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There's a new Top Gun 2 trailer out today. It looks pretty great to be honest. Hopefully it will be out around the same time as Ghostbusters 3, so I can catch both in a single day then die happy.

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Christopher Nolan's new film, Tenet:

I'm certainly intrigued enough to give it a go.

We get a good look at Taskmaster in the latest trailer. He's probably not the main villain as Iron Maiden [Melina Vostokoff] is probably in that role, and is likely working for her.

I expect him to survive the film and really hope he ends up in the next Deadpool movie..

I'm also thinking he might help set up AIM in this movie, as they are the organization he is most closely associated with in the comics despite him being pretty much completely freelance. Here he is likely working as an instructor for the new Widows, as that is a role he is often in.

He's also one of the most successful villains in Marvel. Not popular, just being good at his job, knowing when to back off, and generally adapting, avoiding getting caught, and surviving.


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I'm kind of hoping this ends up being Leto's "Deadpool" movie where Suicide Squad was his "Green Lantern".

It's also nice to see confirmation that getting Sony's Spiderverse into the official MCU was apparently part of the deal that was made.

I almost guarantee that's a post credits scene with Vulture.