The Powerpuff Girls: PSHAW

The Powerpuff Girls: PSHAW!


Powerpuff School Hijinks And Wackiness

A Powerpuff Girls fanfiction by Andrew J. Talon and The Ero-Sennin

DISCLAIMER: This is a non-profit fan based work of prose. The Powerpuff Girls are the property of Cartoon Network. No copyright infringement is intended, please support the official release.

- - - - -

The City of Townsville! And it is a beautiful day in the future as the Powerpuff Girls, now teenagers, are standing in line at the DMV to obtain that right of passage for all young people: A driver's license!

"Oh boy, this is going to be great!" Bubbles said cheerfully. "We'll get to drive, and have our own cars, and go on dates-!"

"I want a monster truck!" Buttercup said with a bright grin.

"I'm going to get a nice, reasonable sedan," said Blossom with a smile. Buttercup rolled her eyes.

"Lame! Come on, you don't want to grow up into such a lamer already, do you?"

"I just want to exercise a little responsibility," Blossom said with a sniff.

"Well, better than a Prius," Buttercup said.

"I like them! They're cute!" Bubbles said cheerfully. "And they make a buzzing sound when you drive them!"

The two "older" sisters looked at each other and shook their heads.

"Next," the lady at the front desk said with a deadpan expression on her face.

"Oh! That's us!" Blossom said cheerfully. The three girls stepped up.
The woman at the desk looked up at the Powerpuff Girls and blinked.

"Wait... The Powerpuff Girls? Why are you here?"

"To get our driver's licenses!" Bubbles said cheerfully.

"Yeah, duh!" Buttercup said.

"But can't you... You know...?" Tried the clerk.

Blossom rubbed her cheek and frowned. "Hang on a second girls... I just realized something."

"What Blossom?" Asked Bubbles.

"We can fly," said Blossom. "So... Why are we here to get a driver's license?"

The three teen superheroes were silent.

"... Yeah!" Buttercup said hotly. "And we have a giant robot, too!"

"Which we don't need a license to operate!" Bubbles said.

"Sorry about that," Blossom said with a smile and nod to the clerk. "Have a nice day!"

The three teenaged titans of Townsville flew off, realizing this was one teenage rite of passage they didn't really need or want to go through!

And thus the DMV was saved an extra three sets of paperwork and the tax payers saved about forty-five dollars...


Say, why don't you need a license to operate a giant robot anyway? I really want to know!

- - - - -

This is just for short snippets of the Powerpuff Girls as teenagers to make fun of all too common tropes and stereotypes in the fandom, in preparation for myself and The Ero-Sennin to write a full length PPG fanfiction of our own!

But, feel free to contribute your own submissions, snippets and ideas as we explore teenaged PPGs in an entirely new way!

A couple rules though, that will be reflected in the actual fic:

2: No pairings with VILLAINS. My God People what the fuck is WRONG with you?!
3: The girls, thanks to puberty, have gained more human-like features such as fingers, hips, toes, boobs and so forth. And they have grown up a bit in other ways but we're not writing the freaking Powerpuff Doujinshi here. They aren't lolis and we're not lolicons so there's none of that bullshit going on.

... Though a Dexter/Blossom pairing is not out of the question but there are NO DEAD DEEDEES on our watch. There will be darkness and seriousness in the story but it will be counterbalanced by the elements that made the show fun: Namely, it'll be fun.

Okay? Okay then.


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Just as long as your's and Ero-Sennin's fanfic doesn't end up like the fanfic equivalent of All Grown-Up.


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I personally imagine the Professor having an epic freakout upon realizing that his little girls are now teenagers and liable to start dating.

"Um... Professor?" Blossom, who hadn't been quite as fast as her sisters to say 'not it' had ended up being drafted to talk to their father.

"Yes, dear?" Utonium asked, humming idly as he fiddled with a device on his work-table.

"We just couldn't help but notice that these cell phones you got for all of us? Which, incidentally, we really appreciate..."

"Go on?"

"Well, I can't help but notice that there seems to be a screaming alarm in your voice anytime a boy comes within five feet of us."

"Oh, it's supposed to do that." He said cheerfully.

"Our phones are supposed to scream: 'Get away from my little girl, you dirty rat-fink'?"

"Mm-hmm. And if those icky boys keep trying to come any closer, the electrical forcefield kicks in. You girls should be completely invulnerable to the effect, but for anyone else... well, I don't advise getting caught in it."

"... um... good talk, Professor."

"Anytime, Blossom."


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2: No pairings with VILLAINS. My God People what the fuck is WRONG with you?!
Hmmm... were this Kim Possible, that would eliminate probably about 2/3+ or more of the stories I've seen for that series.

3: The girls, thanks to puberty, have gained more human-like features such as fingers, hips, toes, boobs and so forth. And they have grown up a bit in other ways but we're not writing the freaking Powerpuff Doujinshi here. They aren't lolis and we're not lolicons so there's none of that bullshit going on.
Hmmm... so basically like the PowerPuff Girls Doujinshi...

That is actually a vote in its favor, as while I did not like the original Powerpuff girls, I actually quote like that Doujin series.

I still go back and check on it from time to time.

Note though, since a drivers license doubles as a state ID, I can still see them wanting to have them.

I picture a scene either like that of the episode of Columbo when he gets his license renewed... or like the scene from summer school, when they come back holding the bumper...

"Our phones are supposed to scream: 'Get away from my little girl, you dirty rat-fink'?"

"Mm-hmm. And if those icky boys keep trying to come any closer, the electrical forcefield kicks in. You girls should be completely invulnerable to the effect, but for anyone else... well, I don't advise getting caught in it."
Hmmm... so they cannot like in the John Candy movie bring back home a boyfriend called 'Bug'?
- - - - - - -

The city of Townsville! But enough about that! Once again we're back in the home of the Powerpuff girls, as they set to work on some homework!

"Genealogy?" Buttercup asked. She huffed. "Lame... Why couldn't we be doing our chemistry project yet?" Buttercup had developed a taste for all the possibilities of chemistry, though invariably they became destructive and awesome for YouTube videos.

"Now now Buttercup," Blossom said evenly, "I know it isn't the most exciting project but it is something we can all do together, right?"

"Right!" Bubbles said cheerfully as she flew around the room. She returned with her easel and a nice large pad of drawing paper. She broke out her colored pencils and beamed at her sisters. "And I'm ready!"

"Okay!" Blossom said with a smile. "Now, let's start with the obvious-Us!"

"Right!" Bubbles said, quickly drawing out herself and her sisters. They were smiling happily out at the viewer, dressed in their usual outfits. Buttercup frowned.

"Ya know, I'm not that big a fan of the fishnets."

"You still wear them," Blossom pointed out. Buttercup grinned.

"Mainly for the look on the Professor's face... And speaking of," the green Powerpuff girl said with a look to Bubbles. Bubbles drew the Professor above them, smiling out happily with his pipe held between his lips.

"Right! The Professor is our father and creator!" Said Blossom happily.

"Um," Bubbles frowned. "But Blossom... Isn't Mojo Jojo also our creator and father? Sort of?"

Buttercup frowned as well. "Aren't we more like... Siblings? He does call the Professor his father..."

"So that would make him our... Brother and other father...? An uncle maybe?" Blossom tried.

Bubbles, still frowning, drew Mojo to the left as his typical jerkass self. She wrote "Brother/Father/Uncle?" under him.

"So... That means we have to include the Rowdyruffs too, right?" Bubbles asked.

"... That's right, they're kind of like our brothers or cousins... or something," Buttercup said. Blossom's eyes widened in horror.

"Or our... Nephews...?"

"You mean," and Bubbles turned as green as Buttercup's dress, "we kissed...?"

"Oh... God...!" Blossom shuddered.

"... Ew. Ew! EW!" Buttercup cried, hovering up and shaking her hands out. "EWW!"

Bubbles adds the Rowdyruffs to the canvas, after she manages to keep from throwing up. With "Brothers/Cousins/Nephews/GROSS!" captioned underneath it.

"Ugh! I can't believe we... EW! EW! EWWW!" Blossom shuddered.

Bubbles stared at her red colored pencil, and then back at the Rowdyruffs. Her jaw dropped.

"Wait a minute..."

"What is it, Bubbles?" Asked Blossom.

"We destroyed the Rowdyruff Boys... But HIM brought them back... So does that mean Mojo and HIM are the Rowdyruff Boy's... PARENTS?!"

Blossom and Buttercup covered their mouths in disgust.

"WE'RE RELATED TO HIM TOO?!" Blossom cried. She flew to the bathroom to throw up, and the sounds of her retching filled the room.

"So does that make Mojo the daddy, or the mommy...?" Bubbles asked, rubbing the back of her head with her pencil.

"I guess... It depends on who was on top," Buttercup deadpanned.

"MMPH!" Bubbles soon joined Blossom in the bathroom, heaving her guts out. Buttercup couldn't help a laugh at the expense of her sisters.

"Heheheh... Hahaha!"

The room shuddered, as three powerful beings landed on the front lawn. Buttercup looked out the window.

"Hey girls! We've come a calling~!" Brick taunted up at the second floor.

"A night-" Boomer grinned.

"On the town!" Butch cried with a leer at Buttercup.

And now it was Buttercup's turn to turn green... But she knew where she wanted her barf to go.

"UWAAAAGGGGHHHH!" Buttercup retched all over the Rowdyruffs below.

"AHHH! GROSS!" They shouted.

"Wh-What?! The Rowdyruffs are here?" Blossom cried, flying up to the window with pale cheeks.

"Yech!" Brick cried, as he and his brothers flared their auras to disperse the vomit.

"What was that for?!" Boomer demanded.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE?!" Blossom snarled.

"They want to take us out on a night on the town!" Buttercup cried, wiping her mouth.

"WHAT?!" Blossom cried.

"Well yeah," Brick said, more than a bit confused. "We're gonna pound you!"

"Right into the ground!" Boomer added.

"And lick you girls for good!" Butch finished, striking a pose.

Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles (who had come up to the window just in time to hear that last cry) stared down at the boys. The boys stared back.

"Girls?" Blossom began, her eyes narrowing. "Razzle Dazzle."

"Razzle Dazzle," Buttercup said.


"Razzle wha-?" Brick tried, but he and his brothers were soon beat down right into the ground and blasted into a park well away from the Utonium household. Brick groaned and slowly got up, as the girls landed in front of them.

"WHAT'S YOUR DEAL?" Brick demanded.

"What's... Our... Deal?!" Bubbles snarled. "YOU CREEPY FREAKS!"

"I knew Mojo was bad but I didn't know he was a pervert!" Blossom cried in disgust.

"What do you mean, pervert?! We just want to rock your world-" Butch tried.

"SHUT UP! STOP TALKING!" Buttercup screamed.

"WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Boomer cried.

"We're freaking related, that's what's going on!" Buttercup growled. "You are just sick!"

"GROSS!" Bubbles cried.

"DEPRAVED!" Blossom snarled. "Don't you get it?! We're like... Your sisters!"

"OR AUNTS!" Bubbles screamed.

The three girls stared at the Rowdyruffs. The boys stared back at the Powerpuffs.

"... Wait... What?" Brick managed.

Boomer gaped. Butch was staring in disbelief.

"LOOK!" Bubbles cried, holding up their chart. All three boys looked it over.

"... Oh... God...!" Brick managed, before he turned away and threw up. Boomer followed suit. Butch just stared at his newfound relatives.

"Um... Well... This is... Awkward..." Boomer mumbled. He looked over at Butch. "Butch? You okay?

Butch continued to stare, silent. Brick blinked.

"Butch? Say something...!"

"Hey... You okay?" Bubbles asked.

"What's wrong?" Blossom asked.

"Yeah! What are you staring at?" Buttercup asked with a scowl.

Butch trembled, his hands going to his cheeks.

"... I GOT A BONER OVER MY OWN SISTERS?!" He screamed in horror. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" He flew for the sky, a green streak on his way into orbit.

"Wait! Butch! Come back! It's not that bad!" Boomer shouted as he followed.

"Ugh, gross," Buttercup shuddered.

"Bubbles? Are you okay?" Buttercup asked, resting a hand on Bubbles' shoulder. The blonde girl stared and trembled.

"I just realized... Does that mean we were mommies when we made Bunny?"

"Mommies? Since when were you mommies?" Asked Brick in disbelief.

"AHHHH! I WAS A SIX YEAR OLD SINGLE MOTHER!" Bubbles screamed. She too flew into space, breaking the sound barrier with a series of loud booms. "THE SHAAAAAME!"

Buttercup stared after her, and facepalmed. "BUBBLES! BUBBLES COME BACK!" She cried as she flew after her sister.

Brick and Blossom were left to stare at each other awkwardly.

"Um... Yeah, well... How about we just... Er..." Blossom began.

"Call a truce?" Brick asked. "Wherein we do NOT run into eachother? At all?"

"Agreed," Blossom said with a nod. "No causing trouble-!"

"And you won't come to stop us! Works for me," Brick said.

"So... Uh... See you later... Bro?" Blossom tried. Brick shuddered.

"Hell no, Sis!" And he flew off, a red beam of light into the sky. Blossom shuddered as well.

"Glad we agree on something..."

- - - - - -


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So, just any PPG snippets we can think of as long as they follow those three rules?
whitewhiskey said:
So, just any PPG snippets we can think of as long as they follow those three rules?
Indeed! And you can add in characters from other Cartoon Network shows as well.
- - - - -

The Rowdyruff Boys sat in the Townsville park, the very air around them a miasma of depression. Brick was shooting heat vision beams at rocks, looking pensive. Boomer was poking at the ground with a stick. Butch was staring despondently up at the sky with dead eyes.

"... So," Brick tried.

"I have no words," Boomer said flatly. "No words whatsoever."

"Oh God," Butch mumbled. "All those times I looked up her skirt...!"

"Shut up Butch," Brick said.

Butch held up his hands, trembling furiously. "I got those magazines...!"

"SHUT UP BUTCH!" Brick snarled, bitchslapping his brother into a tree. Brick grabbed Butch by the collar and punched him repeatedly in the face. "STOP! BEING! SO! BUMMED! OVER YOUR SISTER!"

"Brick! Don't be so rough with him!" Boomer said, trying to keep Brick from pounding Butch into pudding. "Come on!"

"But how am I supposed to get over it?!" Butch cried as he fought Brick back. The three boys turned into a furious superpowered brawl cloud.

Oh dear. Are the Rowdyruff Boys tearing themselves apart? Are they going to turn on each other like wild dogs? Will they annihilate eachother and anyone who gets in the way in a superpowered superfight?

"Hey! Rowdy Runts!"

Brick, Boomer and Butch all looked at the street. A limo was parked at the curb, and Princess Morbucks herself was standing on the sidewalk with her hands on her hips and a scowl on her face. While her temperament had not improved over the last few years, she had gained certain... Assets that made it somewhat easy to overlook her personality.

Simply put, she was a smoking hot redheaded babe.

"I need you for some heavy lifting!" Princess yelled with a scowl.

"Huh?" Brick asked.

"Huh?" Boomer added intelligently.

"Huh," Butch said, looking her up and down.

"Heavy lifting?" Brick managed.

"Yeah," Princess sniffed. "I'm moving to an even bigger mansion and I need someone to carry all my stuff!"

"... Including your clothes?" Asked Butch. Princess huffed.

"Well duh!"

"We'd love to help!" Brick said, immediately sidling up next to Princess and slipping his arm around her shoulders. He grinned. "But you know, you only really need me. These idiots would just get in the way."

"What?!" Butch demanded. "I'm the strongest and fastest of us all!"

"Baloney!" Boomer huffed. "I'm the most powerful!"

"I'm stronger than both of them put together," Brick said with a smirk. He lifted Princess's limo up with one hand. "See? You don't need these punks!"

"Punks?!" Butch growled. "TAKE THAT BACK!"

"Make me, ya cry baby... And you too, ya nerd!" Brick taunted Boomer. Boomer's eyes flashed red.


The Rowdyruff Boys again descended into a brawl. Princess watched intently. Her driver stood up and walked over to her side.

"Ah... Miss Morbucks, we could go ask another team of superbeings to move your things-" He stopped talking when she raised her gloved hand... And blushed.

"Oh no... I think I can wait," she said, biting her lower lip. "Mmm..."

Well, at least she's not actually related to them.

So once again, a teenaged hottie will record the fighting of the Rowdyruff Boys and save it for... Later use... Thanks to...


- - - - -


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Andrew Joshua Talon said:
whitewhiskey said:
So, just any PPG snippets we can think of as long as they follow those three rules?
Indeed! And you can add in characters from other Cartoon Network shows as well.
Only Cartoon Network, Huh?



"Professor!" Blossom called as she dashed into the lab, only to be greeted by a yelp and breaking glass.

"Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear," A young man in a lab coat and a stocking cap muttered, shaking.

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize anyone was here." Blossom apologized, grabbing a broom to help clean the broken tubes from the floor.

"Oh, no, it's quite alright," The young man answered, seeming to avoid eye contact, "I must have just been so focused on setting things in order that I didn't hear you enter."

"I'm Blossom," The red head offered her hand with a smile.

"Y-Yes, I know," The young man shook her hand carefully, blushing with a small, gap toothed smile, "I'm Eddward, I'm Professor Utonium's new intern."


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The Professor is the cause of everything. Of course they're related.


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Andrew Joshua Talon said:
... Though a Dexter/Blossom pairing is not out of the question but there are NO DEAD DEEDEES on our watch. There will be darkness and seriousness in the story but it will be counterbalanced by the elements that made the show fun: Namely, it'll be fun.

I'm probably going to have to write something for this at some point. I've loved this pairing ever since that one comic and I don't know why.


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Imagining how the TALK would've gone between Professor Utonium and the girls:

- - -

"Family meeting, girls!" Professor Utonium called up.

Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup all poked their heads out of their rooms and traded worried glances.

"What do you think this is about?" Blossom asked worriedly.

Buttercup floated out of the room, her arms behind her head, feigning nonchalance. "Last one we had was about me cutting class. Which he wouldn't have known if someone hadn't been a total narc."

"I said I was sorry, already!" Bubbles replied with a pout, floating after her sisters.

They all made their way down to the couch where their father was conspicuous by his absence.

Instead, the TV had an image of him smiling lovingly out at them.

That none of them found this exceptionally odd was testament to the occassional bit of strangeness at the Utonium household.

"Hello, girls."

"Professor?" Blossom asked uncertainly. "What's going on?"

There was a pause and a small box with a multitude of little lights that was attached to the TV that they hadn't noticed before gave a few beeps. The TV image spoke again, "Well, it's come to my attention that my girls are at an age where you might begin noticing boys."

Buttercup gave an exasperated sigh and covered her face. "Not this again."

Bubbles blinked in confusion.

Blossom blushed, "Professor, you gave us the Talk when we first started noticing the changes in our bodies." She paused and the little box flashed more lights and beeped. Blossom continued with a tiny note of annoyance that she was at pains to conceal, "Back when we were twelve."

"Well, that was simply the biological part involving your own bodies." The image replied. "Now we may have to talk about appropriate interactions with boys at this age."

Buttercup rose to her feet and snarled, pointing at the image, "How are you making the TV talk to us?!"

More beeps, then the video image skipped, then was smiling brightly, "I expected there would be a great deal of embarassment involved on both sides. So I pre-recorded all the possible conversational branches we might take for this talk so I would be able to answer you rationally and without mis-speaking or being overly emotional. The box under the TV processes what you say and selects the appropriate recorded message for my response."

"Oh for crying out loud!" Buttercup yelled. "I already know all about sex, Professor. That's what the internet is for."

Blossom gasped and stared at her sister. Bubbles merely tilted her head to one side and looked confused.

More beeps and the image skipped once more. There was a brief burst of static, "Now, now, girls. It's normal to be a little embarassed about the subject, but pretending you know more than you actually do will simply not do. If you'll note the picture in picture, I have several useful non-representational diagrams that outline the processes involved in human reproduction."

Buttercup pinched the bridge of her nose, clearly trying to keep her temper down, "This is... this... agh. Aren't those the same diagrams he showed us when we were twelve?"

Blossom tilted her head, "Yesss. Yes, they are." She sighed. "And they're even less informative than what I've picked up from the our biology books since."

Bubbles stared at the animated diagrams, entranced. "Oooh! I remember this! This was when the Professor tried to explain where babies come from!"

"Yes," Blossom said hollowly. "That talk."

Bubbles continued brightly, "Yes. There's a bee. And the flowers. And the birds get stung... or something."

They both stared at her.

"Only I'm not really sure how the Chemical X comes into the procedure. I think the bee takes a bath in it before stinging the bird. It has to, right? Cause that's the last step of the process? You can't make babies without chemical X?" Bubbles smiled innocently at her sisters who both seemed to be torn.

"Uh... I think we're going to need to do this ourselves." Blossom said with a decisive expression.

"Oh no. Leave me out of this. I'm not going to explain it to Bubbles." Buttercup zoomed back upstairs.

"Get back here!" Blossom cried, chasing after her.

"Explain what to me?" Bubbles pleaded in confusing deciding to give chase as well.

The image simply continued talking even though no one paid it any attention.

- - -
- - - - -

The Town of Citysville! Which is undergoing an economic crisis!

"I don't get it," the Mayor of Citysville said angrily. "I've tried every trick in the book to draw business here! Bribes, massive welfare schemes, huge pensions, unions, tax credits...!"

"Er, sir, they haven't really worked out all that well elsewhere," pointed out his adviser. The Mayor ignored her, as usual. She sighed.

"But what city is outdoing us?!" He slammed a newspaper down on his desk of the Townsville Times, announcing a fifth straight year of economic growth in comparison to the rest of the country. "TOWNSVILLE!"

He glared at his staff. "Townsville! The city with the most destructive local superheroes and villains! Townsville! With monthly monster attacks! TOWNSVILLE! WITH A MAYOR ABOUT AS INTELLIGENT AS A GRAPEFRUIT!" He slammed his fist down on the desk, making everyone jump. He turned to the window and glared out at the dilapidated skyscrapers. "This is ridiculous!"

"Not so much, Mr. Mayor," spoke a voice from the back of the room. The Mayor of Citysville turned around, and his eyes widened as he beheld the small form of...

"Mayor?! What are you doing here?!"

The diminuitive Mayor Mayor of Townsville adjusted his monocle, and looked to his faithful secretary Miss Bellum. "That's a good question... Um... Why are we here, Miss Bellum?"

The staturesque Miss Bellum pulled out her briefcase and opened it, handing several documents to the Mayor of Citysville. "This is to inform you, under your official 'Economic Improvement Act' of last fiscal year that the companies of Hanna, Barbera, and Sidney are relocating to Townsville."

"What?!" The Mayor cried. "That's impossible! The tax penalties under such movements of any companies were made astronomical!"

"Yes, but thanks to a loan installment plan and tax incentives from our city," Bellum said, handing the Mayor another set of paperwork, "they will effectively pay it off in one year without adversely affecting their profit margin."

"Miss Bellum? Again? Mind telling me why we're here?" Mayor Mayor asked. Miss Bellum sighed and there was a hint of fondness in her voice.

"We're rubbing it in the faces of Citysville that we're taking the last of their major businesses away."

"Ohhh! Why didn't you just say so!" The Mayor said with a broad grin and a twinkle in his eye. "No hard feelings I hope, Mayor?"

"But-But you can't DO this!" The Mayor of Citysville cried. "This is impossible-How could you have this much money?!"

"Well, it's actually quite simple," Mayor Mayor said with a shrug. "The frequent monster attacks have led the people of Townsville to developing innovative new techniques and technologies for building and rebuilding infrastructure which has generated the largest number of patents pertaining to construction technology in the history of humanity! Which are being sold across the world but much of the money is coming right back to Townsville!"

Mayor Mayor walked up to the Mayor of Citysville, until he was backed up against his desk. The Mayor of Citysville continued to glare as Mayor Mayor continued talking.

"In addition, the technology that innovative supervillains and superheroes sell, market, or just give up to state custody has been fed into R&D programs of hundreds of companies, large and small, going on to influence in small and large ways the technology used by every person on this entire planet!"

"That's preposterous!" The Mayor of Citysville sputtered. "You know how much paperwork and documentation that would require?!"

"Ah, but you see my dear Mayor, that is where you are wrong," Mayor Mayor said. "You see... I love my town. And so does everyone else in my town. We love her so much that there is no room for mere cowards, crooks, or spineless wimps. Even the petty thugs and mobsters have pride in Townsville! And it is not thanks to me, though I will toot my own horn from time to time..."

"Yes indeed, Mayor," Sara Bellum said dryly. The Mayor shot her a slightly scowling look, but he smiled with genuine affection for his most faithful employee.

"Yes, yes," he admitted. "But most of it is due to those girls..." The Mayor of Townsville's eyes narrowed and he glared at the Mayor of Citysville. And height or no height, the Mayor of Citysville was intimidated. "The same girls you yelled at, you rejected, you made miserable and threw out."

"They... They destroyed a bridge! Did $3 million worth of property damage!" The Mayor of Citysville protested, "just for $300 of stolen goods!"

"And they would have happily helped you rebuild it, and altered their tactics accordingly next time," Mayor Mayor said with unexpected coldness. "As they have done for my city. For our city. A hundred times over. Had you given them a chance... But you didn't. You cracked down, tried to control every aspect of life rather than embracing the chaos, the warmth, the life... That has so blessed my fair city."

The Mayor of Townsville smiled, and adjusted his monocle.

"So please, enjoy your city, Mister Mayor. Enjoy your regulations, your union boards, your policies, and your empty streets..." He stood to his full height, every inch the formidable statesman. "While I enjoy the sunshine, the laughter... And the joy of my city."

He turned and walked out. Miss Bellum, very impressed and once again rewarded for her decision to follow this odd little man, opened the door for him. He turned and looked over his shoulder with a pleasant smile.

"Have a nice day, Mister Mayor," he tossed back. Then the two were gone, leaving a silent office in their wake. The Mayor of Citysville stared out at his city, at the empty, dilapitated buildings... And sighed.

"... Is that Major Man guy still calling us?"

Well well well! Looks like the old dog still has some tricks!

So once again the day is saved, thanks to...

The Mayor and Miss Bellum?

Er... Sure?

- - - - -


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Andrew Joshua Talon said:
whitewhiskey said:
So, just any PPG snippets we can think of as long as they follow those three rules?
Indeed! And you can add in characters from other Cartoon Network shows as well.
Hmmm... would not mind seeing one where they et Katsuhiko to get them engaged to Tenchi pre Techi canon... That could have interesting consequences.

What... you did state any cartoon network character... Tenchi was on it (even if edited so much I preferred my pure DVD set).

The Ero-Sennin

The Eyes of Heaven
Staff member
Cartoon Network originals and western productions only.

No anime allowed.


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If Dexter is acceptable, then I'm trying to see how Mandark would fight the Powerpuff Girls.

Make them laugh to death by revealing his name is really Susan?


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The Ero-Sennin said:
Cartoon Network originals and western productions only.

No anime allowed.
So any western productions from any channel, or only Cartoon network western animations?


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Only a short thing and it's been a few years since I've seen either show, but I wanted to get a snippet out there. I'll try and write more later, but if you or Ero need any help when the fic rolls around, I'd be glad to lend a hand.

Anyway, my take on Dexter and Blossom's first meeting. I'll probably borrow Scriviner's phone idea for a later post if he doesn't mind.

The red-haired boy stopped on his porch a moment after stepping out of his house, tilting his head back and gazing up at the enormous monstrosity before him.

"Of course," Dexter said, sighing. "Yet another gigantic mechanized Tyrannosaurus. Susan, you're becoming predictable."

"Stop calling me, Susan!" Came his archenemy's voice from a speaker located in the creature's chest area. He assumed Mandark had run out of holographic projects after their most recent clash. "Now, my archnemesis, you shall pay for your crimes against Mandark, Monarch of Darkness! Today, I shall finally--"

"Oh, right, this is about me destroying that little shrine of yours, isn't it?" Dexter interrupted. "Susan, even you have to admit that it's kind of creepy to keep a shrine with a statue of my sister's head, hundreds of photos of her that I don't even want to know what you do with, and stickers proclaiming your love to her which I can only assume you created yourself. I was well within my rights to react the way I did!"

"Gah! Stop calling me Susan! And on a side note, telling your sister and then destroying my entire lab with a robot army just so you can find my shrine and burn it in front of me was going to far!"

"I'd do it against in a heartbeat, Susan. And if you want me to stop calling me by your given name, swear to cease your creepy activities concerning my sister!"

"I promise nothing! Don't think the same trick will work on me twice, Dexter! My lab has already been heavily fortified! And now, I shall take revenge by--"

Dexter suddenly glanced to the side, frowning.

"Hold that thought, Susan. Is that...?"

It took him less then a second to confirm his suspicions and less time then that to realize the implications. Taking a deliberate step back, he removed himself from the situation, which seemed to be about ready to resolve itself.

"Don't worry! I'll save you!" Shouted Blossom of the Powerpuff Girls. She hit Susan's GMT like a lightning bolt, knocking it off its feet and back.

What followed was a fairly one-sided fight as Susan shouted at her to stop breaking his things while girl faced mecha-dinosaur and triumphed.

"There we go!" Blossom said as she landed the finishing blow and landed in front of Dexter. "You're safe now!"

Dexter considered mentioning that he dealt with Susan's antics on a regular basis and was in no actual danger to begin with, but decided against. Watching Susan getting beat up by a girl--again--made his day, anyway.

"Thank you," He said, nodding his head. "You're...Blossom, right?"


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Considering they became friends, I wonder what would have been worse, Dexter telling DeeDee about the shrine...

Or telling LalaVava! (Thunder crash)


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@Ryuugi (let's see it this tag thingy works)

Awesome, awesome post.

Also we need villain-villain pairings. Who would work best?


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whitewhiskey said:
The Ero-Sennin said:
Cartoon Network originals and western productions only.

No anime allowed.
So any western productions from any channel, or only Cartoon network western animations?
i am taking it to mean only western productions that aired on cartoon network. (so for example Ben 10 or generator rex would be allowed but avatar (be it the last airbender or Korra wouldn't)

but then thats just what i took from the rules its really up to ajt and ero
Yup, just stuff from Cartoon Network. Think of it as a take on FusionFall.

- - - - - -

Yawn... Yet another day in Townsville, nothing going on. The girls certainly don't seem to think so, given how enthusiastically they greet their next class of high school...

Buttercup was sitting at her desk, tapping on the faux wood surface in annoyance. The girls were in their home ec class and like the rest of the class, impatience was showing across the classroom.

"Ugh, I can't believe this, where is he?" Buttercup growled. Blossom frowned as she looked at her textbook.

"Well, I did hear it was a new teacher," Blossom said, "so maybe he's having trouble finding the classroom...?"

Bubbles was happily chatting away on her cellphone. She giggled.

"Oh man, she did that? Oh wow, I wish I had your job, Mac!"

"Talking to your boyfriend again, Bubbles?" Asked Blossom dryly. Bubbles blushed, and then crossed her arms under her breasts with a huff.

"Just because you're jealous is no reason to be negative on me," Bubbles said.

"I am not jealous!" Blossom defended herself. "I'm just saying it isn't appropriate for you to use your cellphone when the teacher-"

"Isn't even here," Buttercup said dryly. Blossom shot her sister a dirty look, which Buttercup simply grinned at. "Besides, it's Home Ec. How tough is this class going to be?"

The door slammed open. Everyone fell silent, and the jaws of the Girls dropped as they saw the diminutive figure who walked in, dressed in a fine suit underneath his large purple striped brain helmet.

"Hello and good day. I am Mojo Jojo, and I will be your teacher for this class of home economics. That is to say, I will be the only one whose opinion of your progress in this class counts towards your grade and no one else's-"

"NOT SO FAST!" Blossom cried.

"MOJO!" Buttercup added.

"JOJO!" Bubbles finished, as the three girls leaped into the air and flew for their arch nemesis. Mojo sighed, and activated a forcefield generator on his belt which made the girls bounce off. This didn't stop them for long though, and they began to attack the forcefield from multiple angles, shooting around the room in a display that was captured on many a camera phone and later posted to YouTube.

And due to the upskirt shots on Bubbles, many a less reputable video website.

"AS I WAS SAYING," Mojo growled, "I am your teacher! By which that means you must listen to me and NOT SHOOT HEAT RAYS AT ME WHILE I AM TALKING NOR DISTRACT FROM THE LESSON IN ANY OTHER WAY!"

The Girls ceased their heat vision barrage and glared at Mojo.

"What are you doing here, Mojo?" Demanded Buttercup.

"Is it any wonder I must speak in such excessively descriptive ways, given that it does not seem that I am being understood?" Mojo demanded back. "I am your teacher! For Home Economics! I will be teaching you cooking, cleaning, household management and maintenance-"

"But why?" Blossom asked. Mojo sighed.

"It is embarrassing, by which I mean I am not proud of it but the truth of the matter is that due to financial issues I have been forced to take temporary employment in a wide variety of vocations in order to make ends meet especially with three superpowered teenaged boys running around the lair."

"So this isn't an evil plot to turn us into your MIND SLAVES with cooking?" Bubbles suggested. Mojo rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"... Admittedly, the thought had occurred," Mojo said. "However! I, MOJO JOJO, really do need this job and cannot afford jail time while my children are left home alone with all manner of destructive devices and their superpowers at their disposal. Therefore! I am forced into the awkward position of having to abide by the law while I am at school!"

"Why aren't you making the Rowdyruff Boys go to school to get them out of your hair?" Blossom asked. Mojo stared at her in disbelief.

"... You are really asking me, MOJO JOJO, why I am not putting the Rowdyruff Boys through high school? That is to say, why I am not putting three superpowered teenaged boys in a high school filled with easily breakable equipment, furniture, and people who are all too happy to submit class action suits against me when I am already in dire financial straits?"

"Oh, fine, stupid question," Blossom admitted with a sigh. Mojo nodded.

"Besides," and here he smiled devilishly, "the notion of making you girls miserable in a learning environment is an exceptionally... Satisfying one. So! Get back to your seats or you will have detention!"

"Eep!" Bubbles cried as she shot to her desk.

"Not detention!" Blossom yelped as she shot back to her desk as well. Buttercup snorted.

"Bah! Like that's a threat!"

"Detention with me," Mojo said. Buttercup rolled her eyes.

"Gonna have to do a lot better than that, Mojo..."

"Watching Star Trek episodes wherein I force you to critique all the bad science," Mojo finished. Buttercup's eyes widened.

"You monster," she hissed. Mojo smirked.

"I know."

Buttercup grumbled, but sat in her seat. Mojo smirked.

"Now... As I am your Home Economics teacher, I will be teaching you the economics of running a household! Let us begin with the definition of a household: That is to say, how the household became a hold of your house and how you must hold onto your house..."

The Powerpuff Girls sighed and sank in their seats. This was going to be a looong semester.

- - - - -