Story time!


Knower of Stuff
So I figured that we all have amusing (to ourselves at least) anecdotes about our personal lives and I wanted a place to share them. They can be about anything as long as you're amused by it.

So about ten years ago I used to work at an elementary school here in Texas for an after school program on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We would come in and perform activities with the children such as helping Kindergartners learn how to read to hosting educational workshops for all ages for the different subjects. Please note, most of us weren't teachers. The main reason I even got involved with the program was because my mother was the school's librarian.

At the same time as that job, I worked at my local GameStop as one of the keyholders and I was the guy that if another store needed someone to help out, they would call me to help out.

Well, one of my kids from the school program was a known troublemaker and was slightly rude to us during the program and would constantly act up, but all in all was a good kid. He, for some reason, decided that he would like to interrupt me whenever I tried to speak and liked to mouth off a bit. You know, giving little sarcastic comments on what we were doing for the day.

Well one day the GameStop by the school had several people call out sick, so I went over there and ran the closing shift for them.

And who do I see walk inside? This kid, with his mom. As soon as he sees me, his eyes go wide and I laugh a little on the inside. I greet him by name and introduce myself to his mom, explaining that I was one of the people that worked the after school program. She smiled and decided to go on about how he said that he loved it there and was happy to meet me.

That's my story time for the day! I'll post another one later.