, she's family so I wanted to support her big concert debut," Sibella agreed. Besides, all the excitement with the hag's ghost was just wonderful. Phanty will be so jealous she wasn't here to pop that poor excuse for a spirit in the nose. She picked up some absolutely batty moves from the Calloway Cadets," Sibella responded happily.

"Like, I'll bet. So the boys at the Academy are still, like, on good terms with you?" Shaggy asked.

"Better than they were before you joined us, at least. Although it got awkward when they started asking me for dates. Like I would just forget that they were jerks to us for years because we were too "weird" for them," Sibella responded with a huff.

"Like, most boys that age think any girl is weird. I don't think it was like, just because you were monsters," Shaggy said by way of conciliation.

"Hmph. Well you and Scooby never treated us strange at all, monsters or not. I didn't want to deal with them changing their tunes just because I stated filling out. Like I couldn't smell the desire on those little perverts? They must think I'm positively batty," Sibella shot back with a wry grin.

"Well that's, like, one way of putting things," Shaggy agreed with a chuckle. "So how long are you, like, here?"

"Just a few more days," Sibella responded before he fave grew thoughtful. "Maybe, if you like, we could meet up to catch up properly before I leave? You know, away form you reporter friend," Sibella suggested.

"Like, that sounds great," Shaggy replied with a warm smile.

"Reah. Great," Scooby echoed.

"Perfect. We can talk and maybe catch a bite. See you soon, Shaggy," Sibella replied before changing into abat an flying off into the night.

""Zoinks!" Shaggy exclaimed. "Like I hope she was just talking about getting some food, Scoob."

"Me too, Raggy," Scooby responded with a worried look.


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"What? No hug for an old friend? And I thought it was bad enough when you were so close to us in Louisiana dealing with the rogue werecats
This sounds like it could be fic material...

Edit: If we're goin to do this we should probably hammer out a time line.
Tsuki_CB said:
"What? No hug for an old friend? And I thought it was bad enough when you were so close to us in Louisiana dealing with the rogue werecats
This sounds like it could be fic material...

Edit: If we're goin to do this we should probably hammer out a time line.
Oh you and your quaint little categories. Why limit something as awesome as this to something as boring as contenuity.


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At this point I'm just playing around with random ideas. We'd have to decide on where to set everything to make it a real fic. I'm not even sure I'd want the two snippets I have here to be connected. Although placing Grimwood in Louisiana would make a nice tie-in for the Zombie Island movie. I leave it to others to try to hammer out a firm timeline. This is still in the idea thread for a reason.

Heck I'm still hoping for random snippets from others with their own ideas.


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I like it, and would add a bit myself but I'll wait a bit. My problem with writing for Shaggy is his way of talking, specifically the word 'Like'. Don't use it enough and it doesn't seem like Shaggy, use it too much and he sounds like some air-headed California trust-fund girl.

But Phanty practicing her Scare Tactics might be a good reason why you never, ever see Googie again. And Daphne is a good reason not to visit the school, last thing you want is broadcasting a secret like that. Heck, maybe Shaggy or Scooby could have 'accidentaly' knocked the camera out of Fred's hands to keep the secret of real monsters. Add in the fact that their customs job at the beginning seemed new, but Velma had enough time to set up a whole book store and Daphne a TV series, a lot of things (Reluctant Werewolf, Ghoul School, 13 Ghosts) could happen in that time.


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Forgive me if this is slightly blasphamous, but didn't Shaggy and Scooby Doo get a Clue also have a more fantasy based episode or two? Its also easier to fit in the monster girls in that show's case, since aside from occasional help from Robey, its usually just Shaggy and Scooby

And really, if you want to have a connecting device between movies, use Whats New Scooby Doo as a framing device. Zombie Island or the first Live Action movie (depending on how much you wan't to get rid of Scrappy) both show points where the Gang splits up for a while, giving enough of a time gap for Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy to have gone to Grimwood. And really, the in the van lifestyle they had near the start of the live action movie seems like something new too, and given the demons are real monster too, who's to say that one of the monster girls isn't on the island (in disguise of course, or just hiding, maybe Phanty's gotten better at making a solid form).

Shaggy's speech patterns are a problem, of course, the easy solution is to listen to a Shaggy centric movie or series (and the reasoning behind me watching S&SDGaC is revealed!) and just write Shaggy as you'd imagine him saying it.

The only real series you can't fit in without some tricky rejigging is Mystery Incorperated, as that clearly takes place in High School years, and all the other series, even the original, are supposed to take place afterwards... of course, if you really want to, have it as a prelude series.

(EDIT: I stand REALLY corrected, not only is MI supposed to be alternate continuity, but it takes place after 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo, Flim Flam and Scrappy get mentions and appearences as statues. The timeline has been modified apprpriately)

Roughly like this:

Original Series - Scrappy Doo series - Gang breaks to Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy - gang reassembles, then breaks up again ala the Zombie Island or Live Action movies - Ghoul School - 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo and/or Boo brothers (Both optional) - Mystery Incorperated (Optional, break up a little after it in that case) - Reluctant WereWolf - Zombie Island or Live Action movie - Whats New Scooby Doo - Other Movies, series inbetween each - Possibly Shaggy and Scooby Doo get a Clue, maybe treat it like another movie

And yes, I do plan to write a snippit, but later, I'm busy... but I think if we actually wanted, we could make a good series of Grimwood girls Fics. Maybe even in cases of stuff like Get a Clue, have it be Shaggy investigating a problem, maybe Revolta has returned!


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Given the advances in technology used I'd put a Pup Named Scooby-Doo before I would use the new Mystery Inc series. And I'd personally skip both 13 Ghosts and Boo Brothers. Still that is a workable rough timeline. It's not like we need dates to put to anything.


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DhampyrX2 said:
Given the advances in technology used I'd put a Pup Named Scooby-Doo before I would use the new Mystery Inc series. And I'd personally skip both 13 Ghosts and Boo Brothers. Still that is a workable rough timeline. It's not like we need dates to put to anything.
Why would you skip 13 ghosts? It gives Shaggy more experience with the supernatural?


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I would skip 13 ghosts since IIRC it not only had Daphne but also real monsters/ghosts/demons and thus Daphne would have had to get amnesia or lost interest in being a reporter.


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I haven't seen Mystery Incorperated, so I'm not gonna count that, and I refuse acknowledge the live action ones.

Here's a short swing for me...

Thankfully, Sibella did mean food. Shaggy and Scooby managed to slip away from the gang the next day, meeting Sibella at a local dinner. Shaggy and Scoob ordered their usual smorgasbord and Sibella ordered tomato soup. It was almost disgustingly fresh, but she made due.

"So, you said Elsa and Tanis were still at Grimwood's, but, like, what about Winnie and Phanty?"

"Nothing much. Winnie has been vacationing with her father, he's retired to this fang-tasticly dark, dreary little swamp in Florida," the vampiress frowned, "That reminds me, I'm sorry that Daddy tried to make you replace the Wolfman in his stupid."

Shaggy and Scooby shivered a bit at the memory of the race, "Like, it's okay, you didn't do anything."

Scooby nodded, looking up from his food, "Reah, it's frine."

"No, it's not fine, Daddy went too far. If you had been willing to become a werewolf, it would have been fine, and I'm sure Winnie would have been howling whether the moon was out or not, but as it stands, it was wrong," she sighed as she collected herself, "Ever since mother separated from him he's been all batty, and not in a good way, drag racing and courting floozies like that Vana girl, who's a few bats short of a bellfrey," she took a spoonfull of soup, "I think it's some kind of mid-afterlife crisis."

"Like, it's okay Sibella, I'm back to normal and everything ended okay." He calmed the vampire. After a moment, he asked, "So, how's Phanty been?"

"Ugh, she's gone all batty for some ghost boy hero, posters all over her walls, pictures, even a homemade doll she sleeps with, he's all she talks about. She's even gone all the way up to Minnesota to find him, a place called Amity Pa-"

"Here you are, Shaggy."

Shaggy's head shot to the door, where the rest of the gang was coming in.


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Oh that cliffy will not end well. Part of me wants to run with it and part of me doesn't want to step on the set-up you have since I was planning to focus more on Thorn/Sally as Sibella's cousin before bringing the whole gang into it.

"Wait, so Shaggy was your old gym coach at the preparatory Academy of yours, Bella?" Thorn asked as the two fanged girls shared a hot chocolate at her father's home, although Sibella's had been made with sour milk at her request.

"Sure was, Sally. The best we ever had, as far as Ms Grimwood was concerned. Most of us tended to agree, too," Sibella confirmed as she fondly remembered the man and dogs that had saved their lives from the fate of being Revolta's slaves.

"I thought I told you to call me Thorn, Batty," the lead singer of the Hex Girls said flatly.

"And I told you I don't like being called "Bella," Witchy," Sibella replied in a similar tone. The two girls glared at each other for all of a minute before breaking down into a fit of giggles.

"Fair enough. I just have a hard time picturing the him as the guy you used to gush about in your letters. He's kind of skittish, isn't he?" Thorn asked.

"At first. Although he adapted to the truth about the supernatural faster than anyone would expect. After the initial shock he treated all of us like any other girls. Besides, Ms Grimwood always suspected he had latent talent as a wizard or sorcerer. I mean he has a talking dog that he's had since he was in school himself that doesn't seem to age any faster than he does. Great Danes usually live less than eight years on average. She insisted that Scooby must be his familiar," Sibella mentioned.

"That's... a very good point. Why doesn't anyone ever care that Scooby can talk?" Thorn asked herself aloud.

"Probably an instinctive form of "notice me not" spell of one kind or another so nobody will try to take Scooby away. Anyway, why were you surprised that Shaggy was my Shaggy? I mean, he was the one willing to play keep away from an angry hag's spirit to protect a bunch of people making a mockery of the past just to attract tourists. I think that's incredibly brave," Sibella responded.

"Good point," Thorn conceded. Her band mates were certainly impressed with Mystery Incorporated as a whole. I guess it throws you off that he's so willing to show he's afraid of something," Thorn mused. Her look became equally shrewd and amused as she added, "And he's your Shaggy now, is he?"

Sibella looked away to hide the tiniest of blushes as she rushed out, "You know what I meant." Her face grew more serious as she added, "I suppose most of us had a little bit of a crush on him when we were little girls. I mean he risked himself to save us without a noticeable power to his name. He even seemed to help turn those revolting Calloway boys into actual human beings. That in itself had to be magic."

"Sounds like you might still be a bit enamored, cousin. Although, isn't he a bit old for you?" Thorn prodded.

Sibella smiled cattily at her cousin as she asked, "Compared to what? The few centuries between Daddy and the latest tart? At least I'm keeping to my own historical era. Or maybe Grimwood's knight in shining armor caught your attention instead? I mean it would be a good match. He might never so much as utter a spell but it's clear he has power and you are becoming an accomplished magic practitioner."

Thorn hoped her pale make-up covered her own blush at her cousin's teasing but chose to remain silent.

"I'll admit, you're about as good a 'mortal' match for him as I could think of. You certainly couldn't be worse than that blonde that was tagging along with him when Daddy tried to recruit him for his stupid drag races," Sibella said.

"I have such a hard time picturing that. Especially with as normal as my father is. I mean I inherited all my supernatural blood from Mom's side of the family," Thorn replied as she idly licked one of her fangs.

"From what my mother says, men going crazy without a good woman to keep them in line isn't anything specific to humans or monsters. Men are universally idiots," Sibella commented with a conspiratorial wink.

"Considering my last few boyfriends, I'd tend to agree," Thorn replied with a roll of her eyes.

"Well, you know Shaggy at least wouldn't be bothered by your family tree," Sibella said with a shrug.

"I thought I was the one teasing you here. Besides, after the way this show went I was planning to concentrate on my music," Thorn replied.

"Too bad. You'd at least have a chance with him. For all that I would like it, I fear I have a few more years to go before I could get Shaggy to see me as a woman. I wouldn't be competing with some human race rat looking to get close to him, or one of his female companions in Mystery Inc. I'd be competing with his mental image of little thirteen year old Sibella in her purple dress making fang and bat puns all the time," Sibella groused.

"You still make those puns, Sibella," Thorn pointed out with a look.

"You see part of my problem, then," the vampiress replied.

"You've really thought about this, haven't you?" Thorn asked in a sympathetic tone.

"Winnie and I both used to talk about it. Elsa and Phanty liked him too, of course, but with him being alive it would just be hard for them to do more than daydream about him. And little Tanis was far too young to see him like that. But it's not unheard of for vampires or werewolves to take human mates. We usually change them first, but not always. Poor Winnie was so torn when she found out what Daddy had done to Shaggy. On one hand, her hero and first crush was one of her own now. On the other, it was forced on him. That whole debacle was just awful. I still don't like talking to Daddy for very long after that," Sibella explained with a huff of indignation.

"So what do you plan to do now that you have lunch date with your personal hero?" Thorn asked, hoping to lighten her cousin's mood.

"Besides call Winnie and make her howl with jealousy? Just catch up and try to be friends with him. It's not like I have to worry about settling down tomorrow. If Ms Grimwood is right about Shaggy and his potential I have time to wait. Besides, I still have to grovel for a decade or two to try to get over the shame of my father's foolishness," Sibella groused.

"Good luck with that. At least he finally dumped that Vanna ditz that wanted you to call her Mom," Thorn offered to cheer her cousin up.

"Trust me, the newest one is just as bad. Bunny or Buffy or whatever her name is. I swear I think he picked her because of that TV show," Sibella sniped with a scowl. She didn't think she could dislike a blond as much as Googie until she had met her father's newest coffin-warmer.

"Look on the bright side, you get to spend some time with Shaggy all by yourself. That has to count for something," Thorn offered.

"I just hope it goes well," Sibella agreed with a smile.


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Go ahead and run, Dhampyr, I'm going nowhere with it. I pu it as a cliffy hoping for someone to continue it and, basically, because of something I saw in the Pic thread, I wanted to get the Phanty/Danny Phantom idea out of my head before it drove me bonkers. I just put Minnesota because there is an actual town of Amity Park there, and it seems to match the climate I saw in the show.


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Flamewolf said:
begin countdown to awesome
*Grabs bottle of nostalgia-aid and a bowl of popcorn* this is getting so epic, can't wait to see what gets churned out next.


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Shiakou said:
I would buy if this it was real.
Same here.... Shaggy is too badass to relegate to the sidelines..


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Oh god, yeah, I completely forgot about A Pup... although I'm a child of the 90's, so I didn't see it till I was in my teens. what are opinions on including Get a Clue though?

Hehe, Phanty has a crush on Danny Phantom? That could actually be interesting for a crossover.

Also the quality of these snippits and the clifhangers are driving me batty!

And calling Shaggy a badass has suddenly made me think of a hypnothetical fanfic, where Revolta returns, capturing the girls again, the only one left to fight is Shaggy, she has him cornered... then Shaggy's look turns serious and he says something like this:

"You think, like, you scare me anymore Revolta? Since facing you, I've raced against monsters to have my human life back, I've battled zombies and werewolves out to kill me and my friends, I've faced aliens, Cyber punks, the spirit of a witch far more powerful than you, I've helped to foil mysteries upon mysteries, and me and Scooby even fought a serious bad dude who could have conquered the world. You don't scare me Revolta, and as long as your threatening any of my friends, especially the girls, you'll find that Norville "Shaggy" Rogers doesn't quit"
Also, should the Laff-o-lympics specials be counted in continuity? Or any other Hanna-Barbera?

*Gets a pack of biscuts and Nostalgia Cola, Scooby Doo was still part of his child hood*


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We definitely need this cliffie resolved, if nothing else. That's just too cruel...


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Just took a look at the MI storyline, best not to incporperate it right now anyway, its in the middle of a cliffhanger