The Annals of Gaia


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How to begin to explain this...

Well, for the last four or five years or so, since I was about fourteen, I've been working occasionally on an Idea for my own fantasy series. For a while it bounced around as either a video game setting (before I realized how much work went into a video game after I took a game creation course at my high school), or a campaign setting for D&D (before I picked up a couple Fourth Edition books).

Last year and the year before, I don't know where, but I suddenly got a massive amount of inspiration. Now I have several different plots to work on, and I need a place to vent them while I work on my current novel.

The two things I'm posting here at the moment, will be my character lists, and my location lists for the setting I'm using. I'm hoping to pick up some mapping software soon to begin to properly assemble the world. As of right now, I have rough ideas where everything is, but nothing definite.


Western Mainland-Old World-West Aoi:

Western Ocean(Needs a name)

Medioterrae Sea; Inland sea connected to the ocean, named for the fact that it separates the northern and southern halves of the continent. It does not run fully across the continent, only about a third of the way. Past it to the east is a thick mountain range, followed by the Gehenna Desert.

Aericolumna Mountain range; a chain of mountains that split off from the Wall, and


West Aoi:

Holy Empire of Leto; a religious empire similar to the Holy Roman Empire based around the Church of Leto, the First Saint and the Son of God who ended the Tyranny of Darkness two thousand years ago. The empire has subsumed many other smaller countries into it, and thus features a great diversity of peoples and cultures from one end of the empire to the other.

Konigsreiche der Mensche; formerly a collection of smaller fiefdoms, the Konigsreiche was united under the mysterious figure known as the Crimson Chancellor. Preaching a doctrine of extreme xenophobia and superiority, the party he left behind after his passing has continued to rule in his absence. Neighbouring countries have had worries in recent years about a build up in the Konigsreiche's military force, but as no aggressive move has yet been made, nothing can be done.

Rhodarenne; Not much yet, other than it is similar to France under Napoleon.

Helgarde; again, nothing.

Sworya; Known for their excellent pikeman, their elite battalions are given the privilege of being the Holy Emperor's bodyguards.

Hellenic League; Several City States united under a common language and shared culture as defense against outside interests. Fighting between the city states occurs occasionally, but they immediately band together when one of their own is attacked by an outsider. Located on the coast of the Medioterrae Sea, as well as on several islands within the sea.

Eastern Mainland-East Aoi

Frystheim; One of two splinters from the Soyuza Drakona. A country that had existed before being absorbed - at swordpoint - into the Soyuza, and rebuilt from both the original inhabitants, as well the remaining worshipers of the old northern gods, and peoples that were discriminated against or fled from the other splinter. Ruled by the last remaining descendants of Frystheim Royal Family.

The Federation of Steel; the successor to the Soyuza Drakona and second splinter. Similar in ideology, slightly different in structure and execution. Controlled by an oligarchy known as the Steel Council. Known the world over for their dauntless armies. Economy governed by a combination of trade and exporting of mercenary armies. At the forefront of technological research, and has developed gunpowder - though that has spread to the rest of the world through spies - and steam-powered vehicles; not just ships, but tanks and airships too. Vicious enemies of the Empire due to their disbelief in any Divine powers.

The Kingdom of Aericolumna; Country in my current novel.


Verrazanno, the Capital.
Sal Aldras,
Torrecuso, Port city.

Cyell, the City of Celestial Spires, Independent Magocracy.
Edel Garde, the City of the Sky, built on a giant floating island. Independent Free City.
Miribea, Crime-laden Port. Free City. Contested between Criminal Underworld and the Empire.


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Captain Deadmoon

Lenora Golino: Current leader of the Pirata, has supernatural control over fire and is one of the greatest captains ever seen.

Admiral Nero Carlini: Right hand of Lenora and one of the Eight High Captains of the Pirata.

Vincenzo Alessandri: Ex-Pirata and Doge of the city of Torrecuso. Also an important figure in the Empire's scientific community.

Gianna Alessandri: Vincenzo's daughter. A go-between for the Empire and Pirata, as well as successful captain and dangerous fighter in her own right.


King Richard Akarion The current ruler and eighth generation of the Akarion line to hold the throne.

Princess Evangeline Akarion Strong-willed daughter of King Richard. Eldest of the Akarion children. Has a wicked temper.

Prince Richard II The middle child and oldest male of the children.

Prince Edward Youngest child. Kind-hearted and easygoing.


Father Sanguinius Leader of the Criminal-Cult organization known as The Blood. Professes to be a Divine Prophet capable of working miracles. His powers come from pieces of lost technology from before the Tyranny of Darkness.

Fenris Leader of the rougher criminal elements of the city known as the Wolves. Gang was originally made up of immigrants from Frystheim and the Federation.

Medusa, Stethno, Euryale Triplet leaders of the last of Miribea's Big Three gangs, the Serpents. The oldest of the gangs, the Serpents possess the members with the most skill, though they have much less numbers than either the Blood or the Wolves.

Viper Medusa's daughter, and a Serpent enforcer.

Cobra Stethno's son, and Serpent assassin.

Robespierre L'Imparable Self-professed Thief Extraordinaire. Fled his native country of Rhodarenne in order to avoid being executed for his numerous thefts of noble property. Also fled in order to avoid getting married and his wife-to-be finding out about all of his other dalliances.


Mordekai "Dead Eye" Richler (Looking for better German last name) Leader of _____. Title earned from being able to pick off the leader of an enemy army from over a kilometer and a half away with his personal heavy crossbow.

Rayne Ipheria Mordekai's Right Hand. He specializes in spears and carries around several on his back at a time.

Tanya Creed A barmaid who found her village marked for destruction by a greedy and immoral Baron who hired Mordekai as a scapegoat. Used to hunt in the nearby forest with her deceased father's rifle, now she is nearly a better shot than Mordekai.

Helena Maxwell An ancient sorceress cursed with eternal youth, her body appears to be that of a girl only just entering puberty. Appearance aside, she is one of the most powerful magic users in all of Gaia.

Lorelei Titania The so-called Queen of the Mercenaries. Not only a powerful melee fighter, she possesses impressive magical abilities that have been focused and improved for combat to an incredible degree.

Joana and Jett Jinx Brother and Sister leaders of the Blackheart company. (There's a shout-out in their name btw) Joana was Robespierre's intended, and she still carries a grudge over it.

Kazimir Zarakova Ex-Federation Legionnaire and current member of Mordekai's company. Explosive specialist.

Aurelius Cassar Member of Mordekai's company. Ex-Templar. Once served directly under the Blade of God, the Leader of the Templar and the Church's military.

Winter A mute child found in the middle of a village slaughtered by one of the Thirteen. Her mother sacrificed herself to seal her daughter inside a room until someone found her. She never speaks, and has a minor prophetic ability that becomes stronger when the future involves one of the Thirteen.


Siegfried Henne

Isain Valkyria

Nikolai Serberov Former head of the Federation's R&D department, after the split with Frystheim and a quiet coup, he was deposed and arrested. Had sworn to never make another weapon for the Federation after his own sister was killed by one of his own inventions used by a rogue soldier. While being transported to his new prison, he escaped with the aid of a friend of his.

Hubris One of Nikolai's two greatest achievements. Hubris is a golem so lifelike, that at a glance would appear to be human. On closer inspection, things like gears and metal parts are visible. Is capable of thought, and from the 'vibes' various magic users have gotten from it, also possesses a soul.

Pathos The second of Nikolai's greatest achievements. Pathos is actually a golem made to house the soul of Nikolai's sister, who died as a result of one of his weapons. Hubris was the precursor to Pathos' construction.

Sergei Luminosov The current behind the scenes leader of the Federation, and current head of R&D. Envious of Nikolai's talent and greedy for power, he arranged for Nikolai's sister to die, and arranged for several other potential political opponents to suffer 'accidents'.


King Alexander IV of House Harbrook The current King of Whestonny.