Vandread - Best Girl Tournament


Immortal Capo
Vandread Opening 1 Trust

That concludes the tournament, here are the winners.

1st: Dita Liebely
2nd: Meia Gisborn
3rd: Jura Basil Elden

Vandread Ending 1 Himegoto


Tournament Info:

1st Week Bracket

This is the current set going on at the moment, feel free join in. Or not if you don't feel like signing up.

[Round 1] Ezra vs Gascogne
[Round 2] Meia vs Parfet
[Round 3] Belvedere vs Misty
[Round 4] Buzam vs Paiway
[Round 5] Seran vs Amarone

2nd Week Bracket

[Round 6] Barnette vs Ezra
[Round 7] Meia vs Misty
[Round 8] Dita vs Buzam
[Round 9] Jura vs Seran

3rd Week Bracket

[Round 10] Barnette vs Meia
[Round 11] Dita vs Jura

4th Week Bracket

[Round 12 (Final)] Meia vs Dita
[Round 13 (Bronze)] Barnette vs Jura


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I put in a vote for Dita



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Meia Gibson FTW


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So, the semi finalists paired off according to their endings, Jura and Barnette are together as always, Dita and Meia are with Hibiki :D.