Nasuverse Temporal Paradox (For Fun and Profit)


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Basic idea is that someone (probably a rogue magus,) decides to try and unlock the Fourth Magic (Time travel if I got the number wrong.)

They decide to use Fuyuki City there , because of the amount of available power, and because the Grail War already has traces of it, summoning heroes from past, present, and future.
Needless to say, it goes wrong, because the Fifth Grail War starts 50 years early.  As a result, time get twisted up on itself, and you end up with all participants from both wars existing in an amalgamation of both times.

Some potential fun parts:
-Two Gilgameshes, nuff said
-Saber confronting her past self, about Kiritsugu, Lancelot, or anything regarding the Fourth War
-Kiritsugu meeting Archer, as well as the son he doesn't have yet, and the daughter he thinks is safe.
-Kariya and Tokiomi seeing the results of their decisions and failurees regarding Rin and Sakura
-Alexander might actually get a few recruits (Cu Culainn, maybe EMIYA) and create a major threat to anyone who gets in their way.
-Kirei meeting young!Kirei and screwing with him.


Prince Charon

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The rogue magus would need to be pretty close already, IMHO, but it could work.