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This is an idea I had some time ago and thought that it could prove to be amusing. 

If you looked at it with your monitor off.

What is it?

Aside from being 1200 or so words of nonsense, it's a fic where Supergirl and Power Girl are cousins and living together in Gotham for some reason.


(Untitled DC Story)
By Lord Raa
Disclaim-me-do: This story is to the Elseworlds imprint as the Elseworlds are to the main continuity. That means I will be changing things to suit my needs.
You know, for science.
Stop looking at me like that.
It was five minutes to eleven when Karen Starr slumped tiredly at her seat at the dinner table.
“Is something wrong, Karen?” Claire Connors asked. The look she received from her fellow Kryptonian told her all she needed to know. “Oh. That bad, huh?”
“Why are all the men in this town so terrible?” the short-haired blonde asked with a sigh. “Can’t I just find one guy who isn’t sleazy, a criminal or just likely to snap if I get excited?”
“That’s a bit too much information, Karen.”
“I know, I’m just a little... on edge.”
Claire nodded. She understood what her cousin was upset about. She had gone on a few dates with some of the local men, only for them to start getting too “touchy-feely” for her liking. When you could slap a man clean through a bullet-proof window on reflex for pinching your butt, you tended to find yourself on guard more than in your regular working day.
And as for “alone time” – it was bad enough trying to find enough privacy when she had a human roommate back in college. But having a Kryptonian in the apartment? That made things almost impossible.
The situation was becoming something of a tinderbox.
“Time for the evening news,” Claire said, turning on the TV.
The headline story was of a new philanthropic endeavour by Wayne Enterprises.
“¬Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, has announced that there would be a significant extension of the Gotham Mass Transit Service.
¬The monorail system, originally commissioned by the late Thomas Wayne, will have two phases to this extension, one allow light freight to be transported from Gotham Docks into the heart of the city and the other will connect the city centre to the airport.¬”
Karen looked at Gotham’s most eligible bachelor. “He’s kinda cute.”
“He’s not bad looking,” Claire conceded. She noted the way Bruce carried himself as he walked to and from the lectern. “Bet he works out. Mind you, he’s probably got a whole chain of gyms and health clubs to choose from.”
“¬People of Gotham, I’m pleased to announce that we, as a city, have agreed to the extension of our mass transit system. It’s something that will help our city now and in the coming decades. From the job creation in building the extensions, to the improvements in our air quality as we reduce traffic in our streets,¬” Bruce Wayne said, addressing the assembled media.
A reporter asked why Wayne Enterprises was picking up most of the bill for this public works project.
“¬My father once told me that Gotham has been good to my family. Is it not fair that my family repays the favour?¬”
“He’s civic minded, too,” Karen mused. “I’d bet he’s got a keen sense of justice.”
Claire almost rolled her eyes. It was clear that her cousin was developing a crush on the richest man in the city. Not that she could blame her; countless people at her work liked to gossip about who Bruce Wayne was dating.
Occasionally the billionaire would appear at a society function with a model or movie star on his arm, but it would never last. And they never seemed to blab his bedroom secrets.
“Depends on what you’re looking for. I don’t remember any of his previous relationships lasting for more than a few weeks.”
Karen could see what Claire was trying to do. Had she not just had a terrible date, she would have seen it for what it was – a warning that Bruce Wayne probably wasn’t marriage material. But tonight was different.
“I can guarantee that’s because he’s never had Kryptonian before.”
“...” the longer haired blonde sighed. “Really, Karen? You’re playing the exotic beauty angle to land a man neither of us are likely to meet? We’ve got more chance of meeting the Batman that’s supposed to go around fighting crime.”
“Batman? Now, he IS sexy.”
“But he’s so serious all the time.”
“More like seriously hot,” the shorter-haired young woman said, fanning her face with her hand. “And that outfit... Oh, I wouldn’t mind helping him out of that.”
“Don’t... just don’t,” Claire said, putting her hands up to ward off any further salacious comment. “Anyway, when did you see Batman close enough to determine how sexy he is?”
“Oh, sometimes when I can’t sleep, I go out. I might have seen him take down a few street thugs. Say, you want to go out tonight? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t say ‘no’ to a close encounter with the Dark Knight of Gotham...”
“Alright, one condition, Karen: You don’t do anything to embarrass either of us.”
Batman looked out from his rooftop perch. It was clear and winds were light, making it a relatively pleasant late April night.
The moon had just started to wane in the night sky, but was still giving him enough light to scan the streets for trouble. It was then that he noticed something was off.
Slowly, the Dark Knight reached for a batarang, he turned his body to see that there was a blonde woman floating in mid-air.
“What the...”
“Oh, hi, I’m...”
“Kryptonian?” Batman asked, not relinquishing his grip on the weapon.
“How did you know?” the blonde asked, drifting closer.
“You’d be surprised what I know,” the vigilante replied enigmatically. “I’m guessing that your friend is also from Krypton, given how quietly she got up on the roof.”
“Oh, you are good,” Claire admitted. “Let’s see what you’re hiding under that mask...”
“Yeah...” Karen leered. “Wait, lead?”
“Just a precaution. A friend mentioned that there were a couple of Kryptonians in Gotham.”
“What friend?” Karen demanded.
“Only a fool reveals their secrets to people they’ve just met. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to dispense some justice,” Batman said turning and zip-lining to down an alleyway.
The two blondes rushed to see the vigilante land and quickly incapacitate a would be purse-snatcher.
“He’s got some moves,” Claire said approvingly.
“But he’s a bit ruder than I thought,” Karen added.
“He did excuse himself. And you know how it is when duty calls.”
“Maybe I should formally introduce myself?” the short-haired blonde mused. “Then instead of duty calling, it could be booty calling...”
Claire looked at her cousin. “Did you just...? You did! I can’t believe you just said that, Karen. I’m shocked and appalled.”
“Really? I noticed that your heart rate sped up a little when Batman dispensed his justice. You can’t tell me that you don’t think he’s exciting.”
“T-that’s beside the point.”
Karen smirked, knowing that she was right about Batman. “You’re right, Claire. I’ll see you back at the apartment...”
The short-haired blonde flew off, causing Claire’s long hair to blow to one side.
Claire was about to tell her cousin to wait but thought better of it. ‘I think I’ll give it about half an hour before I head back...’

I did have a vague direction for this one, but wanted some feedback on this opening snippet before I committed more time & effort to it.


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The Call of Booty is strong in this one :D