The Review Team-A Chaotic Series in Progress

Alright folks! My name is MasterOfNintendo (you can tell I was quite young when I came up with my name. No class at all). You probably remember me for...nothing. Well, that's about to change here. I'm here to basically get feedback on my ever growing crossover fanfic series known as "The Review Team". There is barely any reviewing, but there's certainly a team!

Now, picture this. An idiotic knight of vague origins decides to "save film" and basically do other heroic stuff by assembling 11 of the finest warriors he could find (including his much more sane brother, who is just there). Among them are Godzilla 2000, Twilight Sparkle, Finn the Human, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Fluttershy, Basil the dragon, Mothra, Discord, Megatron (TF Prime), and Mr. Freeze (Batman and Robin). :blink:

Suffice to say, slag goes down really fast. However, the first few stories (and probably most of Season 1) are utter crap. So, to get them out of the way, here are stories 1 and 2: The Gathering and Group Anxiety, respectively. :huh.:

Remember. I came here for feedback. I won't show the rest until I get at least a bit. Call me an attention hog, but this is a forum after all. :sweat:


RT EP. 1: The Gathering

Several weeks ago...

(Sir Cinemacus's POV)

Freedom is a poison and a blessing. It can send a man into ignorance and eventual poverty, while it can grant another so many ideas and ambitions, good and otherwise. I myself would hardly know that after all the years of being buried 6 feet under ground.

My past? It feels like a broken mirror. All the pieces are scattered on the ground. I would have to pick up every tiny fragment if I were to uncover it. That appears to be a doomed exercise, as I only remember the man that I left behind. He is my brother.

Z-Squared, if I am not mistaken. Quite a difficult man to decipher. He can be sarcastic and crude, even violently verbal, but suddenly wise and understanding. I would hardly know anything about the teenage demographic these days.

Perhaps I should stop rambling and access my current situation.

I am floating in space. Accessing my next move. Of what I shall do, I have decided. My duty is to seek out film. To explore them through the course of time. After all, with a name like Sir Cinemacus, what else do you expect? A bit of a rushed decision but life is wasted unless you take action.

Now to find team members....the less than enjoyable way...

Several days later...

(Godzilla 2000's POV)

I'm not the emotional type. I'm just not. If I was, like Mothra, I'd be bawling my eyes out due to all the devastation I caused to a smaller and very annoying race: mankind.

Since I've got some time on my hands, I might as well break myself down. I'm not my grandfather, who truly embodied the threat of the atom bomb before being melted down to a skeleton. I am not my father's previous self, who went from destroyer to some kind of superhero before and back to destroyer before getting erased by future androids (how the flying f*** does that work?!). Finally, I'm not my father, who was awakened by a nuclear sub, went on some rampages, adopted me, saved the earth, died, and gave his energy to me. Yeah, my family tree is pretty messed up. At least I didn't fall out of it and hit every branch.

I'm not in the mood to smash a city just because I feel like it. I'm beginning to enjoy the silence of the island I live on. Ebirah isn't here to complain, Varan and Baragon aren't plotting anything retarded, Mothra is probably at home raising Fairy, Kumonga is sleeping, and my kid, Minya, is snoozing the day off. I don't blame him. The rest of the guys are doing god-knows-what.

Well, see you later. I might as well waste the day by hanging out with Anguirus and Rodan. Those are the only 2 guys besides King Caesar that don't annoy me to the breaking point. Then I hear something...

Wait, IS THAT A-.........

(Sir Cinemacus's POV)

Tranq. If you must know, my fallen Gojira. My quest is now only half complete. Now to bring him home to introduce him to the others...

(Godzilla 2000's POV)

Ugh. I feel like s***. It feels like I just got out of bed. I can't remember what happened after, I wish I was kidding, a purple blur knocked me out cold with some kind of dart. If this is the Global Defense Force acting up again, they're in for-

I stop dead in my tracks as I awake. The bright blue room looks like its fit for 2 or 3 of me and the metal doors in front of me are just my height. Is this place some twisted Kaiju hotel room or am I going nuts?

I waste no time in trying to smash the doors with my fists, feet, and tail. It takes it like nothing. Time to up the ante. I breath some thermonuclear breath but that only leaves a white hot mark on it. I roar but, what should be a roar for humans to hear and a question for Kaiju to hear becomes...coherent for both. "What the hell is going on?!" Don't ask me how that works.

Then I notice a chip embedded in my skin. I can make out some writing but it's pretty much a translator. Okay, whoever trapped me is defiantly human. Maybe.

The doors, as if some outer entity heard my cry for answers, opened. I had to make sure I was seeing this right. It was a large knight clad in purple and black armor with a large cape to boot. He even had a sword I swear looked to big for him to even wield. When I looked into his helmet, I saw only a blue orb. Either he was a cyclops or- oh, what the hell am I saying?! I decided to use my words in a way I would, well, what else to I need to elaborate?

"Hey, jackass! What's the big idea?"

"Good. I see you are awake." The knight spoke in a deep voice. I swear there was some British accent but maybe that part was forced. "I have known you for quite some time, Gojira."

I winced. I knew I had some fame around the world but was this guy some kind of creepy fanboy? I decided to humor him. "Look, I don't know who you are, but if it's an autograph you want, well- wait, one question."


"Are you a Kaiju? You seem to be only a few inches shorter rather than tiny."

He seemed to look like he was clearing his mind. "Well, it should be noted that I am not exactly...human. But you should know, I have shrunk you down in order for you to fit into the house."

I froze with fear. I was at the mercy of whatever this thing was, the size of the very beings I hated, no less! This was beyond humiliating! I wasn't this guy's pet! "What the hell?! Why would you do that?!"  I yelled angrily.

He started to chuckle. Damn him. He then spoke "I have a proposition that I have already made with 9, ahem, volunteers. Perhaps we can make negotiations? Oh, and by the way, I am Sir Cinemacus."

Proposition? Volunteers? Negotiations? Who does he think I am? Some gullible idiot who thinks he can manipulate me? I decided to settle things my way. My spines started to glow. I was ready to blast this loco straight to hell!

"I am afraid that will not be necessary." He said as he outstretched his hand towards me. Suddenly, I felt like I was floating upside down in the air. Then he slammed me down with an audible 'THUD!'. I've been punched many times before but for some reason, this hurt the worst. I nearly blacked out before I regained consciousness as I layed out on the floor.

"Okay. What do you want?" I asked. Might as well get this over with. "If it's money, prepare to be disappointed."

He shook his head and said "It is not gold, silver, bronze, or any currency I want. It is giving you something to enjoy that I desire." I suddenly got interested as I said "Okay, lay it on me Sir...whatever."

"Sir is fine." he assured. "My proposition is that you become a member of a well paid team I have orchestrated. I call it...the Review Team. We watch a manner of science fiction, horror, and fantasy throughout the course of time to preserve them. For I feel a great evil rising that wishes to damn them into oblivion. Having a team solidifies the process of purification as well as preservation. Commentary, especially on less than successful items, is most appreciated."

What he just said blew my mind. Just how high was he? Great evil? Films? What have I got myself into? I'm a Kaiju, not a film critic!!! "Look, I'd like to join your little psychotic charade, but I've gotta go. And don't do that...whatever you did."

I tried to walk past him but, in the blink of an eye, he was right in front of me with a contract in hand. "Why did you not just say so? The contract to help you leave is right here!" he exclaimed.

Without hesitation, I grabbed a pen he was holding and signed it. And that...

...was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Because then I realized something. What kind if idiot wouldn't read a contract before signing it? I did read soon afterward and I realized....I JUST SIGNED MYSELF IN TO THE WHOLE DAMN REVIEW TEAM THING!!! WHAT WAS I THINKING?!

I yelled at the top of my lungs "F*******************K! YOU CHEATING A**HAT!"

He looked stunned at my response as he said "My word, I did not expect you to react in such a way. I only require your services for one or two days a week. I shall even pay you."

I felt relieved I wouldn't be stuck here forever. Might give me something to do. I still wanted to let him have it. "Yeah, that's great and all but WHAT WOULD NEED MONEY FOR?!"

He grasped my mouth with his large hand as he said "Hush. Behavior like that is semi-intolerable. Let me ask you something. Are you and the inhabitants of your island starving?"

I loomed back for a moment. Food was defiantly running short ever since the Final Wars and I swore I smelled the scent of dead whale in the room next to mine. I love that stuff. Maybe I could make a killing out of this.

"Alright. I'm in." I said. I made a mental note to kick him in the nuts after a week or more.

He then looked jubilant as hell. "Excellent!" he exclaimed. "I shall introduce you to the other members. One has been dying to see you."

I wondered about the last part but I followed him nonetheless. As I did, instead of a shanty prison, I found...

...a pretty impressive mall-like interior. There was a large cafeteria in front of me and a post that had arrows leading to guest rooms, a master room, house controls (whatever that meant), and (my favorite) the exit. I would rush over to there but I had I feeling I didn't want to get on this knight's bad side. I looked up to the ceiling and I realized the stars looked brighter than usual.

"Ah," Sir said. "Did I mention our location? It known by you as...outer space."

I looked out one of the windows and saw he was right. I gasped when I saw Earth in close distance. I did a double take and looked the other way. Sir was in the center.

"Everybody! Out of your rooms!" he spoke. "We have a new member!"

I began to hear a flurry of noises. Footsteps and even metal clanking. He even heard some words.

"This had better be worth it...I wonder who it could be...I hope he's friendly...who could it be?...wonder if he's any fun?" That was the precise jumble of words before he geared witness to the weirdest group of all.

They were all in a straight left and right line. Beginning from his left was a small purple Unicorn with some tattoo on her flank, a noodle armed humanoid in some kind of odd outfit, a giant silver robot with glowing red eyes, a floating cartoonic chimera, a man in a ice-related get-up, a pale teenage humanoid with fangs, a small yellow Pegasus with another tattoo, a red Dragon, and... "Mothra?!" I exclaimed.

"Godzilla?! You're here! Thank Goodness you're in good hands." She replied as she looked happily. I had no idea what convinced her that we were in "good hands". If Mr. Cosplay did something to her head then i swear that there will be blood.

Mason soon appeared in front of me and said "Allow me to introduce me to each."

He pointed to the Unicorn. "This is Twilight Victoria Sparkle of Equestria. Gifted in magic and knowledge." Twilight extended a hoof as she said "It's a pleasure to meet you but...what are you?"

I stared at her. Ponies were for little girls. Why was I here? I just shook it and said "I'm a Kaiju. Daikaiju to be precise. As in Giant Monster." She nodded her head. "I see." she agreed.

Then Sir pointed to the humanoid in the costume. "The is Finn Mertens of Ooo. A young one that has protected his home world from countless threats." He waved a hand as he said "Nice to meet ya, bro!" I never liked the idea of working with humans but hey. What can I do?

Sir then pointed to the robot. "This is Megatronus-"

"Megatron." the robot growled in a raspy voice. I had to admit, I was pretty intimated. He was my size, after all. I mean, I was no giant but this is ridiculous.  

Mason coughed and spoke. "I meant, this is Megatron of Cybertron. Decepticon leader and gladiator warrior." Megatron stood silent with a permanent glare. I wouldn't blame him. He didn't seem to be happy to be here either.

Sir moved on to the chimera. "This is-" POOF!

The chimera was suddenly next to me. My eyes widened at the moment before he said "Getting tired of the old fart? Let me take over. Name's Discord. God of Chaos, Prince of Puns, Tyrant of Trashtalk, the whole shebang! By the way, nice spines." He teleported away back to his post. I just stood there, shellshocked.

Sir looked annoyed before pointing to the ice man.  "This is Victor Von Fries of Joel-verse Gotham City. Call him Mr. Freeze, for he is skilled with cryogenic weaponry."

Mr. Freeze, or whatever, shook my hand. It felt cold as hell as he said "You seem tired. Maybe you should CHILL." I rolled my eyes at the pun.

Sir then pointed to the girl, who didn't seem interested in the whole . "This is Marceline Abadeer of Ooo. Vampire queen and renowned musician." She just waved at me and said "'Sup." "You not happy to be her too?" I asked. "Kinda sorta." she shrugged.

Sir pointed down to the Pegasus, who looked fearfully at me. The Dragon appeared to be comforting her. "These are Fluttershy Angelus Carinton and Basil Shadowclaw Carinton of Equestria. One embodies kindness and innocence, the other is a powerful dragon with a heart of gold." Fluttershy meekly said "Hi." while Basil extended a claw as he said smiling "Hey, buddy! Nice to meet you!" I groaned "Likewise."

Sir then chuckled "And I am very sure that you know Mothra of Infant Island." Mothra nodded her head. Good. The idiot was playing smart.

Sir floated up into the air in front of us all. He exclaimed "I now declare this team ASSEMBLED! Now I shall divide you into 3 groups. First, Megatron will lead Discord and Mr. Freeze" Megatron smiled as he realized he was leading a god and a superhuman. Discord just shrugged in annoyance while Freeze rolled his eyes. "Marceline will lead Fluttershy, Basil, and Mothra." Marceline did a fist pump as she said "Oh, sweet! Who would have known I was getting a dragon?" Basil looked at her suspiciously as he said "Ms, I'm not a pet." Sir continued as he finished "And finally, Godzilla will lead Twilight and Finn." I thought this guy was doing everything he could not to piss me off. I looked at my new...teammates. "Well, you got yourself a new leader. Dibs on the room." Finn corrected me as he said " Uh, we share a room you know, right?" I facepalmed. This was going to be a long allegiance.

Sir floated to Megatron. "Your first film will be the classic A Trip to the Moon. To the theater! The other teams will sit in the backseats." Everyone hurried over.

Yep. This is going to be a LONG allegiance.

The end.


Godzilla 2000-Patrick Siez
Twilight Sparkle-Tara Strong
Finn-Jeremy Shada
Megatron-Frank Welker
Discord-John De Lancie
Mr. Freeze-Arnold Schwarzenegger
Marceline-Olivia Olsen
Fluttershy-Andrea Libman
Basil-Billy Zane
Mothra-Christina Valenzuela


Monster Island-Gurudo Valley from Super Smash Bros Brawl
Godzilla 2000's Cell-Brinstar Depths from Super Smash Bros Brawl
Sir's Space Castle-Onett from Super Smash Bros Brawl
Credits Theme-Night Falls from Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2

Only Sir Cinemacus and his castle belong to me. I hope you all like the huge developments this will make.

See you soon!


RT Ep. 2: Group Anxiety

Previously on The Review Team...

Sir Cinemacus went completely insane, captured 10 media characters by use of mind tricks, and now, they might as well get used to each other as Cinemacus plans to snap them out of their trance.

(Z-Squared's POV)

Since when did the house have a teleporter?

I mean, seriously, I'm walking from Whole Foods when suddenly, after I got back from a weeks worth of hanging out in Houston and calling my hair-brained brother about it, I'm suddenly beamed up to upstairs. I decided to check with my brother where he got that. I mean, I wasn't upset. Just unnerved.

Then I looked out the window. It looked like night but it was 1:00 PM. Okay. Now I was starting to get freaked out. I rushed downstairs to find...

...WHAT THE F***?! First, I see the house has been retrofitted with various things you'd see in a mall. Then, and I prayed that I was looking at this wrong, 10 characters that I knew only in media (some of which I just heard about) we're standing in a line as if they were in a trance. My personal idol, Godzilla 2000 (I'm a Godzilla geek. Deal with it.), was the only one who looked slightly unnerved.

Sir must have noticed me and he waved to me as if he was beckoning me to join his line of mindless zombies. I even had to do a double take when I saw that MEGATRON was among them. I shouted "Bro, what the HELL are you on?! Explain!"

Godzilla glared. "Another human." he grumbled. "Great."

Sir shrugged. "I shall explain when I un-tap them from their trance. The first time they gathered, they acted as if it was no worry. However, I wish to have some fun. They will have their personalities, still, but only Godzilla will know what is happening."

"So we're supposed to forget everything in the first chapter basically?" I asked.

"Yes." Sir said flatly.

"Should I cover my ears?" Godzilla asked. I said "It helps." He did so as Mason snapped his fingers.

The next 5 seconds were precious. They all looked around and then their gaze met me, Sir, and Godzilla.

"Ummmm...." Sir twiddled his thumbs. "Greetings."

Chaos. Just pure undiluted chaos. Everybody was moving back and forth in confusion. Some were wondering why they were there, some angrily demanded it, and one even mentioned someone by the name of Nora. It all stopped when Sir clapped his hands and an array of lighting put them in place.

"Need I explain again? Perhaps this was the dumbest idea I have come up with. One moment, they are fine and the next, thanks to me, they panic. Sigh." Sir facepalmed.

One long and painful explanation that you heard from the first fic later...

"...So. Do we have a deal? Speak one at a time and feel free not to hold back the answer." Sir finished. I was ready to hit him. Yes, I was aware there was some kind of 'great evil' in the air but I couldn't be sure. However, I couldn't get past the fact that we were in SPACE and Sir basically forced them into contract by trancing them all.

That or the continuity of this series is REALLY bad. Kinda like a bad comic book plot or a bad sequel.

Twilight first spoke. "You promise the safety and return of me and my friend Fluttershy? Because if you do, then the payment will be appreciated. It feels awfully generous that you would donate much to Ponyville and still manage to have me keep in touch with everyone in my universe."

Sir chuckled approvingly. "That I shall promise. And Fluttershy, your animals are doing well. I sent a medi-drone to take care of that." Wait, we had a medi-drone? Nevermind. I'm still going to ask him how he got all this tech.

Fluttershy smiled. "Thank you, Sir." The dragon, who's name was Basil, shook hands with Sir. "It's a deal!" he said in a deep voice. Discord just shrugged and shook as well. "Well, this give me something to so." he stated. "And who knows, maybe it'll be FUN!" He said that last part in front of Megatron, who glared.

Then Finn spoke. "Will I see Jake and the rest of my buds again?" he asked, concerned. Sir leaned in and said "Rest assured, hero. They have been notified. I will admit. Their words began harsh towards me but the promise of supplies for Ooo made them understand that this is indeed noble. Besides, you can leave anytime you want after viewing the movie of the week." Finn shook hands with him. "It's a deal, man!" Sir shooke his head. "Please. Call me Sir." Finn shrugged.

The vampire, Marceline, still looked pretty miffed at the thought of being tricked. Sir walked over to her with caution in his steps. "Madame Abadeer-" "I don't want to hear it." she snapped as she then said "I'm nobody's slave. Besides, what's really in this for me?" Sir thought for a moment before replying "Take your pick. Assorted red items or endorsement for your band. I do believe they were called The Scream Queens. Loud but enough to fit my taste. My brother, especially." She looked at me and I just shrugged and said "Just roll with it. Not much anyone can do anyways." She appeared to roll her eyes. Couldn't blame her. Then she had a sly grin. "How 'bout both?" she asked deviously. Sir sighed. "You bring a heavy bargain towards me. Very well." They shook it.

Next came Mothra, who, having already heard what lies in store for she and Godzilla  (food), she immediately shook hands with Sir and then she said "I'll be the best teammate I can be! Just promise me Fairy will be okay." Sir looked concerned as he said "Ah, your daughter. I see. Do not worry. She is in good hands."

Meanwhile on Monster Island....

"So when is mommy coming back?" Fairy innocently asked Varan and Baragon. "Well," Varan began. "I'm sure she'll be back soon. Hehe. Right Baragon?" The other monster just whispered in Varan's ear. "This is gonna be painful." "Yeah," Varan agreed. "I know."

Back to the spot we randomly left for an assurance scene...

Megatron still looked hesitant to speak as he just glared at nothing, like it would do him any good. "Lord," Sir wisely began. "I assure you. I have the best energon I can find. It will be yours if you do not attack this household." Megatron thought for a moment before he replied "Promise me that and much more, and I shall concede with your terms." Sir shook his hand as he said "Then it is settled."

Finally, Freeze was next but he then pointed his freeze gun at Sir. "Where is she?!" Freeze yelled. Sir, confused, said "Who?" "NORA!" Freeze answered angrily. "Where is my snow angel?!?! She needs me!" Sir placed a hand on Freeze's shoulder and said "Victor, your wife is being heavily guarded by a Gargoyle unit. They are powerful machines that could bring down anyone who disturbs your peace in your absence." Freeze thought for a moment and said, still pointing the gun, "The money will do nicely but I warn you...if any harm comes towards her...let's just say my heart is cold enough to ignore your cries for mercy." They shook it as Sir nodded in agreement.

Sir clapped his hands. "Alright, I am very hall that we are in full agreement. Now remember your team members! Z-Squared shall escort you to your rooms." I was glad that Sir still had his manners but seriously. WHERE DOES HE GET THE PAYMENT FOR ALL OF-

"Oh, brother. I should remind you that this is all donated to me by...NoRockUmHardSein. He is an odd entity but he was open to give me this on the site known as EBay for the lowest price. Happy?" Hot damn. I forgot he could read minds. Still, what kind of person would give all this away? I decided to drop the subject, but then I got even more confused. I was thinking 'How come this was cheap?' 'Were there any other bidders?' and most importantly 'Who is NoRockUmHardSein?'

I carried out the task with ease but Megatron glanced over and said "Be careful, human. I just might snap. Hehehehehe." Jesus. I need a glass of water.

(Godzilla 2000's POV)

This was gonna be painful.

I'm stuck in a room with a human and a creature meant to appeal to girls. Little girls. How could I not feel awkward?! I just twiddled my thumbs hoping the silence between us would last. I ask too much, don't I?

"Soooo...." Finn began. "What's your story, Big G?" I shot up upon hearing that nickname. "Excuse me?" I glared. He backed a little and said "Sorry, man, but Godzilla 2000 is kind of a mouthful. Plus, you're huge! Not fat, but still." I rolled my eyes and said "Alright. Knock yourself out. You can call me that." The name was my least insulting nickname. Trust me. There were plenty of others that get people introduced to my fists.

Twilight looked at me and Finn quizzically. "I'll have to say, I've never seen a human or a...dragon like you, before." I leaned over to her and remarked "Look, I'm not a dragon, okay? What made you think that?" Twilight replied "Sorry, it's just that you resemble my friend, Spike. What are you, exactly?" I decided a little story time couldn't hurt. I told them I was a mutated Godzillasaur but then I went into the general details of my bloodline. From 1954's devastating rampage to the end of the Final Wars. I wasn't very specific, so I guess they thankfully didn't hear the part when Tristar ruined me.

When I was finished, well, to say they looked uncomfortable was quite the underestimate. Twilight first spoke. "You mean you murdered so many just because you were upset?! Granted, most of it was accidental but...did you at least care?!" I scowled as I replied "What? And let them come over to me and unleash all their weaponry? Heck, I put my guard down and they soon imprisoned me and my pals on an island!" Twilight shook her head. "Sigh. I don't know how those humans think, Godzilla, but did you at least apologize?" I got annoyed and said "They don't understand Kaiju language. It wouldn't work." Finn then got up to me and said "Look, I don't know if I should slay you or feel sorry for you, considering that freeze cannon they shot at you, but come on! Have a heart!" I shook my head as I grasped it and said "AUGH! Enough with the guilt trip! Can't we discuss this later?" They all nodded reluctantly. "Good." I said. "What's your story, Twi?"

The unicorn's story wasn't exactly the girly stuff I expected. There was demonic forces, killer wildlife, and insane amounts of action during that part about the royal wedding. I was somewhat impressed, especially when I heard about the brothers known as Azazel and Rick, but the stuff about friendship was getting lame. Finn agreed with me on that part. Then he told his tale.

When he was finished, my eyes were bulging out and my mouth hung open. Twilight looked stunned. I mean, holy crap. I did NOT expect that from this kid. There was nuclear armageddon, insanity, perverted goblins, maniacal hearts, undead monstrosities, a major ***hole named Lemongrab, Abraham Lincoln being the king of Mars, and enough broken hearts to end valentines day forever. "Wow." I gawked. "That was both awesome and terrifying at the same time." I felt a smile crawl on my face as I said "You've got serious balls, kid." He looked confused but he accepted the compliment.

Twilight dropped from the top bunk (the rooms were standard with a window, a toaster oven, and 2 bunk beds) and stated "I'm going to look around the place for a while. I need to clear my head." Me and Finn shrugged. "Go right ahead." We said simultaneously. That caused some confusion.

Who cares? At least I haven't got dumber. Except maybe from the details about Pinkie Pie, of course.

(Marceline's POV)

Yep. Life can take you to many weird places. Like now.

I'm in a room with a small Pegasus, a dragon, and a large moth about my size. Not the weirdest thing ever but it came awfully close. I decided to break the ice by saying "So. Wanna talk for a while?" The dragon, Basil, suggested "I think we should get to know eachother. After all, we are a team now, right?" I shrugged and agreed.

I told them about how Ooo was made but I decided to keep some...personal info about me shut. I just told them my childhood wasn't much. What I did tell them was how I met Finn and Jake, the times we had, and even a little about my band. As for the rest, I just told you. I'm a little TOUCHY with some details. Mothra and Fluttershy were glad I didn't suck blood but Basil reared up and said "Look, when I sleep, don't get any funny ideas about sucking on me." I winked and said "You don't have to worry. Though, I don't exactly keep promises..." Fluttershy then glared at me and, for a moment, I did kinda feel what little blood was in me chill.

Basil and Fluttershy told us about them. Basil lived in a cave and Fluttershy lived with a bunch of ponies. Ugh. The first time they met was when Basil was larger and smoking the whole land up. Fluttershy had to scold him before an agreement was struck. However, a dragon named Rick decided to play matchmaker and, well it was a long story but Basil and Fluttershy were eventually deeply in love and they lived in a cottage since. Not too mushy but good grief. Mothra looked very interested, though.

Mothra's story wasn't all that good, either. Her list of grandmas and relatives was long and they always ended up dying, getting blown up, or disappearing. Her fight with Gigan was pretty cool. She still lived even after getting burned up.

After that was over, I got out my axe-bass and strummed a few tunes. The others fell asleep but then again, that was the desired effect. I decided to blow off some steam and hit the sack as well. With the promise of food and endorsement, how could anything go wrong?

Well, if your not me, a whole lot...hehe...

(Megatron's POV)

How low has this knight put me?

I had been captured and tricked into reviewing human movies with 2 idiots who could not tell a blaster gun from a chew toy thanks to this deal. I could have blasted him but his power outmatched mine. I could only hope that the energon was guaranteed.

Oh, look at the mighty Megatron. Completely helpless because of a creature I have yet to slay when his power is no-more. I hope that day comes quick.

The chimera named Discord then slithered to me and asked "Say, Megs, mind telling us about yourself? It's getting pretty lame here." I turned to him and yelled "Adress me as LORD Megatron, imbecile!" He looked taken back but he then smiled. I was starting to hate it. "Come on. It's a cute name. Tell us about yourself. You seem like an interesting guy." Hmmm. I supposed impressing them would cool me down. I told them of my exploits as a Decepticon leader and even some of my past as a gladiator unjustly turned down by the council of Primes. When I finished with a smile, Freeze gave me a hand gesture that signified gratitude and said "COOL story! The way you annihilated those metal beasts was impressive." Discord looked content. "Meh. Average origin story." I grimaced at what he said.

Discord then told his tale. His past, he would not say, but he did explain his...odd but effective way of taking over the land of Equestria. Deceit. The way of a Decepticon. He would have been useful on my side. Annoying, but useful. Still, being defeated by friendship was pathetic. And then came his redemption. Humph. The creature was a fool to be moved by such a weak and feeble creature.

Freeze then recounted his tale and it was okay, at the very least. He fought for what he believed in, never letting anything stop him but for the sake of a human femme? Odd. Humans are strange creatures but their unity in bonding is impressive. Discord went to Freeze and said "Lucky you. At least your love life is more successful then mine. The hottest mare I know probably hates me right now. Plus, she got banished to the moon at one point. For 1000 years, no less." None of us looked into that.

I soon got in front of them and proclaimed "From now on, I make the rules. Follow my commands and you shall be rewarded but if you betray help me, you will end up like this lamp." I soon slashed the lamp with my arm blade clean in half. They looked impressed but Discord shrugged and said "Big deal. I know magic." I smiled and said "Have you forgotten? Sir did mention something about your magic being toned down quite a bit." He looked flabbergasted.

It feels so good being in control, doesn't it?

(Z-Squared's POV)

While Godzilla's team was reviewing Jack and the Beanstalk from 1902, I wondered. Is there any hope left for them? I sure hoped so.

Because this was gonna be a long trip...

The end.


Sir and Z Squared-Themselves
Godzilla 2000-Patrick Siez
Twilight Sparkle-Tara Strong
Finn-Jeremy Shada
Megatron-Frank Welker
Discord-John De Lancie
Mr. Freeze-Arnold Schwarzenegger
Marceline-Olivia Olsen
Fluttershy-Andrea Libman
Basil-Billy Zane
Mothra-Christina Valenzuela


Sir's Space Castle-Onett from Super Smash Bros Brawl
Freakout-Bodies (Instrumental) from Drowning Pool
Monster Island-Gurudo Valley from Super Smash Bros Brawl
Rooms-Wii Shop Theme
Credits Theme-Night Falls from Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2

Only Sir Cinemacus, Z-Squared, and the castle belong to me. Things will get serious in a moment.

See you soon!


I promise that the rest won't nearly be as bad as this. So, tear into this all you like. Also, the upcoming fanfics have my own art in them. It doesn't disappoint! :snigger:

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