Transformer: Animated, the Misc. Idea thread


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Noticed we didn't have a thread for this series and thought too set one up. It one of my favorite Transformer shows too come out in a long time since Gen-1 and Beastwars. The show ended with a lot of unaswered questions still floating around , plus there are great ideas that could be used too make big an small changes.

so here's my Idea,

Season 4, On earth Slipstream the female Starscream clone is keeping a low profile after the Autobots defeated Megatron an his Omega Lugnuts. She gets contacted by Soundwave who has also gathered Mixmaster, Scrapper and Dirt Boss an leads them too something he has discovered. Buired under the city of New Detroit was a old Decepticon shuttle an inside it in the statis pods are three long lost memebers of the Megatrons old Elite guard.

They awaken the sleeping Cons an meet the triple changer Astrotrain, the walking tank Scorpinoc, and the Decepticon Scientist Trantulus. They had been thought offlined when they left on a Mission for Megatron. While he was seeking the Allspark of Primus they were too see if the oldest leagends were true and Find the AllSpark of Unicron. They had discovered where it had been hidden and tried too escape with it but their ship was damaged an they were forced too crash into this world. They had been asleep for almost 20,000 years. They then show the younger bots the stolen Allspark and Slipstream notices that it feels darker more evil then the other one.

Well Trantulus wants too know what has bene going on while they had been in Statis. He finds the events that happened rather intresting but noties that for any plans they would need too free Megatron. He has them work too bring the remains of the two Omega Lugnuts too the ship and uses the power of the Allspark too merge an transform them into Triplicon. Who they then have take them too Cybertron, Unknown that Slipstream had also brought along the remains of Starscream planning too use them too make a rather nice footstool. The Allspark reacts an restores Starscream to life, He notes he doesn't feel quite like he once did as the new spark in his spark chamber glows a redish orange rather then the blue of a normal bot of Cybertron.

and that's about all I have for that idea so that's why i'm placeing it here for anyone who might be intrested in useing it. I always have more fun thinking for the badguys then the goodguys. One of the events would be the transformation of Megatron into Galvatron. Maybe the discovery of just where Sari came form anhow she ended up on earth an the professor's lab. :huh.:

Let's see what ideas you guys come up with.