The Unfortunate Story of An Unlikely Crew - Pokemon


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Waking up late to pick up the exclusive starter Pokemon, Ash Ketchum, as per the story, arrives just in time to see Gary Oak get... a disagreeable Pikachu? As Gary walks away with his pint-size friend, Ash runs into another Pokemon in Oak's - a Charmander from the PCTP Corps. who was confiscated from a neglectful and forceful trainer... D-something was it?

This particular Charmander isn't one that Professor Oak wants to give away until rehabilitation is complete. Ash walks away, dejected, to return home to his mother and... Magikarp. The very same Magikarp that he had brought home six months ago.

Then, Mrs Ketchum suggests one incredible thing - why doesn't he make Magikarp his Starter? Ash relents for a while, then agrees as his Magikarp refuses to be put into a PokeBall and has to be lugged around by a red pull along cart and aquarium. Halfway to the edge of his house, his mother gives him congratulatory pie for his journey... and one more pie for Professor Oak.

Who just so happens to be in the process of fending off Team Rocket agents from pillaging his lab.


A bad decision cost Cynthia a chance at reclaiming the title of Sinnoh Champion, utterly destroyed by the experienced wiles of Drake and booed by her once faithful fans as a Battle Frontier Challenge turns ugly. As a year passes by, Cynthia, once the pride of Sinnoh and its youngest champion at 15, turns into a recluse, living with her grand-mother Professor Carolina and her Pokemon.

Upset that her grand-daughter had been sucked into a spiral, Carolina forces her grand-daughter to once again take up the mantle of a Pokemon Trainer and ships her off to take on the Kanto Gym Challenge and re-discover the spark that gave her the title of the Jewel of Sinnoh.

Landing in Viridian City, she finds herself face-to-face with Giovanni, its Gym Leader... and finds her Pokemon hopelessly outclassed against his. Once again frustrated, she heads down the dirt road to Pallet Town... only to encounter a young trainer who's beginning his journey.

Oh, and whose Charmander just ate her wallet.


Having stayed in the mountains almost her whole life, Clair was always curious and excited when her cousin Lance came to visit with souvenirs and tales of his travels. Her new position as Gym Leader hasn't changed that one bit - and she always finds herself dreaming of going to other regions like Kalos and Unova.

When given the opportunity to study under Professor Oak for a year, she naturally jumps at the chance - leaving Gym Leader duties to her other family members left behind. However, there isn't exactly much to do in Pallet Town. In fact, it's barely more exciting than her hometown!

Itching for field work, which Professor Oak is happy to give out, Clair is given a chance to see the sights and sounds of Kanto by being a part of the GOP in Oak's Research Group - all she needs to do is update the Kanto Dex in a trot all across the land.

Oh, and at the same time, why not enter the Kanto Gym Challenge? It's not like Lance can stop her.


Ash caught Magikarp when he and Gary were fishing in the pond, retreating and bragging that he could make Magikarp the Greatest Ever. He was not successful. Damien's Charmander was taken away from him when the PCTP Corps charged him with neglect and emotional abuse of the Pokemon. Charmander was then sent to Professor Oak for rehabilitation and to be set back into the wild again. No chance for this, though, as Team Rocket searches for everything Oak has on Pokemon Resurrection and invades his laboratory, resulting in a battle between Ash's Magikarp, Charmander and Oak's Sandslash against the Team Rocket Agents's Hypno, Scyther and Magnemites.

Oak's laboratory becomes thoroughly thrashed in the process and he loses progress on some of his research, but he's ultimately thankful to Ash - and Charmander becomes friends with Magikarp - but they both still refuse to get into PokeBalls.