St. Elsewhere: Thomas/Richards

This is a fan-fic of the iconic medical drama St. Eleswhere (LINK) and how it captured our fascination with medicine and 'humanism' in times of great activity, and though I'm not being strict about the characters/names, just the overall tone of the show, I certainly hoped to capture the overall elegant atmospheric 'socialization intelligence' of the lauded series!

Thanks for reading --- I returned from retirement for this valuable ode to American diarism.



Dr. Thomas was excited about his new position at St. Elsewhere, the respected and trafficked urban hospital in the great USA. Thomas enjoyed eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria alone but met a friendly male doctor named Dr. Richards who shared Thomas' views on diagnosis and patient-care approaches. Both Thomas and Richards graduated from Johns Hopkins medical school and were separated by only 2 years in age. They were handsome single heterosexual male doctors at St. Elsewhere and caught the eye of two attractive young American nurses at Elsewhere named Shelbye Harris and Anna Theresa. The foursome decided to go to a dinner-and-movie together on a Saturday night and began dating Shelbye (Thomas) and Anna (Richards) regularly. Thomas and Richards began talking during lunch hour at the Elsewhere cafeteria about marrying their girlfriend-nurses. Thomas and Richards quickly gained the reputation of delivering very fast and dependable medical care to their patients at the trafficked hospital which got heaviest and busiest on Friday nights but had adequate new City funding to handle all the care and facility issues. Thomas and Richards were skilled in multiple areas of medicine and often assisted doctors and nurses and interns in various St. Elsewhere departments for obstetrics, cardiovascular care, surgery, pediatrics, and neurophysiology. They basically were the handsome young Renaissance Men of St. Elsewhere!

One cool autumn day, the Elsewhere administration informed the doctors that a visiting reverend, Brown, would be visiting the hospital to give a talk to the doctors about the evolution of human medical care and attention in advanced civilizations. Thomas and Richards quickly became intrigued and were curious to see what this earnest Catholic priest was going to say to the doctors at St. Elsewhere about the nature of human philosophy regarding medical consciousness (in 'advanced' civilization). Thomas and Richards decided to go to Reverend Brown's talk at Elsewhere with tape-recorders so they could keep a record of Brown's earnest message. To their delight, Reverend Brown talked about the Biblical story of the 'fall of man' and humanity's struggle to negotiate life with pleasure and pain! Reverend Brown talked about the need for modern doctors to address the 'lifestyle hypochondria' of members of 'advanced' civilizations induced by high-speed traffic and negligence towards preventive care/medicine. Thomas and Richards appreciated how this earnest Catholic priest was interested in referencing ideas about the evolution of customs as they pertained to socialized views on medical priorities. They liked how Rev. Brown talked about the Christian view of 'grace' as it applied to the 'blood-letting' of civilization jitters as he urged the Elsewhere doctors to think not only about medical utility but also about social preferences!

Thomas and Richards agreed that Rev. Brown's stimulating and encouraging talk to the doctors at St. Elsewhere created fresh perspectives on handling modern traffic and customs issues in the American city. The Elsewhere administration agreed it was a terrific boon for the hospital laurels. Rev. Brown's talk was even featured in an article in the Journal of Medical Secrets. Dr. Thomas and Dr. Richards agreed they'd apply some of the creative views encouraged by Rev. Brown in the treatment attitudes towards many of the future patients at St. Elsewhere! This came quite soon when a new patient was brought into their hospital with head-trauma and stomach wounds. This patient was an aboriginal man from Australia who lived in the jungle and the Outback and was brought to the USA for a media event about natives trafficking developed societies! This aboriginal man, Walu, rambunctiously climbed over an American lion den zoo exhibit area to stroke the lions and was attacked by two of them before being rescued! Walu insisted on being treated by Dr. Thomas and Dr. Richards who were clearly the most popular Elsewhere doctors. Thomas and Richards treated Walu for his cerebral lacerations and stomach lesions caused by scratching and gave Walu about 100 careful stitches with some complementary Codeine. After the successful procedure, Thomas and Richards told the press, "Walu is an aboriginal man of great personality and was fortunate to receive the necessary head-and-belly creams in order for us to declare that we're able to care for 'primal men' even in 'advanced' systems!"