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One evening,Cato and his friends are studying for the big test during the prep session.since this is his final year at the school he change drasticly from being sloppy to being neat and hardworking person.suddenly there a knock at the door.a boy more accurately a junior came knocking at the door.’CAN I MEET WITH CATO SLY’ said Zahin.everyone is very shocked including Cato himself.why would the school no. 1 idol want to meet with Cato??.then there begin big fuss luckily Cato got it under control and meet with him.

What do you want zahin??this is restricted area for took gut for you to come here.i hope there a better explanation for this.

I like to you to tutor me in math.please if i didnt get A in math in tomorrow test my mom would kill me.

Why do you choose me??why didnt you pick nick or john to tutor you?

Because you the smartest guy i know plus you are very good at treating me.oh i almost forgot!,thanks for being there for me when i broke my leg in hockey.its very kind of you to carry me to the nurseroom.

Alright i tutor you for the night just give me second while  i get my bag.

Zahin feel very happy about it.Cato doesnt know either he feel happy or nervous.but when  he think about it,who would reject an offer from this cute little boy.zahin  has pearl skin colour,his face can make everyone heart melt,only stupid person would.after Cato finish pack his stuff then he meet up with zahin and headed to the library together.

Cato and Zahin sit in the nearest table they can find in the library since it very crowded in the library cause people study for the big test they started study math,algebra,statistic,pi calculation till it almost midnight.zahiin get very sleepy until he accidently fall asleep.

Cato look at him and say ‘poor zahin’then Cato continued his study then suddenly zahin head lean on his shouder.cato feel very tense and anxious.the sound of his comfy snoring make cato doesnt want to wake him CATO let it slide for a while.then thing get vey serious when suddenly zahin change his position and rest on Cato thIgh.Cato doesnt know what to do.his whole body was shaking.Cato cant resist the temptation of zahin face.he then stroke zahin’S hair thinkin what a beautiful creation you are.he keep stroking zahin hair listening to the boy sleeping tune.after that he feel his mouth,face with passion
Cato then realised its late.he tried to wake zahin up but the boy is very stubborn.he then decided to carry zahin to the hostel.on their way to the hostel,zahin grab hold of Cato tightly at the neck in the state of unconscious.he grab it so tightly making Cato can feel zahin heartbeat.their heart beating synchronized making Cato feel a lot better.

At the hostel,cato lay down zahin to his bed.he tuck zahin in and about to leave when suddenly zahin grab hold of Cato wrist.

Dont go,stay with me for the night.just one night please.

No i must go,if i got caught id be in big trouble

Zahin look dissapointed.his on the verge of tears.tears started to shed on his eye.

Cato suddenly realised his had done a big mistake.he then say

Ok fine i company you for the night but only this night

Zahin smiled and cheer happily.he then drag Cato onto the bed and cuddle him before his asleep.
Cato cuddle him passionly like theres no tomorrow.they then fell asleep in bed hoping to it will last forever,

Keep in mind,ZAHIN is 12 year old and CATO is 17 year old.this story take place in all boys boarding school so its a what we called it ‘same gender romance” sorry for vocabulary is a bit rusty but im still improving.i like you guys to continue the story.see if you could improvise the story to make it more interesting since im out of the ideas.thank very appreciated for you guys cooperation.

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You're correct Yorae. Also, this seems to be original work and not fanfiction, so I'm going to move it to the original work section.

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