Harry Potter The HP Fic Recommendation Thread


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An OC-SI romance between a female Lovegood and Voldemort's father. The premise doesn't sound like much, right? Except the writing's quality is way, way above average, the characters are excellently handled (including the OC), serious issues are handled with care, not played for laughs and- well, just read it.
(Author's summary: Three years after he escaped from the nightmare forced upon him by the Gaunt wretch, Tom Riddle meets another witch.)

It's pretty much the only fic I've read in months that made me think 'I would recommend this with no reservations!'
I don't recall seeing it recommended, so this could count as a recommendation from me, but I'm more asking, what do people here think of right under their noses, the sequel to souls touch, and the future changes? The author is the same, but their original AO3 account got deleted for some reason. They are also the writer of the "Sarcasm and Slytherin" series.
I've read them and enjoyed both. The author's other series Sarcasm and Slytherin is pretty great also.
Yay, someone responded! Thanks!