Things Starfleet Officers are No Longer Allowed

Lord Raa

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Andrew Joshua Talon said:
206: Officers are not allowed to market their own lines of action figures.
But what about Captain Picard Day?
207b) I've asked LoN-sama a favor (in exchange for that Bugs Bunny doujin. Bribe a SUPERIOR Entity and you will avoid all the problems with some 10th Dimensionale Entity with too much pride).
208: No member of StarFleet is to bet any amount of money to anyone to prove that pimpin ain't easy.

209: Giant Robot Licenses are now mandatory.
210: No, the events of Neon Genesis Evangelion are NOT a documentary and World War III was not just a coverup for Third Impact.


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210a: You do not pee in Reiquarium. Period.
210b: I don't care how you found it. Read by lips. YOU. DO. NOT!


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---A notice from the Temporal Investigations Department.
211: Do not Time Travel
212: If you do Travel through time, Don't Touch Anything.
213: If you travel in time, and have to touch something, Don't Break It.
214: If you travel through time, touch something, and break it. Then Fix it.
215) If you travel in time, do not try to 'inspire' past people to make sure Maho Sensei Negima become a reality.

207c) And Q, the reason for this rule was a suggestion of yours: last time, your wife has become... creative... and you've asked us to make the rule 207, before erasing your own memory of the fact. By the way, <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'>That Incident Has Never Happened</a>, has you have asked.
216) Just because Megatron did it does not mean you can write messages for the future on Voyager Disks.

217) Gary Seven did not battle Gendo Ikari in mortal combat for the fate of the world.

218) At the first sight of a Dalek, blow it up. And any one going "but we can talk with them." Trust us you'll spare them the agony.