The Stewardess

Since I've claimed to be retiring from fan-fiction but wrote a Belfast/IRA worry-vignette as my final piece, I wanted to create a more 'fairy-tale' oriented goodbye-piece, and since I love air-travel, I came up with this 'stewardess folk-tale.'

I hope you enjoy it (signing off),


Tai, a dashingly handsome Moroccan prince, was set to travel around the world in the summer of 2020(!). Tai booked tickets with multiple airlines for his journeys to Austria, Spain, Australia, Canada, and the Virgin Islands. His tickets were with A'litalia, Air France, Lufthansa, and Swiss Air! His first flight was from Morocco to Spain on Swiss Air. During the first-class highly-luxurious flight, Tai (still a bachelor) met a very attractive stewardess named Elena who boasted flowing blonde hair and an incredible figure(!). Tai instantly fell head-over-heels in love with Elena, and she likewise, found him very attractive (and interesting!).

Since Tai had a full luxurious first-class suite on that Swiss Air flight (complete with a bed), he invited Elena to sleep with him late at night during the flight, and she gladly accepted, and they freely consummated their love. The passion between Elena and Tai was intense, and she made the prince promise her to return to her after his summer world-tour was over. Tai promised her he would do just that, since he was infatuated with the beautiful Swiss stewardess who was the daughter of a pilot and a seamstress in Europe(!). Tai then departed from his Swiss flight of magic and romance and proceeded to see other parts of the world and through his other booked airlines (e.g., Spain, Lufthansa).

Tai kept his promise and returned to the Swiss airline for the return leg of his terrific summer world-journey to reunite with his sweetheart and ask her to marry him...and therefore become the honored (and wealthy!) princess of Morocco. He purchased a 13-sided expensive Vogel diamond-crystal as his wedding gift to Elena. However, to Tai's utter shock, he discovered there wasn't a Swiss Air stewardess named Elena for the past 20 years! In the year 2000, a Swiss stewardess indeed named Elena committed suicide after learning that her Swiss pilot-boyfriend was arrested for a narcotics-smuggling operation in Europe(!). The tragic story of Elena was known by other Swiss Air stewardesses, and the comforted the confused prince Tai, telling him, "You may have hallucinated this 'in-flight romance' with a supposed stewardess named Elena, but you've honored her memory with your enchanting/delightful 'tall-tale'!"