ThunderCats Looping Hoooo!


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Okay, with the reboot being as good as it is, I figured we'd add a ThunderCats Loop thread. Both the old and the new are acceptable. Now let's see what kind of damage we can do.

This first one is fairly unsubtle, so I won't say exactly what I did here.

"Have you not considered that if technology real, then so are the things of your worst nightmares?" Mumm-Ra taunted.

Lion-O blinked and paused as if he was unsure of where he as after after witnessing his father's death at the hands of Mumm-Ra. He looked around in confusion before he remarked, "What in Thundera?" seemingly ignorant or unconcerned with the lizards aiming their weapons at himself and Tigra as they led the pair away from Claudus' body.

"You are all insects to Mumm-Ra the Ever Living!" the undead sorcerer crowed as be blasted away Jaga's clerics with hardly an effort from his point high above the arena where Claudus had been killed.

That exclamation got the reaction that had been lacking as Lion-O looked up to see the red cloak of the greatest enemy the Thundercats has ever faced. His young face grew hard as he spat in a voice that sounded so like his father's that it actually startled Tigra. "I don't think so, Mumm-Ra. Sword of Omens, come to my hand. I, Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats, command it," Lion-O demanded as he help out his hand toward the recently fallen from of his father.

Everyone in the arena, Lizard and Cat alike, were shocked as the Eye of Thundera flared and the sword obeyed the command is if by magic and flew into the outstretched hand of the Prince. "Now, Mumm-Ra, I think it's time we sent you back to your crypt once more. Thunder. Thunder! Thunder!! Thundercats Hoooo!!!" Lion-O shouted. With each "thunder" he spoke to moved the sword in a series of what appeared to be defensive strikes and parries that made the blade of the sword grow before holding it above his head as he shouted "thundercats ho," and the ancient crest of Thundera appeared in the eye before extending out like a spotlight to fill the night sky as a deafening roar echoed over the landscape for all to hear.

For some reason, Tigra, the Cleric Cheetara, Jaga, two wily street kittens named Wilykit and Wilykat, and Snarf could not look away from the sight in the sky as their eyes glowed a vibrant yellow. As the symbol finally faded from the sky, Lion-O was already in motion, leaving the lizards overwhelmed as the by all accounts inexperienced and untested price tore through them with the ability and skill of a seasoned warrior. Even more vexing were the apparent focused blue lasers Lion-O could project from the Sword of Omen with the shout of "Hoooo!"

Mumm-Ra could only look on in shock as Claudus' boy made his way toward Mumm-Ra himself with apparent ease. "Well cub, let's see what you can do," the mummy taunted with a sneer as he fired a blast of energy at the younf lion that was easily parried by Lion-O's blade.

"I think it's time you faced the light, Mumm-Ra," Lion-O shot back before shouting "Ho" one last time before as the cat's head symbol flashed to life again and bathed the scion of the Ancient Spirits of Evil in red light.

Mumm-Ra screamed in pain as the light burned him before collapsing into dust with the exception of a small beetle that flew off toward the the Sand Sea to recuperate and figure out what went wrong.

Meanwhile, Lion-O looked down at the still stunned faces of Cheetara and Tigra as he jumped down to meet them. "Tigra? Cheetara? How did you two get so young?" he asked with a look of confusion.

The pair were unable to answer as Lion-O continued, "It doesn't matter right now. We have a mutant attack to repel. We can deal with whatever new trick Mumm-Ra has pulled after we send Slythe, Monkien, Jackalman, and their cronies packing. Come, my friends. We're needed. "

With that said Lion-O threw himself into the lizard hordes with a cry of "For the Code of Thundera!"

"Mutants?" Tigra asked.

"Monkien? Jackalman?" Cheetara asked back.

"Maybe he hit his head? Or he was underwater too long recovering Father's body?" Tigra suggested.

"For now, perhaps you two should spend more time helping him rather than puzzling out his words. After all, it wouldn't look right to make the new Lord of the Thundercats repel an attack single-handedly," Jaga interjected with a stern look that got the two younger cats into action.

Once they were gone, only Jaga, Snarf, and an unconscious Grune remained in the arena, surrounded by the corpses of fallen from both sides. "Hmmm, I forgot what it felt like to be solid," Jaga said to himself with a smirk.

Snarf would have replied had his body been capable of human proper Thunderian speech. Instead, the faithful "pet" grumbled out an irritable "snarf, snarf." before taking off to get a better view of where Lion-O was. That boy never could take care of himself without old Snarf there to help him.


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Thrided :hail:
That was awesome, I can't wait to see where this can lead.


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With the other time loop threads and whatnot how could I not include ThunderCats and its two distinct timelines? Besides, I know I wasn't the only one looking at the new series and waiting for Lion-O to start acting like the old Lion-O we remember. Now you have the old Lion-O looped into the new one. and you have to love a First Loop where Lion_O hasn't even understood that he died and ended up somewhere else.

Also, this is a Loop thread. Others are more than welcome to do their own timeloops, too. I want to see what we can come up with.

Panthro took a moment to gather stock of his situation as he tried to remember what was happening. The last thing he remembered was being locked in combat with a few mutant raiders while back on Third Earth for a time with the rest of the Noble Court to visit Cat's Lair. Frankly, they had all grown a bit weary of the politics that had evolved back on the reformed planet Thundera and missed the simplicity of their lives and old home.

Now, he seemed to have been passed out in the ThunderTank of all places. And someone had made some serious cosmetic changes to his baby's chassis. Thankfully the interior gauges all seemed to be intact and unaltered. Heads would roll if someone had done to the interior of his ride what had been done to the exterior. Pathro was willing to bet it was some kind a prank on behalf of the Thunderkittens. Wilykit and WilyKat were always causing some kinf of mischief.

His ruminations were cut short as he saw the Signal in the sky and heard the roar of called out the fact that Lion-O and the others were in trouble. Whatever faults Panthro might have, being someone to deny his Lord's cry for help because he was confused was not among them. He barely took a moment to check the thundrillium levels in the ThunderTank and let out a curse as he saw how low his fuel levels were.

"Good thing I know the area so well. I would be a shame to waste power on the scanners just to fuel up," the chief engineer and inventor among the Thundercats grumbled to himself before getting his bearing and setting a course for the nearest deposit of the crystalline mineral. with luck he could reach the Origin of the Signal in less than an hour once the ThunderTank was fully fueled.


It took all that Tigra and Cheetara had to actually help Lion-O rather than just gawk as the crown prince went into a seeming frenzy as he drove off the lizard invaders. The most shocking thing was how he demonstrated an "Achilles Heel" in the bottom of the foot of the gigantic war machines the lizards were using that left them vulnerable to a simple sword strike from the Sword of Omens or blast from an energy weapon. It was as if Lion-O knew the very plans used to make the monstrosities. Certainly, nobody in the realm would scoff at his child-like obsession with technology ever again.

Perhaps even more impressive was how Lion-O's arrival had helped to rally and energize the demoralized Cat troops. All around him, the pool of fighters grew seemingly by the moment as they saw their future leader beating back the invaders without a thought to his own safety. Why they swore he even sounded more like his father as he beat Slythe's forces back.

"Tigra, see if you can use you illusory abilities to get a regiment behind the attack group to the east. Cheeara gather who you can and try to drive the group to the west toward us. I'll push the southern group with the men here. With any luck we can force them into a single front and push them out fully. Without Mumm-Ra they'll lack the direction they need to be a significant threat," Lion-O ordered even as he fought like a cat possessed.

Neither Tigra nor Cheetara relished the thought of leaving Lion-O's side when he was acting so strangely, even if the behavior was helping, which left Cheetara to ask, "Are you sure that's wise? Wouldn't it be better to work as a team ourselves rather than split the troops here that are used to working together?"

"You may have a point," Lion-O conceded before ordering the highest raking of the soldiers among the to conduct the flanking maneuvers. It was time to remove the threat the lizards posed to his home. Although, for the life of him, Lion-O could not recall such as huge city being built near Cat's Lair. Did the Robear-Berbils build it? Willa and her Amazons? And why were so many thunderians on Third Earth? At most, it should have been a vanguard led by Lynx-O, Bengali, and Pumyra. Whatever trick Mumm-Ra had pulled it as a difficult one to understand, indeed.


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How long until Lion-o calms down? He'll have to stop at some point. Panthro comes riding in on the Thundercat and blows shit up. MOAR!


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So far this doesn't seem collected to the loops. Two loopers crossing into an alternate dimension at the same time for their first loop without any information is unprecedented.


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zeebee1 said:
So far this doesn't seem collected to the loops. Two loopers crossing into an alternate dimension at the same time for their first loop without any information is unprecedented.
Four loopers. Jaga and Snarf looped too. It's just Snarf is incapable of saying anything about it in new-Snarf's body.

And I'm still waiting for others to try their hand atg a loop too. Keep it all Old Series, all new, or a combo like I started with. I just want to see where others can go too.


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I have a feeling that they won't be happy when they find out that their prince has been replaced as an impostor. Because from their point of view a stranger replaced the prince.