The Dowry Devils

A culture-inquiry post-retirement vignette I felt the need to write after watching Mississippi Masala (Denzel Washington)!


A special underworld crime-syndicate was established in over-populated India, in the three cities of Bombay, Calcutta, and Delhi. This crime-syndicate known as 'DD' was the acronym for the full-title name of the gang, Dowry-Devils. The DD gang coordinated special nationwide coffer-collection/contributions from various and numerous Asian-Indian family weddingtime dowry-gifts, as 'tithes' to the modern Indian subcontinent investment in the idealization of piracy and crime. The DD gang became quite popular and iconic in the underworld and were compared to Al Capone's 'Red Triangle Gang' during the Prohibition Era in the United States. The DD gang despised reform-democracy notions like multiculturalism and immigration and were more invested in clan-based Asian-Indian magnification of dowry-consciousness. Now, the concept/notion of the 'dowry' had become quite popular and symbolic in Indian culture and society. The 'dowry' is a traditional contractual bride-family money or jewelry or treasure/valuables gift presented to the groom-family during weddingtime and may serve as the basis for various 'critiques' in the community regarding the price-rating of the bride-family in the wedding event or arrangement.

Dowry complications have led to various hellfires in India such as bride-burnings, in which the dowry-gift is 'deemed' by the community to be insufficient or unsatisfactory, and it's created a pandemic of groom-family accusations of bride-ostracism and negation and even bloody murder. This is the sort of 'bottomless pit' from which the underworld crime-syndicate known as the DD gang rose to power-prominence on the Indian subcontinent. By harnessing the national-cultural coordination of dowry-bowl crime-syndicate 'tithes' or financial extortions/contributions signifying focus on the 'shimmer and shine' of controversial treasures, the DD gang was able to harness and control the ebb-and-flow of the Indian subconscious regarding the sheer complexity of the rich and troubled history of dowry-conflicts and dowry-murders in Indian history, which is why they're now compared to Al Capone's Prohibition 'Red Triangle Gang' in 1920s Chicago (USA). However, a new pair of police-detectives in Delhi are on the trail of the DD gang, and they intend to expose this crime-syndicate as a reflection of dollar-depression.

The police-detectives are Imran Satan and Amira Kidman, an Algerian-American and Australian-American of biracial backgrounds with work-experience in the sectarian region of Northern Ireland (United Kingdom). Satan/Kidman call themselves the Devil-Busters or 'DB' officers in India, dealing with this horrifying new DD gang as a 'branch' of culture-subconscious fortune-organization infiltration! The DB officers intend and hope to expose or reveal the DD (Dowry-Devils) gang as a reinvention of an extortion-centric culture-sucking demon conflagration unit, exploiting Indians' general sociocultural inability to address dowry-deaths with modern media/journalism and therefore continue to use media channels to create political-official chatter in capital cities about the very 'heart of darkness' regarding the rough-uncut quality and 'face' of arguable caste-system inherited imagination forms of pseudo-Satanic community migration and fortune diet. Will they succeed?


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)