I'm such a huge fan of the virtual-reality oriented Tekken franchise and the live-action adapted film Tekken (2009) that I simply couldn't retire from FanFictionForum without a special nod to this awesome movie with a comics-oriented home-made comics fanfiction, inspired by much of the storyline from the 2009 film. I've also included some convenient YouTube links to Tekken media fans might like. Enjoy!

Tekken (2009 Film - YouTube)

Tekken: The Motion Picture (Animated - YouTube)


"In the late 2010s, after the Terror War has destroyed much of civilization, 8 megacorporations survived and divided up the world around them; the biggest being Tekken Corporation, which controls North America. In order to placate the masses, the corporation's Chairman, Heihachi Mishima, sponsors the King of Iron Fist Tournament, or Iron Fist - in which fighters from the 8 corporations battle until one is left standing and receives a lifetime of stardom and wealth. In contrast to the rich and lush Tekken City, there is the slum area surrounding it, referred to as the Anvil" (source: Wikipedia).

At this tournament, the managers use various modern era toys to represent a new imagination regarding the warlike intelligence and competitiveness of humanity, often using robots and robot toys to signify this developed intelligence. These toys become almost like diadems for the Iron Fist Tournament.


A wealthy scoundrel named George decides to sponsor one of these Iron First tournaments. He knows of an outside warrior named Thief who lives in the Anvil and convinces him to give up his life in the streets as a pickpocket and bank robber and seek greater glory in the Tekken tournament and get big money for his sick mother. Thief agrees and wants to know why a Westerner is suddenly interested in Tekken, and George claims that if Thief can win on behalf of Tekken, his jaded sense of capitalism investments will make him feel less like a greedy baron.


THIEF: All I know of these Tekken Iron Fist Tournaments is that they're managed by an eerie old man and his ghouls who seek to use combat to justify poverty.


Thief, however, despite his natural cynicism towards the Iron Fist, regards the Tekken competition as a worthy media substitute for the marketing of violence-themed toys for kids. These combat tournaments are after all monitored and supervised and never get too bloody. That's why many youngsters watch them on pirate-TV in the city and even in Anvil. Thief considers these fight broadcasts as ironic antidotes to the lingering city's unholy marketing of violence toys like acid guns and chemical bullets.


THIEF: All the Tekken and Iron Fist warriors are well-trained and gorgeous, and they know things ranging from Capoeira-boxing to Chinese-pin throwing.


Thief's girlfriend Elena doesn't want her beau to participate, ironically favoring the earlier days when Thief was simply a wily pickpocket and robber in Anvil, like Artful Dodger himself. Elena fears Thief's participation will lead to some kind of horrible evil or lake of fire. However, George's convinced Thief that winning the big prize money will be a great benefit for Thief's mother. That's why Elena ultimately concedes and allows Thief to participate in laser-lit fighting arena of Iron Fist, though she herself is not willing to attend as a cheerleader.


Thief's twin brother Axe is already in the Iron Fist tournament as a fight promoter, capitalist, and artist. He makes portraits of the fighters and fights for marketing and gains big money from Tekken. There're rival companies who seek to outdo the Tekken company in the fight this year, but Thief is a great martial artist, evader, jabber, dancer, and of course, well-coordinated thief-like acrobat, so Axe thinks he has a great chance to win. Axe nevertheless keeps his distance from the crowd and watches his twin brother Thief from afar, and Axe is disguised now in a heavy head-gear, to Thief can't recognize him!


NINA GOLD: Thief is very dashing and valiant, and I worry he'll win for Tekken.
JAX: Don't worry, sister; and keep your eyes off him, because he's a persuasive bandit character.


GEORGE: If my bet-fighter wins, he's to take down the main rival in my estimation, the red-jacketed Red Dragon, who's combining kicking with little smoke bombs.


The wealthy prince son of one of the Iron Fist tournament's promoter's, Leo, has become a big fan of Thief and hopes he'll win. However, Leo also has a different agenda for Thief in mind and requests the new fighter see him in his private chambers before the tournament. In his chambers, Leo tells Thief he's to steal the Iron Fist overlord's gem-watch worth over $20 million, a jewel-piece stolen from a young maiden who was trying to defy the poverty of Anvil. The overlord is simply named Old Man, and Leo hopes Thief can undo his mystique by pulling off a miraculous in-tournament heist of the million-dollar watch. Leo remains a big fan of Thief and attends the tournament with his pet goose Darling!


THIEF: This fight tournament has much drama, and I'm to keep my loyalties conservative, and I notice much drama in combat, so I'll have to be sneaky for this heist.


During all this Tekken drama, Thief is falling in love with two female fighters. One's a younger white-haired beauty named Jem, and she's stirred his daydreams about escaping the Anvil with the fighting. Thief considers Jem a perfect angel, and she's great with her baton for fighting, and she's secretly fallen for him, a humble and daring young man. Thief thinks Jem is other-worldly!


Between Thief's semifinal match and final match against Red Dragon, he sneaks into the chambers of the Overlord, disguised as his twin brother Axe, and tells the guards that he's to photograph the gem-watch for media. While taking photos, Thief switches the real watch with a custom-made fake watch he's brought with him from an artisan in Anvil, a friend of the maiden who was robbed of the watch while planning her invested rebellion to oust the Overlord. Thief hides his successfully stolen watch in the thick sole of his rubber boots and prepares for his final match against Red Dragon.


ANGELA: I suspect this Thief is actually a real Thief, and I must warn my master Overlord that he may steal the gem-watch for personal reasons.


GEORGE: I know Thief's given ample training spaces to prepare for his final fight with Red Dragon, and I think this year the Tekken company will show a fresh face!


THIEF: I look like an average young man, but my vision is clear and my ambition is steadfast, and I remain a new face in the crowd.


THIEF: I've always fantasized about participating in the Iron Fist, even when I was just an average thief in the streets of Anvil, pretending to be a ninja dancer!


THIEF: I've fallen in love with two of the young female fighters in this Iron Fist, and I must choose one before I depart with honor for the sake of Anvil.


THIEF: My fighting tactics in my final fight with Red Dragon were immaculate, and I wore my special clown mask, and I confounded my rival's sense of fury


THIEF: I've achieved this great victory for Tekken and for George and for Anvil and for my mother and my girlfriend Elena, and now I seek to leave with a smile!


RED DRAGON: Thief has defeated me this year, and he's brought honor for his family in Anvil, but maybe things will be improved now in Tekken City.


GEORGE: I'm relieved Thief chose Jem as his new maiden, and now he'll negotiate with Elena and Jem to see who's on his side in his new path in life, and meanwhile, I'll be negotiating new big-time deals with corporate fat-cats to bring more investment oriented relief to the poverty-stricken Anvil, and I think even the headstrong and defiant Thief'd be proud of all this fortune-based grandstanding.


THIEF: I love you, Elena.
ELENA: Stay away from Jem, and I'll believe you're through with Tekken!


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)