Harry Potter The Path of the Sue


Knower of Stuff
It was a quite day in Hogwarts. His majestic sapphire eyes scanned the hallways, looking for the door to his class room.

"This is harder than it looks, being so perfect." He thought to himself, brushing his thick blonde Mane of hair out of his field of view.

Walking down the hall he sees a few class mates, who swoon as his eyes make contact with theirs. A small smirk appears on his face as one girl fans herself, blushing.

"I suppose this is how life is," he thinks, "for Draco Sue."
So this is an idea that I had, where Draco thinks that he's a Mary-Sue. I'm not the best at writing, but I wan't to see if anyone would like to pick up on the other side of this scene. If you do, then tell us what's really happening, and not from the delusional point of view of Draco Sue.