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Ideas pertaining to the Touhou Project, go here. If it's lemon ideas you seek or have, go here. For those of you who just want to gush about your favorite Touhou waifu, there are a couple of topics on the Game Talk board, but I think the newest one was last posted in 3 years ago, so maybe a new topic dedicated to discussion? (and MoB, if all you did from now on was post new Touhou pics from Danbooru in a Touhou pics would STILL have zeebee1 beat within a year)

The fanfiction on FFN only scratches the surface of Touhou fanfics. The vast majority can either be found as forum postings on, or in the form of textboard postings on, with the vast majority of threads conveniently archived in the following link.,4840.0.

WARNING: Anything marked as being on the /at/ board on TP is in the default lemon section for those of you people who read this site from work.

Anyways, I was thinking along the ideas of crack.

Kanako, in her latest scheme to get faith for the Moriya Shrine, realises something about Gensokyo: in being a few centuries behind our world, their confectionary-making abilities are also a few centuries behind. And fairies just absolutely love candy, as it turns out. Any faith will do, even if it's from fairies.

Within a few weeks of Kanako importing confectionary-making equipment from the real world, fairies are coming in droves to the Moriya Shrine to try out things such as caramel apples and gummy bears and cotton candy and what-have-you. Cirno makes a killing in candy by helping to make popsicles.

(Meanwhile, since all the fairies are out getting candy, Reimu actually gets regular visitors to her shrine since there aren't any fairies around to pester people on the path to the Hakurei Shrine.)


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How about Cirno learns how to use Ice-9?


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Here are the basic ideas for my Touhou fics:

1) An experiment that the magicians worked on together went wrong and turned them and most of their neighbors insane and extra dangerous. Reimu has to set out and solve the incident. Yukari and Suika support her. A cliché Incident solving fic.

2) Reimu has gone missing and Marisa tries to find her. A oneshot that ends with Reimu X Marisa.

3) Gensoukyo is slowly disappearing. Reimu and Yukari tries to figure out why and, if possible, a way to stop it.


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2 with a dash of 3 has already been done. It's called Concealed the Conclusion. Has some excellent stage remixes, too :)

Sunder the Gold

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Gensokyo has faced various deadly weather-related disasters before, but one that hasn't happened yet is a great drought.

A strange, incomplete rainbow hangs in the sky all day long, arching from one end almost completely to the other, but coming to a sharp end before touching down on the other side. As if a piece was cut off with a blade.

No rain falls, no matter how fat the clouds grow. The ground dries and cracks, plants begin to wither, and people crowd the rivers and lakes for water.

Worse, humans and youkai are acting strangely. Few quite notice, but no one seems able to feel sad; tearducts and cheeks are as dry as the air.

Without the gentling influence of sorrow, people behave more wildly, with greater joy and anger. Hearts harden and kindness wanes. The land threatens to tear itself apart.

Incident Solvers: Reimu, Marisa, Sakuya, Sanae.

Sanae because Kanako and Suwako are perturbed about someone interefering with their ability to make it rain. Sakuya's looking for Meiling, who disappeared.

SPOILERS (first level):
A "hong" dragon is a two-headed rainbow serpent that brings rain to an end. Since rain was important for crops, the Chinese hated and feared the rainbow dragon, viewing it as a malicious spirit. Also an extremely vain and grandiose one, because of its many bright colors.

It is a crippled, one-headed Hong dragon whom has come to Gensokyo, looking to take back what it lost.

The dragon wasn't always malicious, and was only ending rain as part of its job in the celestial bureaucracy. But the more that humans hated and feared it, the more bitter the dragon became. It turned its own power against itself to dry its tears, giving itself completely over to angry joy. Eventually, a human hero rose up to stop the dragon, and cut off one of its heads.

SPOILERS (second level)
In the centuries since then, the dragon's missing head has changed. It gave up self-glorification for a life of serving others. It turned its back on natural power for hard-won skill. One of its fondest hobbies is tending and watering gardens of flowers that her adopted nocturnal family rarely sees in bloom.

The Hong's missing head instead styles herself a Long dragon. Though most see her only as a simple gatekeeper.

Meiling ran away to prevent the dragon from targeting the Scarlet Devil Mansion.

One of the reasons that Meiling got adopted into the Scarlet Devil family was her ability to make it stop raining -- not as strong as the true dragon, but strong enough to provide shelter to two little vampires caught in a downpour in China.


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Hey guys,

No chance in hell Reimu will win, but to make her appear just that little bit stronger, could y'all vote for her in the GameFAQs Character Contest? Thanks!


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Marisa and Cirno are in on later matches (like a month away from now) so I'll post during then as well. Reimu had over 25% at one point but dropped to just under 19% during the day. Still impressive given that her only appearances in English games were as cameos in Magic Pengel and Graffiti Kingdom, not exactly well-known games either.


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Random stupid idea: Dresden Xover with Letty and Cirno as the Winter queen and lady and Yuuka and Lily White as the Summer queen and lady


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An Emperor of All Youkai (or Empress, but then I'd be stealing from Daneel Rush). Of course, when you have absolute monsters like Yukari, or Shikeiki (who Yukari says could beat her, Yuyuko and Reimu combined), any Emperor would have to be stupidly powerful to the point of reality-hacking.

Needless to say, I already have plot ideas!


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I'd like to see what'd happen if I popped in Constantine in Gensoukyou. It'd be hella interesting to see just how well he'd cope.


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A Touhou x 999 crossover with Cirno as the lead character? Fuck yes (obviously the Touhous would have to have their powers sealed to prevent their breaking out of whatever place they're locked away at by anything other than playing the Nonary Game).