Toad's Wild trip


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Well I figure I can get some opnions and amybe it will spark my muse...

Anway the basic idea for the addventure episode was based around X-men Evolution... And what can I say I like Toad from the series...

In specific in a fight between teh BRotherhood and the X-men, Toad gets Zapped by a strange ray/combination of mutant powers (If I set this early in X-men evo..perhaps just after Forge gets freed... instead of the ray gettting destroyed its damaged and Zaps toad... or do I want to set this after Wanda arrives... decisions decisions.)

Needless to say while the Brotherhood goes apeshit over the X-men 'killing Toad'. TOlensky is instead sent to another world...

Now at this point I am torn ont wo points...

1st. shoudl i continue the story focusing on Toad in another world, or cut back to Toads return to the Evolution verse looking a few months/years older...

2nd.. what world should I send Toad to...

OPtions that occur to me

-POkegirl Verse- Just because Toad needs to return with a Harem of POkegirls (Cue Pietro bugging Forge to refix the portal gun) Not sure what sort of POkegirls Toad should have as his six (Or if this should be the lemon pokegirls, or Metroanime's less intense 'cuddle' pokegirls *instead of needing taming constantly, being able to cuddle with thier master can do most of the time*)
Although one should be the pokegirl version of Jean Grey, who highly dislikes her laster Tamer 'Scott'. Just for the WTF reactions from the X-men...

If its set after Wanda joins, perhaps Wanda's analogue as well.

Also be interesting to see how Magneto and Xavier react ot the concept of 'pokegirls', or the Bayville Jocks about all the new 'babes' hanging around Toad....

-Naruto verse- because Ninja TOad is so awesome.... I wonder what sort of Jutsu's (and SUmmoning contract?) Toad would learn...

-Jusenkyo Amazon Village... Okay technically this wouldn't be transporting ot another universe... but the Idea of Toad showing up and gaining a Amazon wife intrigues me.... Assuming the wife (Wifes if you go for one of the twins in the village) let Toad travel back to the USA to eb married 'american style'.... I see no downside for him... Toad getting some training (Lotion perhaps? Will we hear storys of the infamous Douglas?), a beautiful girl devoted to him who can kick the avearage X-man's ass....

Also has some amusing things.... like several weeks after Toad's Dissapearance the Brotherhood house getting a call from China... with Toad asking ot eb picked up.

Of course if this is early Evo setting, then reallyt he only person who CAN pick up toad (and his Wife/fiancee and probably one Elder) is the X-menint he X-jet...

Cue Small scene of Wolverine raring to go to pick up the twerp, only to find out where...followed by him going into hiding (See during his wanderings Logan passed by Jusenkyo..... and well you can do the math can't you? Hmm I wonder if Toad will describe Logan to a interested Amazon village... or at least one lady...heh)

The brotherhood ready to welcome back Toad, only for Pietro to go catatonic as he walks in with a Babe in one hand... while Mystique is annoyed at the flatscan and her....little withered troll... (Hmm Mystique vs Amazon THERE'S a short battle)

Shoudl eb interesting to see both Magneto and Xavier react to these two 'humans' who can more than hold their own against their hand picked elite mutants... even worse their improving Toad, someone both of htem look down upon.

Oh sure Xavier made the motions of 'inviting Toad' in the first episode. BUt considering the 'Ambush'... oh wait sorry... the 'test' that he sprung on him... its obvious he didn't want Toad in his mansion. (The Irony here is that Toad is scared shitless of Wolverine, who is the only one *well maybe kurt too have to rewatch the episode* who is arguebly 'innocent' of the trap. He just showed up at the end and caught toad fleeing through a window. What was he supposed to think?)

Bayville Jocks in disbelief at the new Transfer Student (Students if the twin defeat idea is used) who hangs off the school loser.... "what does she see in him?"

The Brotherhood forming into a third party int he MAgneto/Xavier conflict, being guided by the Amazon Elder who came along.

I suppose far downt he line we could have cameo's from Cannon Ranma members... but not immediatly.. outside of possibly Ryouga wandering by.

hmmm thoughts?


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If you happen to do the Narutoverse, prepare to male Toad into a killer, since thats what ninja's do. I also see him turing into a super pervert along with Jiriaya and being adept at Sexy no jutsu. (dude, frog DNA)

Pokegirls and Ranmaverse Toad is alright as well since I like Toad to get some loving. Maybe if he falls into the spring of the drowned maiden it can kickstart the gender changing x-gene.


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If it's the Narutoverse Toad would have the ability to kill, but not necessarily by a killer. Inf act, he might not be able to go through with it. On the other hand, he might have no aptitude as a ninja.


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With the Naruto one you could have him learn to pull off some of the movie Toads things