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I thought there was one, and there might be, but it's so buried it's not worth the effort to dig it up and probably full of dead image links anyway. So, new thread.

Here's some images from my heavily modded SE Skyrim. I was running around the area by Solitude, so they're all from stuff in that area.

My character is the one with the bow. That's the follower Sofia behind him.


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More Skyrim. This is around 200 mods, mostly visual stuff, but a few other mods that add stuff to the game. I also have Open Cities, Civil Unrest, Interesting NPCs, Bruma, an ENB, and some other additional quests and areas.

Here's a shot of my character with my followers. I dumped the dragon bone armor for some leather stuff that looks cooler.

Bloodrayne is Serana by the way.

Here's a better shot of the costume...

Auri, the wood elf, is wearing a leather version of it.

Sofia and Recorder. Also, yes, that dress is based off of Philippa's from Witcher 3.


I have Vilja installed, but sent her off to Cyrodill after her quest stuff was over. Five is my limit on followers. I could have more, but they get in the way enough as it is and six is just a crowd that makes navigating through small areas not worth the benefit of having another.

I also have Ambriel, but needed a slot for Serana so she's chilling at her house. I'm not sure if I'm going to bother with going to get her again and will probably just stick with Serana.

I married Sofia. Mostly because I hadn't before and she has a unique wedding. Was worth it. She is a bit harder to marry than most other companions as she has her own relationship system.

I believe Recorder does as well, but she's not a marriage candidate and only has a "romance" option. Ambriel, Auri, and Vilja also have unique relationship systems as well, and can be married, but only one or the other. They won't marry you if you marry someone else, and it's not worth the effort of installing a divorce mod. I'll probably marry one of them in another playthrough, but that won't be for a while probably.

I have GTA up and running with Natural Vision Remastered, VisualV, an ENB, and a few other visual mods. I restarted the game though, so I don't have access to a lot and haven't taken many shots yet. I've really just started the first heist. I'll post a few once I build up some good ones. Here's the only one worth posting I've made so far.

Might mod Fallout 4 again after GTA V. Not sure yet.


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Skyrim had an update, so script extender is broken until it updates. So I've had the chance to get some more GTA screenshots.

This is all graphics settings at maximum, VisualV, Natural Vision Remastered, an ENB, and Epic Explosions XX.



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I always give the player characters' vehicles a chrome paint job. Makes them easy to spot and keep track of when things get chaotic, and it looks nice.


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That message on the bottom is from a mod I have in that makes drivers move out of your way by making them panic and run away from you. It's really only useful for traffic jams and stop lights. I accidentally triggered it when taking the shot.

Anyway, I'll get some shots out in the wilderness and I think that will be enough for GTA V in this thread unless I come across something really interesting or amazing.


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That's should be it for GTA V. I've covered every major area I think, and what I've posted provides a pretty good idea of most of what the mods I have installed do.


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Decided to get into No Man's Sky again.

I've had it for a while now and played through it once. I got it on sale, probably through Humble Bundle, but I don't recall exactly. I know it was a few months after it launched.

Once again, this is a heavily modded game. I haven't played it in a while, and wanted to get a game in before the big upcoming update. Despite the bad press and rough launch, it's actually a halfway decent game now. I don't know that I'd recommend buying it at full price at this point, but it's worth picking up on sale at least.

On its own, the game is still not amazing, but with mods it's a lot more fun. We'll see how future updates might improve things.

Added a Reshade and a bunch of textures, plus quite a few gameplay mods, and stuff that makes the galaxy more populated with both NPCs and Ships. A ton of extra ships, more creatures, better and more varied biomes, gameplay tweaks, better creature AI, better space combat, etc...

You can't mod your ship to be a particular one as far as I know, so I had to rely in RNG to get my current ship.

Pretty sure I'm going to keep this one for the majority of the game. Once I buy a freighter I can have several ships, so I'll probably keep this one until then. It's a mid range ship, and I'll keep it for joyriding, but will need a higher level ship at some point for actually playing the game once I start traveling to the more difficult systems towards the center of the galaxy.

As I understand it, the Enterprise is one of the Freighters I can obtain, so I'll be keeping an eye out. Not sure if there's a Star Destroyer Freighter or not. I've also run across X-wings, the Drop Ship from Halo, and a Star Trek Shuttle. Someone basically took CGI models and tossed them into Blender [a 3D modeling program] to add them to the game.

I've already maxed out my money by mining and trading, both of which are vastly improved thanks to mods, and I am just waiting to come across a decent freighter. I'll probably buy a placeholder until I run across one of the more interesting ones added by mods as it lets me get to the more interesting systems sooner. I'm just waiting until I come across one with a decent amount of storage. I'd have to upgrade my hyperdrive on my standard ship a couple of times to get to the better star systems, but a Freighter can jump to any type of star by default.

That big creature in the last shot is about twice as big as the space station. It looks smaller than it is in the screenshot. It's a fair distance behind the space station, not in front of or beside it.

I'll probably post another batch of screenshots later on, once I find some of the more interesting ships and planets. I've really just started venturing out into the galaxy and spent most of the day grinding in my starting system, which turned out to be decent for resource farming for cash. I was also able to learn a good bit of one of the languages while I was at it. The Gek language, which is the little frog looking critters in one of the shots above.

Tomorrow I'll probably find a planet to build a base on, as that will give me access to several upgrades reliably, and provide even more storage, which is paramount in No Man's Sky. The inventory issue has been largely addressed at this point.

Managing inventory is still a bit of a pain early on, but you'll find yourself with plenty of space to stash stuff before too long if you spend a bit of time on a planet with decent resources near to a space station, which isn't that hard to find.

I'll probably mod Fallout 4 or Witcher 3 next. Not sure which. I doubt NMS will keep me occupied long, as I'm really just messing around with it. I don't really want to do a complete runthrough until after the next big update, and that will probably break most of the mods for it and require some patching as well, so I'll give it a bit of time before I bother after it drops.

There's also Subnautica, but that game is still in the early stages of its mod life, and doesn't really have anything that makes it look nicer aside from a reshade. They haven't released mod tools for it yet, but have mentioned that they will eventually.

Still messing around with Skyrim as well. I've finished it once, but have a few mods in that I didn't get around to messing with. I installed some stuff that reworks vampires for example, and a few quest mods. Plus I've added a bit to it since the shots above so it looks even better than it did then, even if only a little. Still haven't managed to break it, which is nice.

I did manage to finish GTA V at least, so there's that.


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Fallout 4 with Reshade, ENB, and 240 mods...

The glowing bodies are due to a hud mod that highlights them so that they don't get lost in grass and scenery. It also highlights containers with stuff worth looting in them. I've turned off the containers element as I don't like how it looks and it's kind of unnecessary, but the glowing bodies is super convenient, especially since I've modded the vegetation.

The airships seen in the distance are a kind of fast travel system that also works as a sort of safehouse. Not really a player home, more like a spot to take nap for healing and chill. They are actually models of real world airships with a lot of detail going into the interiors to accurately represent their real life counterparts. I'll get a few shots of those later.

I also have the Sim Settlements mod in, and some expansions for it. Really liking that mod. It makes settlements work kind of like Sim City, in that you zone an area out for a specific type of building and then the settlers build it. You can specify a specific building, or just let the mod select a semi-random building of that type built. I say semi-random because it bases it on what the settlement is lacking regarding needs.

It automates a lot of the settlement building and upkeep, but also adds a bit of depth to it. It's seriously cool. I'll take some shots of that a bit later as well once the settlements settle in a bit. It builds a basic infrastructure when you activate it in a settlement, but it's really just a shell to start with. It does this to ensure pathing for NPC AI to ensure they can access everything properly.

It adds a bunch of new structures, shops, and various other cool things, and upgrades as you play.

You can also assign an NPC or follower to be Mayor, and this makes the settlements pretty much completely automated, and the settlers themselves take care of pretty much everything. You can also still add or build anything you want, and this will even impact the settlement itself depending on what it is you've built. Plus, it auto assigns settlers to do things, so no more searching around for the one settler with no job to man your water filtration or whatever.

You can be as involved with settlement building as you want to be, can automate it pretty much completely, or even just automate some settlements and build others the old way if you want. It makes it sound like it simplifies things, but it actually adds a lot of depth to the system, or you can pretty much set it up so they are completely hands off if you want.

I've also added a mod that expands Diamond City and adds some new areas to it, as well as a few quest mods.

Plus, the usual, retextures for most stuff, new weapons, armors, and some follower mods. Should be an interesting playthrough and I'll add some more shots later once I build up a few. I've really only just started playing, and haven't gone any farther than the drive in settlement.


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I modded Fallout 4 until it broke, so I had to start over from scratch. Used most of the same mods, but it came out better this time, looks nicer and runs smoother.

Sticking with what I have until I'm done with this playthrough. Should take a while as I have a several pretty large quest mods in. It's stable and pretty, and I'm not really interested in breaking it again and losing another six hours.

Anyway, lots of shots this time. I also have Sim Settlements with various expansions in still, and will post some shots of my settlements after they've built up. That will probably take a while as I've just started over and only have a couple of the settlements so far, and they've just started out.

Yes, that pole does have NSFW stuff going on there in the evenings. I deliberately went during the day so I could get a SFW shot of that area. It's from a mod that expands Diamond City.
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The "Codex Entry" thing is from a mod that explains lore as you play. It gives you a holotape narrated by the guy that does Shoddycast that explains various things in the game and how they relate to lore as you come across them. You can set it to autoplay if you want, or just select what you've unlocked through a menu. He also has a radio station mod that plays music and has the guy who did Three Dog in Fallout 3 reprise the role.


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I also said I'd post some of the interiors of the airships. These are real world airships that were modeled accurately and put into the game. Most of them from the 1920s-1940s One of them acts as a player home, and the rest are a fast travel system and you can explore and loot stuff from them.

The windows are green because there's a rad storm outside that the ship is flying through. Normally you can see the LOD map outside the windows like you can in the other shots.

Again, this is around 240 mods, all settings Ultra, and an ENB and Reshade.

Next up is Witcher 3, don't know when that will be as I'll probably be playing Fallout for a while.