shadows of air


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what if a faction of ther air nomads wasn't as calm and monastic broke off taking Aang with it. this group was a bit more gung hoe in fighting and more importantly wining when ever they fought.

the deveoloped there own fighting styel combining the styles of air and fire but focusing mainly on there foot work and strong kicks.

the fire nation attacks as per canon and this rogue group along with aang (or not) go to save there former bretheren only to be slain do to the lack of having fully created this new style.

aang gets away and the fire nation pursue only to get caught up in a whirlwind caused by the only technique the group was able to properly create.

aang: avatar, last of the air nomads and first of the shadow skill



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Well, he'd have no real allies. Because of all this he wasn't frozen. He'd just be trained in earth bending once reached Bumi and then be sent out to war.