The Awesome AMV Thread!


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I agree, so much so that I posted the link to it on in my last post


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And I added the youtube link because not everyone here has an amvorg account that is old enough to download, mhm?

After all, how hard would it have been, lets say, for you, to enter "berserk dark tranquility" in the youtube search bar.. mhm?

Ah, well, you didn't, and I felt that odd urge to be helpful :sisi:, so I was.


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Whats with the agression? I simply said that I agreed with you. why should I search for a video on youtube when I have a link to it on, a link where you can get said video in much higher quality?
after all, how hard would it have been to open up the reply tab and repsond without sarcasm? mhm?


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Because it sounded like you were being all high and mighty when you said you posted it first.


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it did?

damn, the problem now is that pretty much whatever I write is either going to seem sarcastic or insincere. I didn't intend it to be taken that way.
any chance of saying it was mistaken intent and leaving it at that?


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Yes. The main thing you need to remember is that when people read your posts they don't hear the emotions. Just think of anything you say as if you were speaking in a monotone.


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As you made clear that you did not intend to sound it as I took it - "I was here first, so why do you post this again?" - I apologize for my - definitely unfriendly - post following yours.

So there. We're intelligent and most likely adult, no need to bash our heads in screaming "HULK SMASH". (although that does sound fun. Ah, if only one could regenerate ....) :sisi:


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yeah, that video got me hooked on Kamelot for a month :D
Fatuous One said:
Damn it. I really wish I could save these videos.
You can. Shall I elaborate?

Software required:

VideoLAN Player or MediaPlayerClassic with the K-Lite Codec Pack.
Fast Video Download Extension for Firefox

Install MPC and codecs, or VLC player.
Install Firefox and FVD'er.
A little button will appear at the bottom right of the Firefox window - click this to open a dialog where you can save the flash videos. :) Sometimes it takes a couple of clicks to persuade it, though.

Now... because I feel bad for not contributing...

Some AMV's...

Bleach - Breath Into Me (Ichigo/Rukia)

Bleach - She's So High (Ichigo/Rukia)

Bleach - Funny Love (Ichigo/Rukia)

Naruto - Overprotective (Naruto/Sakura)

Bleach - Love From The Heart (Ichigo/Rukia)


The Sentient Fanfic Search Engine mk II
...with the K-Lite Codec Pack
That codec pack is dreadful. I tried it once, and took it off a couple hours later. gave me a bunch of headaches attempting to correct install issues and messed up registy entires and add in codecs for what it did not support.

It also caused my players (tried a couple to be sure) to crash randomly on specific videos, never did figure that one out.


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