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I hope I'm still alive or this is getting weird


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I'm an Unearthed Arcana Warlock Patron?


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Anyone have an invite to the Discord? I've long since lost sight of where the last invite was, and that has probably expired by now


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Do most old members think that TFF is defunct, or do they no longer care?

I haven't seen much movement here since before the forum went under for a month or two.
A few pics, but I haven't had much time to write at all, taking care of my daughter. Hope to get back into it, as I have muses singing.

But not sure if they made a new forum or not.


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If they made a new forum, I'm not aware of it...

The only new story I've seen in the portions I monitor is the one in the lemon section by Lord Ra...

I'm a bit ticked the changed the internal link format a while back. It ruined my direct links. I've since fixed most of them.


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New forum? No, this here is the (restored) forum.

No, I'm talking about when TFF went under last summer (with Ero-Sennin working to restore it); then, many people, even long-time members, disappeared never to be seen again. Unless I'm misremembering things and there were just as few people around, even before then.


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Most of us are on discord, ever since ero nuked our member numbers.


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Huh? I thought that discord site was only temporary... Only went to it a couple times while the forum was down and not once since the forum came back. My link to it does not even work anymore (I just checked, all get is a white page).

I prefer sites like this to that discord site anyway, at least how it appeared when I went to it.


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I lurk on discord. And seem to do more lurking around here myself, besides the odd clean up jobs.



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Can't speak for others ever since the group I was with broke up but I had basically given up all forms of social activity.

So I've pretty much not been doing anything at all.


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I'm hoping to get back into things with the coming new year. One of my resolutions is writing more, so this forum kind of helps with that in a way a Discord server can't. Might join the server later though
April Fool's!

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The real joke here is that it has taken me this freaking long to do this, but welcome friends to the newly and (mostly) neatly reorganized TFF! The changes are fairly obvious in case you haven't noticed them. The separate series sections:

Ranma ½
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Sailor Moon

Have all been rolled into the Anime/Manga section. Pins have been unchanged so pinned threads in their main sections should be showing up on the first page of the appropriate section. Old Series have also been Thread Prefixed so you can find them easier... though I'll admit I messed up with the Sailor Moon section and those prefixes are being worked on. Fortunately that wasn't a large section to begin with.

What was a large section was Harry Potter, which can now be found in the Book Fanfiction forum.

The Type-Moon section has been renamed the Nasuverse section, and it has been left alone because there's so much Fate and related stuff out there covering different media and genre.

Going forward, we want feedback on the change, and suggestions regarding what we should add as we work on getting this beast back on its feet. For right now, I'm definitely open to taking a look at series prefixes so that stories and threads are even easier to find going forward, restructuring the Restricted Section, and definitely not open to reverting back to the old arrangement.
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Much like in the restricted forum, you might want them sorted into sub-forums. Otherwise, looks nice to me.


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Much like in the restricted forum, you might want them sorted into sub-forums. Otherwise, looks nice to me.
Seconding this. Would make it a lot easier to find seperate sections.


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Was never a fan of this merging sections concept, but had resigned myself to this happpening regardless at some point a long time ago, it was favored by too many of the then mods for it to completely disappear.

The idea, of being able to go to a section, and see material for just that series or grouping of series, made far more sense to me than variations on the new setup that was proposed, which was why I had argued against it every time it came up for discussion.