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First off; Hello all! This is my first time on this forum and I noticed something quite odd; You have no Teen Titans fanfiction.

I don't know if any of you even watched the cartoon but I've had an few ideas bouncing around in my head for a while now and would apreciate it if some of you could take the time to mull them over and give me your opinion. (even if it's that you don't have TT fiction for a reason)

Idea the first:
Everyone who's seen any DC cartoon lately will probably know that their evil ailen of the year is the Gordanian, EVERYONE seems to be at war with theses guys!
anyway this fic focuses on the Gordanian VS Tameraenean (how the hell do you spell that anyway?) war.
Starfire is recalled to her home to retake the throne after Galfore, the regent she appointed is killed during a battle at the edge of thier system.
the fic will generally focus on the harsh choices Starifre will havwe to make, not only as Queen but as general to her enitre race.
Pairings: undecided (requests?)

Idea the second:
During the series of episodes titled THE END Raven basicly destroys and fixes the world due to her demonic heritage and, despite warnings not one of DC's many eldritch heores makes a move to either help or eliminate her before this can happen.
but supposing they did act? supposing Etrigan acted? what will the Titan's do when the rhyming demon arrives on their doorstep baying for Raven's blood?
More to the point what will earths self appointed mystic guardian DR Fate do?

sorry if this post seems overlong and thanks to anyone who actually made it this far down.


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Hmm. Been a while since I've been in the Teen Titan section. ^_^ Not to mention, seen the series.

So I should be a great source of ideas right? Um... sorry. -_- Other than saying that your ideas sound very interesting. After all, the Gordanians appeared to be uber badasses (at least in space. Earth was another matter. And of course, there were other more 'dangerous' ones) in both Teen Titans and the Justice League. Would be interesting on how Starfire handles the situation.

Of course, this begs the question, what will the Teen Titans do? I'm sure Robin will want to come along no matter what. This inevitiablely leads to the others joining in since, friends stick together right?

As for pairings? I'm personally more of a Robin/Raven fan than say, a Starfire/Robin fan. However, for this particular fic, Starfire/Robin might work 'better' since, well, Robin would probably sacrafice an 'easy' life on Earth, to join Starfire in space. All that for friendship? The others joining would be, but he probably has a deeper reason to do so than that (this supposing you go this route. Given that the canon TTs makes Robin's feelings for Starfire, pretty significant, well, him and the others not joining would have to be explained).

The second idea? I have fewer suggestions/opinions on it than I should. This probably has to do with the fact that, I have no idea who Etrigan is. Again, been a while since I've seen the series. AND, if he is from the comic book... well, since the only TT I've seen/read is the cartoon, not the person to turn to when it comes to this. -_-


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You don't know who Etrigan is!?!? He's the Demon, showed up in just about everyones comic at one point or another and had his own. He's the one who rymes all of his sentences.


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The problem with the first idea is twofold. First, Starfire's people don't speak English. To learn the language they would have to come in physical contact with someone who does. And Starfire has shown just how innefective that method is. The second problem is a little bigger. Anyone the Titans interacted with would be an OC, unless you bring in Blackfire. But bringing in more villians doesn't seem like a good idea.


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You don't know who Etrigan is!?!? He's the Demon, showed up in just about everyones comic at one point or another and had his own. He's the one who rymes all of his sentences.
I thought Etrigan was that demon who resides in Jason Blood. Though there are conflictin versions of how this came to be. Batman: the animated series had him as Merlin, who summoned and merged with the demon for immortality, Justice League's version was that he was a fallen knight being punished for his betrayal of Camelot.

For some reason, I have a mental image of Earth making a killing by exporting mustard to Tamarea...and I can't remember why... :ph43r:

I think the only story I read was "red robin", it had a good plot, but the author hasn't updated in eons.

On a side note, does anyone know why there are 2 teentitans categories in FF.net? One is apparently unoccupied...which can be quite annoying, since I still tend to mix them up from time to time...they are both identically labelled for crying out loud... :mellow:


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There are two categories for Battle Angle/Gunm as well. Both in the same section too.


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I'm pretty sure mustard is the only edible food Starfire eats.


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For a while there were two Rave Master categories. One, Groove Master Rave (Japanese title), and Rave Master. Apparently no one told FFN for a long time that they were the same. However, a recent check of FFN reveals, that apparently took down one of the duplicate categories.

And this was true for a few 'duplicate' categories as well. Especially in the same section. I remember seeing two... I forgot the series but it was in the anime section. Later, when I went back, only one section remained. The one that was 'more active'.

As for Teen Titans? Well, this one makes 'a little' more sense. If you're talking about the fact that one is in the cartoon section, and one is in the comic section, well, while they both share the same name (and characters, heck, even some background stories), in many ways, they are two different series entirely. Sort of like Lord of the Ring movies, and the Lord of the Ring books.

The only issue you might say is, well, if they are seperate for this reason, than it is not consistent. While Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter are both in the book section and don't have a duplicate in the movie section, same obviously isn't true with Teen Titans. <_<


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Thanks for the fast replies everyone and theres no need to be snarky H-man.

In response to your concern Zeebee; I did have several OC's already planned but had completly forgotten that Star's people didn't actually speak english! (too many episodes of star-trek for me)

The general plan was that the Titan's would follow Starfire, expecting support later from the Justice league who, if there cartoon is any idication, seem to gallavant all over space solving wrongs and being annoying.

Blackfire was indeed going to make a come-back to bolster the flagging armies of tarmeran.

as for the second idea I was using the Justice league version of Etrigan i.e. the knight version as having to write every sentance of his in verse would have been stupidly difficult.

The general idea was to have Fate recruit some mercenaries to both protect and capture Raven.