Spiderman (Movie Fanfiction!)

Here's a comics movie fanfiction inspired by the recent [2014] film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which explores the idea of organized urbanization in modern times, both threatened by new forms of terrorism and simultaneously upheld by creative-thinking regarding defensive patriotism. I decided to put this in the movie section rather than the comics section of FanfictionForum, since this short explores the imaginative links between heroism visualization...and terrorism dialogue! Enjoy (and thanks for reading),


The great city bank was being invested in by Oscorp and would become an American bastion of secured banking. Customers from all classes now began banking at this tech-friendly building, and the service and management were superior. Even Norman Osborn, head of Oscorp, himself, complimented the new bank's systematized securities and asset accessibility portals. For once, the city would harness all forms of network-wide investment and deposit/withdrawal and exchange services, and all with computers. This was a modern miracle!


SPIDERMAN: I have a sneaky spider-sense this bank's set for robbery and terrorism!
FIRESTAR: I agree, Spiderman, so let's create a superheroic defensive monitoring system.
SPIDERMAN: We'll make sure the bank's available for safe asset highways.
FIRESTAR: Modern criminals seek to undo basic civil designs.
SPIDERMAN: Banks represent American federalism loyalty!
FIRESTAR: We'll have to be perfect superheroes.


Unfortunately, despite all the ideal intentions of the city's two great extra-human vigilante-heroes Spiderman and Firestar, the two new menaces, both ironically ex-employees of Oscorp, were intent to destroy the magnificence of this new banking center in the city. These two super-villains were none other than the nasty pumpkin-bomb throwing Hobgoblin, a caped ghoul; and Black Cat, a venomous woman capable of seducing anyone into deeds of terrorism. Hobgoblin would create nasty computer viruses that would invade the city bank's cyber-securities, while Black Cat would seduce its executives into giving up secrets to the underground terrorist group Leviathan. These two super-villains sought to turn the city bank into a beaconized symbol of urban deformity.


HOBGOBLIN: The bank is ours, you naive idiot!
SPIDERMAN: Firestar and I'll defend this great institution.
HOBGOBLIN: Well, Black Cat and I will not!
SPIDERMAN: The city needs a centralized secure banking area, Hogboblin.
HOBGOBLIN: Spiderman, I used to be a fashion-designer with great optimism!
SPIDERMAN: Yes, you're Roderick Kingsley, but you became an urban menace.
HOBGOBLIN: I fell in love with Black Cat who became my Lady Macbeth!
SPIDERMAN: Well, it's never too late to seek restorative redemption.
HOBGOBLIN: Do you propose capitalism themed artworks from my prison-cell?
SPIDERMAN: Why not, since that could be better than street horrors?
HOBGOBLIN: I've never considered the profit behind repentance, Spiderman.
SPIDERMAN: To destroy modern banking is to unnerve social diaries!


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
Enter Sandman

Here's an addendum about the eerie Sandman, actually wrought from a different movie, Spider-Man 3 (Sam Raimi).


William Baker is a convict who was bullied as a youngster. He changes his name to Flint Marko to capture his ability to light up sparks and just about 'make the mark' for defensive blows against his bullies. Flint Marko believes he's like a 'sandman' of evasion and tries to steal a precious laser from Oscorp but in the process is mutated when the laser fires accidentally, altering his DNA orientation internally. His entire body turns into a shape-shifting sand substance, rendering him capable of making weapons-on-the-fly such as hand-hammers made of extremely sturdy if temporary sand! Marko calls himself Sandman now and vows to destroy Spider-Man for his heroic intent to protect capitalism and the modern city, which he's forsaken out of spite for the Oscorp accident.

SANDMAN: I despise these banks you protect, Spidey.
SPIDER-MAN: You used to be a reforming convict, Will.
SANDMAN: I changed my name to Flint Marko, Spidey.
SPIDER-MAN: Now you're the Sandman.
SANDMAN: Yes, and I know Black Cat is actually Felicia Hardy!
SPIDER-MAN: You steer clear of Felicia, Marko.

Marko (Sandman) had no intention of abiding by Spider-Man's wise advice. He allied with Felicia Hardy, the villainous Black Cat, to create a special terrorist infiltration of the Library of Congress, intending to steal all the books in the institution about modern anti-terrorism warfare. This strategy was meant to unnerve Spider-Man and Firestar's heroic quest to defend capitalist banking in America after 9/11 as a symbolic patriotic gesture signifying a general social faith in the structures of network fortunes. After all, the devastation of the World Trade Center by terrorism created pure fears about American securities. Now, Sandman and Felicia were on the same side of the coin in this climactic struggle regarding defense of American dollars, and Spider-Man and Firestar wondered if Marko/Felicia were going to raise hell.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)