Scooby Doo and the Grimwood Girls

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phantasma needs more mad cackling like in the movies just to unnerve danny and the others further.
This has me thinking of Phantasma acting like Tsuruya.

And The Phantasm is pronounced by adding dramatic music and rolling thunder in the background.
No, it's The Phantom
Ah yes, I forgot to add the aura of doom.


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"Winnie, you look like, amazing," Shaggy said as he tried to reconcile the 5'5" redhead clinging to him with the young female werewolf he had known. Especially since Winnie hadn't been able to take a fully human form before as far as he knew. Sibella certainly never mentioned anything like that.

"Reah, amazing," Scooby agreed.

"Ahh! Scooby," Winnie exclaimed before leaping to hug the Great Dane as well.

"I take it your mysterious teaching career is making another appearance, Shaggy?" Velma commented as she adjusted her glasses to look over the young woman. She was dresses in a fairly modest, if low cut, light blue dress and a pair of sturdy running shoes. He frame was athletic and compact which seemed at odds with the way she let her long red hair flow freely rather than keeping it in something easier to manage like a ponytail. Although her most striking feature, by far, was her amber colored eyes. Velma could say she's never seen that shade in a human before.

"Like, yeah. Guys, I'd like you to meet Winnie. She was another one of my students at Grimwood," Shaggy agreed with a chuckle.

"It's nice to meet you," Daphne said with a polite smile as Fred nodded his greetings beside her.

"Nice to meet you guys too. Coach always had nice things to say about all of you," Winnie responded with a wild grin.

"So are you a student here, Winnie?" Velma asked, always the inquisitive one of the group.

"Like, yeah. When I ran into Sibella she said you were staying with your Dad. Does he live near here?" Shaggy asked with a tinge of nervousness.

"Not really. Pop lives like a hundred miles from here. One of my Auntie's teaches anthropology here though. She's been giving me the pitch to start studying here," Winnie explained.

"Really? I didn't know your dad had any sisters," shaggy replied with a confused look.

"He doesn't. She's really his cousin, but because of how old she is she always told me to call her auntie. You know how it is," Winnie responded, waving off the concerns of her old coach. "So what brings you here, Coach? I didn't think I'd see you until Tanis' graduation," she asked.

"Like, a friend of ours asked us to come check something out he's been working on. He's a big shot with technology and stuff," Shaggy replied with a smile.

"Technology, huh? Sounds like Elsa's kind of thing. She's been taking online courses for a while now while helping out Mz G. You know she's always been into electricity and stuff," Winnie replied with a shrug. Personally the young werewolf was always more into action. Preferably something sports related.

Although the scent of Coach Rogers was making her consider a very different physical activity in the near future of she could swing it. One with a lot more sweating and moaning than her usual morning runs around the campus.

"Well if you like, you're welcome to join us while we go to meet Eric. That way you and Shaggy and Scooby can catch up a bit," Fred offered.

"Like, I thought we were going to eat first. I mean someone did pop up out of nowhere already," Shaggy responded with a pleading look.

Daphne and Fred shared a look before Daphne responded, "Why don't you and Scooby take Winnie to get a snack and catch up with us then? Just to be safe."

"Are you guys sure? I mean Eric asked for, like, all of us," Shaggy asked as Winnie's eyes seemed to sparkle at the thought of spending time with Shaggy.

"Go ahead. We'll take a stroll or something and meet you at the computer science lab in an hour," Daphne assured him.

"Well you don't have to tell us twice, right, Scoob?" Shaggy asked.

"Reah," the dog agreed.

"C'mon Coach. I'll race ya to the cafeteria," Winnie challenged before taking off running.

Needless to say Winnie was the only one there even mildly surprised when Shaggy caught up to her with ease.

One the trio was out of sight, Velma looked to Daphne and asked, "What was that about?"

"Shaggy's been kind of down over the whole Crystal thing for weeks now. What's wrong with him having lunch with a cute girl to take his mind off his troubles?" Daphne asked with a wink.

"Isn't she a bit young for him?" Velma asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We know she's old enough to have graduated from that prep school and is thinking about going here. At most I'd say she was a couple of years younger than Sibella. That's certainly old enough to have lunch. It's not like it's a full on date," Daphne defended. Besides, Shaggy was so young at heart it was sometimes hard for Daphne to remember that he was the same age as the rest of the gang. Heck he still didn't look any different to her now than he did in his early twenties.

"If you say so, Daphne," Velma responded with a cautious tone. She too had been worried about their friend's depression since the departure of the alien police officer known as Crystal after the mystery in the deserts of New Mexico. Still, that didn't mean she was ready to toss him to the metaphorical wolves just to get him out of it.

"Well, what's done is done. What do you say we find something to do for an hour or so to give Winnie and Shaggy a little time to catch up," Freddie asked in an attempt to play peacemaker.

Both girls nodded in agreement to the suggestion as the rest of Mystery Inc headed off to find something to occupy themselves for a little while before meeting up again to talk to Eric.


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DhampyrX2 said:
Still, that didn't mean she was ready to toss him to the metaphorical wolves just to get him out of it.
There's not metaphors about it :snigger:

Great bit. I have to find a copy of Cyber Chase before I add anything for that


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<a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>here's some search engine results</a>


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Flamewolf said:
<a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>here's some search engine results</a>
Nah, I'll just check my local library.

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Non chronologically sequential snippet. Enjoy.

"Isn't this great, coach? We're having an adventure together! After all this time!"

"Y-Yeah. Like, I hope there are less lethal dangers, this time around. Zoinks!" What had started as a visit to an old classmate had turned into yet another monster hunt, one with a real monster this time. Computer generated, to boot. Scooby agreed with a low whine, but there was no spoiling Winnie's mood.

There she was with her coach, all alone since with there being six of them (she had managed to persuade them to let her help) they had split up in couples to cover more ground, trying to solve a mystery and catch a baddy. Life. Was. Good. Now if she could only lure him to a secluded place... She clenched her fists, grinning as she currently had her back to him. It was the perfect plan.

"By the way, like, how did you... Well, change, Winnie?" She turned around again, the skirt of her sundress flowing as she spun. "Like, I almost didn't recognize you."

"Hehehe... Seems like Werewolves can shapeshift, Coach. I just didn't know how to do it yet, at that age. Also, it's not like I had any reason to. We were all Ghouls and you didn't mind us at all... Well, after the first impression." She chuckled as she remembered the game of tag on the first day of school. Then she snapped her fingers. "I know! What about this?"

"Huh?" Under Shaggy's eyes, Winnie's body began to change. Her skin became darker, her hair became wilder, of a darker shade of red and her sideburns longer. Finally her ears and canines became elongated and pointed. "... Wow. That's like, convenient." He then smiled as he understood. "But yeah, you look a lot more familiar to me like this."

"Then, I'll stay like this all the time I'm with you, Coach." Winnie grinned and with a skip leaned her head against his right shoulder. Shaggy chuckled and then went to pat her on the head. Now, this? A normal werewolf would have gone ballistic at being treated like a dog, but had she had a tail, it would have been swinging.

"Nice thought but, like, try to stay shaved around my friends, alright?" He said and that confused her. She moved her head as to stare right in his eyes from below.

"Why is that, Coach? You don't trust your friends?"

"I do. It's just... They can't really keep a secret, you know?" Shaggy sighed. That was what started the whole Mystery Inc. gig, after all. While Shaggy would have been happy not to deal with monsters, ghost, aliens and similaria for the rest of his life, even if they were fake most of the times, Fred, Velma and Daphne were just too damn curious. They felt at their best when finding out the trick behind the latest monster of the day and if by chance the monster became real, they just couldn't resist trying to observe and study. The things behind, that's what they wanted.

But the problem was that they weren't exactly shy when it came to share their knowledge with the rest of the world. Fred and Daphne reveled in the attention -they created a TV-Show out of solving mysteries- and Velma was a firmly believer that the truth was made to be exposed, no matter what it was about. "So, keep the transformations to a minimum."

"Hmm... You sure?" She teased, crossing her arms behind her back and standing on the points of her feet, showing that the transformation had increased her height and a certain circumference.

"Yes, I am. This no joke, Win." Shaggy didn't seem to notice. For once, he was focused on the subject at hand. Winnie blinked and flushed, embarrassed as she bowed her head and went back to her human shape.

"Ok, Coach. Sorry." Shaggy smiled and patted her head one more time, to which she immediately brightned up.

"That's a good girl. Now let's keep... Looking for that... Virus." Shaggy swallowed as he started looking around again while Winnie was still lost in the bliss of petting and being called a good girl. Then she suddenly grinned to herself.

'Yes,I'm a good girl, coach. But wait till I'm alone with you somewhere secluded, like that nice inoperative lab in the right, and you'll see just how much of a bad girl I can also be... Yes, and bad girls need to be punished, to owl...'


"Yes, just l-Wait a minute. I don't sound like that." She broke out of her reverie to find a terrorized Shaggy staring down a bluish humanoid... Thing. She frowned and snapped her fingers. "I was THIS close."


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Master of Squirrel-Fu said:
Meinos Kaen said:
This can be made canon, just has to happen when thier in the real world looking for it to keep everything from diverging too much from the movie.
Yeah, we just need to set things in the right order at the end


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Well, since things seem to have slowed, I'll put up a little filler. I have found a copy of Cyber Chase too, and will be watching it within 24 hours of now.


"So, like, what have you been up to Winnie?" Shaggy asked, ignorant of the jealous looks from various guys in the room and ready to dig into his stacked high tray of food, matched only by Scooby's and, oddly, Winnie's, although hers was mostly meat.

"Nuthin' much," she said before taking a bite out of a rare steak, "My Auntie has taught me a few things, but mostly I was just working on my look," she wiped a bit of barbecue sauce off her face before giving Shaggy a coy look, "What do you think Coach?"

"It's a surprise, like, I didn't even recognize you at first. You've really grown up."

"Reah," Scooby mumbled through a mouthful of food.

"Well, you didn't think I'd be a little squirt forever, did'ja?" Winnie asked.

"Well, like, I guess not," Shaggy admited, "But, like, how was your dad? We ran into Sibella a few months ago and she said you were staying with him."

"He's fine, he just lives in a swamp, hunting gators these days." She finished off a hot dog, "Everyone who lives there just thinks he has that hair disorder," she added in a whisper.


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Pretty interesting... Think she's gonna travel with them into the game? Or be stuck outside looking in?


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I think Winnie might be cool on the inside of the game, but I'm not sure.

"So Coach, what have you guys been up to lately?" Winnie asked as the trio left the cafeteria (where the cooks where seriously rethinking the buffet-style set-up), "Last I heard about you was when bat-girl ran into you guys at her cousin's place."

"Like, nothing much. We've been going around, like, doing our thing." Shaggy said, using a toothpick, "We went home for Christmas, saw our families. After that, we just, like, hit the road again."

"All that travel, must be kinda hard to find a girlfriend," Winnie had only meant to test the waters, see if Shaggy had met anyone, but knew it was a wrong step when she could almost feel the depression coming of both the man and his dog, "D-did I say something wrong?"

"Like, no, it's just," Shaggy thought for a moment, "there was a girl and her dog we met in Nevada, she was just," Shaggy sighed in a dreamy way that got Winnie's attention, "Groovy."

"Reah," Scooby sighed dreamily, "Roovy."

"So, what happened?" Winnie asked, trying to ignore her jealousy.

"Well," Shaggy continued carefully, "She had to...go back to her planet."

"Ah," Winnie understood. While aliens weren't unheard of, their visits weren't as common as tabloids would lead you to believe. She'd heard of a witch who fell for an alien, but things fell through like many long-distance relationships. The werewolf wrapped her arms around her ol' teacher, "Don't worry, Coach, like pop's says, there's plenty of gators in the bayou. That special girl for you may be in space, on the other side of the planet," she squeezed a little, "or she may be closer than you think-"

"Hey!" they heard a gravelly voice yell, "Where do you think you're going?"

Shaggy, Winnie and Scooby looked to se an overweight security guard questioning the rest of the gang.

"Zoinks," Shaggy yelped, "Like, this looks bad."

"Don't worry, it's just Wembly. He's a good guy, he just takes himself too seriously." Winnie assured Shaggy, but was fuming on the inside because of the interruption.


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roting_CORPSE said:

wait was it ever established why winnie was in the university? or did I forgot that already?
Her Auntie that works there as a professor was teaching her to take human form. Now she's trying to convince Winnie to enroll there.


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Anyone know any famous fictional female anthropologists to be Winnie's aunt, or should we make her up? All I keep coming up with is Temperance Brennan, and I don't think that'd work.
whitewhiskey said:
Anyone know any famous fictional female anthropologists to be Winnie's aunt, or should we make her up? All I keep coming up with is Temperance Brennan, and I don't think that'd work.
Just have one with the same name and personality as Bones but very pissed about everyone pointing it out.


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Maybe <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Liru</a> became an anthropologist. An <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>adventurer anthropologist</a>! <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>Who is also a princess, warrior, and a magical girl!</a>


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New bit, is anyone else working on this anymore?


"Thanks for vouching for us, Winnie," Daphne said as they made their way to the computer lab.

"No prob, Wembly's a good guy, but he's just really full of himself sometimes. My aunt says he's been here since he was a teenager and worked his way up." She looked up at the building they arrived at, "Here it is....


"Wow, Eric, this lab is one groovy set-up," Daphne said.

"Yeah, we like it too." Eric smiled.

"Elsa would probably love this place," Winnie whispered to Shaggy and Scooby in the back of the group, who nodded as she thought, Hell, she'd probably want Coach to bend her over a lab table, actually, that's not a bad idea...


Her attention was drawn to her coach, who had found a plant of gigantic tomatoes, "Wow, Sibella would loves those."

"You don't want to eat those," A young man entered the lab, "They're grown in radioactive soil."

As Shaggy and his dog cringed from the food, Winnie narrowed her eyes and bit down a growl.

"Everyone, this is my lab partner, Bill McLemore." Eric introduced his friend.

Winnie ignored the ginger, she knew him, he was one of the more annoying skirt-chasers who acted like he would be doing her a favor in dating her, and he was persistent, she'd had to turn him down at least twice a day on average.

"No one is playing the game." An old voice brought Winnie from her thoughts, "Until we've solved our problem."

"Professor Kaufman, I'd like you to meet the mystery gang I based my game off of."

"Ah, yes, the famous Mystery Inc." The professor greeted them.

"And that's Scooby-doo," Shaggy said as the Great Dane inspected some beakers.

"Ah, yes," the professor said as he began to clean his glasses, "And I believe you are professor Brennan's niece, correct?"

"Yeah, that's Auntie Temp."

"Wait, Temp? As in Temperance Brennan?" Velma gasped, "Your aunt is THE Temperance Brennan?"

"No, my aunt is A temperance Brennan, she hates getting confused with the other lady."

"Well, in any case," The professor said, putting his glasses back on, It appears you've arrived just in time...for a mystery."


I figured something like this could get Winnie in the game, but out of the way. Bill made the Phantom Virus, who had some of his traits (Liking baseball) it could also abduct Winnie to be rescued at the end of the game. It's also give Shaggy and Scooby some motivation.

And I just realized, only one person seems to have noticed the NCIS reference I made in the first chapter and mentioned it in the review on


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Winnie is going to go insane from contantly getting cockblocked isn't she?
I'm still following, though my ability to add anything is lacking. I guess the idea has gone kind of stale, most seeing this as sort of a Scooby loop stand in. While the premise is good it still lacks that vital spark to make it really shine.

Maybe it's just me, but I'm sort of turned off by the amount of sexual refferences in this, like Winnies table comment. I liked it as a kid, I liked the pairings as a kid, I like it now as the kid in me, but comments like that are sort of the anti-thesis of that nostalgia. Sure eveyone on the forum is a perv to some degree but does sex really need to be in this fic?


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I thought we had Winnie like that because she was more of the outgoing type and had the better chance of being the pervy Grimwood Girl. Sibella is polite and respectful, Tanis is innocent, Elsa seems like she could be the slightly nerdy girl and maybe a bit emotionally insecure about certain things, and Phantasma is...well, Phantasma.


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whitewhiskey said:
I thought we had Winnie like that because she was more of the outgoing type and had the better chance of being the pervy Grimwood Girl. Sibella is polite and respectful, Tanis is innocent, Elsa seems like she could be the slightly nerdy girl and maybe a bit emotionally insecure about certain things, and Phantasma is...well, Phantasma.
While I don't think sex has to be excluded from this story the comment Winnie made just seems jarring and out of left field.


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I haven't done anything yet due to studiees, but given that I'm coming up to a break soon, I should be able to write up the promised Egypt section of the video game.
cgobyd said:
whitewhiskey said:
I thought we had Winnie like that because she was more of the outgoing type and had the better chance of being the pervy Grimwood Girl. Sibella is polite and respectful, Tanis is innocent, Elsa seems like she could be the slightly nerdy girl and maybe a bit emotionally insecure about certain things, and Phantasma is...well, Phantasma.
While I don't think sex has to be excluded from this story the comment Winnie made just seems jarring and out of left field.
True, alot of old childrens cartoons are littered with innuendo and such, the main difference is that it's usually more subtle, or at least funny.