The Forest

This is a fan-fiction based on the recent movie about the iconic haunted Japanese suicide forest, which I've returned from retirement to write to celebrate our basic human instinct for metaphysical resilience in times of great tribulation. Thanks for reading (and enjoy!),


Jamie decided to take the spiritual plunge and traveled to Japan after the Coronavirus finally subsided in the year 2022. She'd been a literature professor at Dartmouth College for 4 years, teaching intriguing courses on the connections between psychoanalysis and literature. Jamie wanted to take a special sabbatical to camp in a special forest in Japan with a hired forest guide and specialist named Toshiro ('T'). This strange forest in Japan was called the Suicide Forest, since people with deep troubles were said to wander into that forest and commit suicide. Reasons included poverty, insanity, and escape. Jamie wanted to write a book about this iconic eerie forest, especially since there were bizarre reports coming out of the Suicide Forest after 9/11 of strange specters haunting the forest and resembling scarecrows.

Jamie felt adequately brave for her literary spiritual mission and was further assured by her male Japanese forest expert and guide T, who was a rather handsome and well-built 30-something year-old man who carried a powerful flare-gun, silencer-pistol, mobile-phone, and UV-flashlight. T confidently explained to the somewhat shy Jamie who herself was a rather attractive Irish-American writer and teacher of 35 years-of-age that no harm would come to her as long as she stayed close to him throughout the camping time, which would roughly be 3 full months. T brought all the necessary care and shelter and tent and safety materials along with fire equipment, two electric hot-plates, and a ton of Japanese noodles and beef jerky and canned fruits.

The first week of the camping went by uneventfully and peacefully, as the ambitious and contemplative Jamie, a now-respected Dartmouth professor, went about the private quiet business of beginning the initial stages of writing her book, making first-draft outlines and generating ideas on her handy-dandy battery-powered Vaio laptop. Her helpful companion and forest-guide T complimented her on her starting point diligence and was intrigued by the concept of her book when she happily told him about it. Jamie began to write about how the Suicide Forest somehow seemed to invite the witnesses of time to take their own stock of the reports of people going into the forest for hundreds of years just to commit suicide. Jamie started to think about how the natural strange atmosphere of the Suicide Forest would certainly be host to metaphysical specters of some quality.

T: I'm taken by your academic courage!
JAMIE: Why, thanks.
T: I have to ask about your worry lines.
JAMIE: My worry lines?
T: I have this feeling you're here for a personal reason.
JAMIE: Perhaps I owe you the explanation.
T: I consider myself a devoted forest companion!
JAMIE: Yeah, well, alright, I have a dark secret.
T: Secret?
JAMIE: Yes, my twin sister Elizabeth disappeared in this forest.
T: What?
JAMIE: We'd been estranged, but she emailed me right before entering the forest.
T: So you'd not heard from her in years and then she emailed you and vanished again!
JAMIE: Exactly.
T: So why're you writing a story about the Suicide Forest.
JAMIE: Maybe I believe I'm finding her lost soul somehow!
T: That's rather beautiful.
JAMIE: Why, thanks!

As Jamie continued to write and develop her Suicide Forest storybook, she took stock of the haunting atmosphere of the forest itself and wondered deeply if her sister was somehow to be found there spiritually. After the first month of camping and writing, Jamie realized she'd begun developing romantic feelings towards her helpful and decently charming forest-guide and companion T. Everything felt strangely human in that first month, but in the first week of the second month of camping, Jamie and T started hearing strange noises and sounds in the Suicide Forest. At first, they thought the noises were just small animals scurrying near their campsite, but it soon dawned on the couple that they were hearing sounds of walking feet. The duo decided to explore and lo and behold, they witnessed the shadowy silhouettes of three tall slender figures that eerily resembled scarecrows from afar.

JAMIE: "I've decided to keep camping in the haunted Suicide Forest, especially since my awesome companion T gives me great human confidence, and I believe the shadowy silhouettes of the slender scarecrow figures we saw are somehow beckoning me towards the vanished soul of my estranged twin sister Elizabeth, and so, I think during this very offbeat academic writing experience, T and I will either discover something other-worldly...or perhaps even dangerous!" -Diary Entry August 2022 (discovered after the inexplicable disappearance of the writer-teacher Jamie and her Japanese forest-guide and companion Toshiro)