Three worlds. Three existences. Three realities. One story.


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Okay, shooting the stuff at the wind for this one. Trying to create a new setting for fiction, going for something that may remind people of White Wolf's mixed world settings, but it's still a newlyborn idea and as such is gonna require plenty of work. So I'll write here all my notes and input is allowed. Deal? Deal.


Everyone believes they understand the real world. After all, the real world is easily perceived by their senses, and their reason is able to make up for what they can't understand. As such, the real world is very much like our own, at some point of its history - a historical point, an everyday similarity, a distant and unknown future. Regardless of the when, the where remains the same: a planet inhabited by human beings, who are very sure of what reality is.

They're also wrong. Touching this world, not quite enveloping it, is the world of dreams; after all, every sapient being dreams as well. Within this world exist the mightiest of creatures, gods and devils alike in relation to the real world; by existing and surviving within a world where anything can be true and truth is based on belief, their powers are grand, even capable of affecting other worlds. The real world has been protected from these side-effects for aeons, but as the barrier between these worlds is fading away, mortals are starting to lose themselves among the dreams and the dreams are starting to appear among the humans - briefly, but enough to affect them.

But that's a concern of the living. Those who are dead have passed on to their timely rest... or so they would, in another world.

In this one, death is only the beginning; those who die find themselves in a third world, one only connected to their previous one by the living. Their existences have changed, but in a way, they remain 'alive'... and as such, they must survive no matter what, if they seek refuge in paradise and escape the prisons of the underworld.


I'm trying to figure out quite a lot of things, as you can guess... at the very least, the general technological level of the setting's three worlds, how do they connect properly, etc..

The dream world/real world is the easiest one, at least to me; there are human bloodlines connected to the original appearances of the current rulers of the dream world who serve as seals in the real world. After so long, however, it's no longer able to hold them off for long enough, and the pacts should be renewed... but on another hand, it's something that may be enough to bring a new advance to this world.

Similarly, it's easy enough to see how the real world/spirit world would function; humans automatically end up there when they die, and they can't normally interact with the real world, but it's not impossible for them to do so.

But... that's really it. I'm not sure how to progress here yet, and especially not what story I want to tell of it. And... well, that's where you guys come in. Suggest whatever you want and I'll see what I feel of it.


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This seems pretty solid. you have a nice outline for this. as a suggestion you could have the underworld place with a mix of schizo tech of both future and archaic technology that both benefits and hinders the residents.