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It was cold, her mind told her.

Shivering, she curled herself tighter, gathering what heat she could in an attempted to fall back asleep. She turned her head, doing her best to ignore the cold breeze and the occasional light 'something' hitting her skin every so often. Whatever it was, it was wet.


She stirred a bit a that, her mind now coming into focus as her body relayed to her brain sensations that she should not be feeling. The last thing she remembered before falling to sleep was being in a motel room curled in a bed.

Was there a hole in the roof? She didn't remember hearing anything about rain on the news, and while it was very cold there hadn't been much cloud cover.

Even the bed beneath her was no longer soft, but hard like the ground-

Her eyes shot open as her heartrate skyrocketed. She was no longer on a bed in a motel.

Frightened, the timid girl shot to her feat and looked for the security of her weapon. Not finding it she took took in her surroundings, her heart still feeling like it would explode and her mind dreaming up all sorts of scenarios such as kidnapping or pranks or lab experiments or worse.

The breeze grew stronger, and she realized that it was lightly sprinkling. Looking upward, the cloudy sky was grey, but she could not fathom what time of the day it was. Holding her arms together to conserve heat she turned toward the ground. And yelped in the scene before her.

She was on a building. Literally on a building.

Sideways. With windows around her, but to her shock she did not fall.

The building was an odd shade of blue with others around her-

She turned quickly, trying to not look at the scenery around her lest she begin to grow dizzy and maybe fall for real.
With that she fell to her knees and wondered why she was in such a bizarre place. She had to be dreaming. She had to be. But why would she be dreaming of something like this?

Taking in some breaths to calm herself as well as to convince herself she would not fall she raised her head and her eyes widened.

She wasn't alone.

Several yards away stood a figure, a man, she could see. His back was toward her and his arms were held loosly at his hips, fists clenched. She could see his unkept and somewhat spikey hair came to just about his shoulders, and noted that it was bright orange, a shade or two darker than her own strawberry blond hair.


Could...could this be her ashikabi?

She was told from some of the adjusters that some Sekirei would be able to see the face of their true ashikabi in their dreams. If their connection was strong enough, or if the ashikabi was strong enough through having winged some Sekirei some would bear witness to this vision.

But..but why would she see her ashikabi in such a place?

Standing and no longer aware of the odd scenery around her she took a hesistant step forward, curious to see his face. Reaching him she noted just how tall he was compaired to her, easily a head and half or so. Blushing she looked at his face and took a step back, surprised at the look he was giving.

A scowl graced his face as he gazed downward, almost in frustration as she noted again that his fists were clenched. Was he angry? Was he in trouble? Her mind raced with coming up with what kind of situations he may be in. Turning as she contemplated she yelped again as their was
another figure with her.

Clad in black, he stood a few feet away, facing what she now believed to be her ashikabi. What surprised her most, other than the giant cleaver that was resting before him bladefirst in the ground, the figures hands resting on the hilt was that this man was wearing her ashikabi's face.

Twins? Why the getup? He stood almost relaxed, as if he were waiting. Turning back to the figure she first saw, she noted his expression changed, eyes face more somber and his eyes closed. Confused, she turned back to find the figure was gone.

'Wha-what's going on', she thought, a bit afraid now.

Turning back to her ashikabi, his face and posture again changed, his hands in his pants pocket and his posture a bit more relaxed. His face was now neutral as he gazed ahead, and she noted his brown eyes. Warm, brown eyes that looked ahead, as if he were waiting...

She then took a step forward to touch him, closing her eyes.

To open them to find herself back in her bed, her blankets wrapped around her as the morning light broke through the motel room's curtains. She moaned as she cursed herself for waking up.

But, her mind told her, the good news was she saw who she was meant to be with and she smiled, happier now. 'Just wait for me', she thought as her eyes flickered and found her weapon resting against the wall. A giant black hammer with wide flat ends awaited her call if need be. Rising and stretching in her bed Sekirei number eighty-four, also known as Yashima, found her spirits rising at finally having a lead.

Now if she could somehow not run into her persistant would-be suitor.

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A Month And A Half Ago...

Sol rose burning above Terra's horizon and cast it's yellow light down through the window in front of Ichigo's futon. Inside, the former subistute shinigami continued to sleep in the borrowed room he had in Maizon Izumo. And like last time, the former subsitute shinigami did not sleep alone. Uzume laid curled up next to her ashikabi once more, her head resting on his chest. Her warm brown eyes were closed peacefully, and her ear lay directly over his heart. She'd fallen asleep listening to it beat.

After a while, the beams of sunlight made his sekirei stir. She sniffed for a moment, then gave a brief yawn and sighed happily as her eyes opened. She smiled as she looked at Ichigo's face. He was still sleeping. Her smile grew as she ran a hand through her ashikabi's hair. Unlike the last sleep-over, she was dressed in one of Ichigo's old shirts that managed to fit comfortably loose on her frame. "Gahh... you look so good... even when you're sleep." Uzume muttered.

"Go 'way," Ichigo moaned, still half asleep. He feebly clawed at Uzume's hand in a half-assed attempt to stay off the inevitable.

"Well that's just rude," Uzume muttered as she gave a slight pout. "Maybe Sleeping Beauty needs his Princess Charming to give him a nice morning start?" she asked as she slowly lowered her face down to his.

"Not now 'zume..." he mumbled as his eyes squeezed further shut and he turned, completely missing her intentions.

"Don't you worry, Ichigo," she wispered. "I know you'll like this..."

Without turning his head his eyes opened and giving a good aproximation of a half lid stare while still half asleep and gazed at her with his left eye. "Uzume...", he mumbled.

"Good morning, Ichigo," she said, smiling with her eyes closed. "Ready to get up yet?"

"What time is it?" he mumbled, halfway expecting and halfway dreading the answer.

"About half past seven," she supplied. "We got some time before breakfast is ready. So if you want..." she trailed off.

He turned his head to fully face her and his stare became a bit more accusing. "At leas' now you're bein' up front with it", he said while stifling a yawn.

"Well y'know," she shrugged. "I'm learnin' subilty with you is about as good as punching an iron wall."

"Ha ha," Ichigo mutted. "Look, I know you tease and all Uzume. But y'know... ain't no need to act like ya did last night. I get the point, y'know."

Uzume blinked and gave her ashikabi a confused look, "Huh? Last night?"

"I could practically feel your eyes on me while I was getting ready in the bath", he said as he looked at her oddly and continued to blink away the sleep in his eyes. He yawned. "Wouldn't go away 'til I yelled at ya to get back".

"Bathroom?" Uzume asked. "Y'know... If I'm gonna oogle ya in the bath, you'd know it 'cuz you'd have seen me. Hell, if I was gonna oogle ya, I'd let you oogle me right back. Fair's fair after all, love."

She smirked as she brought her face over his, "Don't forget, I've seen all you got hon." She waggled her eyebrows suggestivly, "And it ain't to shabby either."

"Uzume-!" Ichigo choked out as he blushed heavily.

She giggled at his response, "Gah you are so fun to mess with." She stole a quick kiss from his lips and rose away from her face, "Just keep it in mind next time you go to the bath. If you want me to watch just say so, don't be so paranoid and think I'd do it like some creeper 'k?"

"But you were", he said as he calmed back down. "Damn feelin' didn't leave until you left".

"No I didn't," she replied, shaking her head. "I was with Miya in the living room watching TV. She was cooking dinner so she can vouch for me."

He blinked and looked at her oddly. "I know what I felt, and who else in this house would wanna do that?"

"No o-" she cut herself off, pounding her fist into her hand. "Ah!" she cried out.

"Hah?" Ichigo replied.

"Nothing," Uzume reassured her ashikabi, quickly getting another kiss from his lips before rising up and out of the futon. Ichigo blushed and turned away, noting that his shirt ended slightly above her knees. "I just remembered something, so I'll be right back babe!"

Ichigo just blinked as he heard the door open and close. "Hoohkay... so now what was up with that?" he asked himself.


Outside the room Uzume closed the door behind her and leaned against it with her head lowered.

"I could practically feel your eyes on me while I was getting ready in the bath", he said as he looked at her oddly and continued to blink away the sleep in his eyes. He yawned. "Wouldn't go away 'til I yelled at ya to get back".

She grimaced.

"I know what I felt, and who else in this house would wanna do that?"

She sighed, knowing that this was going to come sooner or later.

There is someone here that would.

As she leaned against the door she turned her head to the door and listened, knowing Ichigo would be slow to rise as her eyes looked down the hallway at the wall.

A rather dirty ol' Ghost at that...

Pushing off the door she walked towards the end of the hallway to said wall and stopped just in front of it. She paused as she turned around quickly, as if to affirm that Ichigo wouldn't come out at the wrong moment and turned back around and rapped quickly on the wall twice. Hearing a muffled acknowledgement she pushed on the wall and it pushed forward like a rotating door, the hinges in the middle and the other side moving outwards into the hall as she entered and shut it behind her.

As the door shut the light that had been around her announcing the beginning of a new day all but vanished in the near darkness that encompassed the room. In front of her was the soft glow of many moniters that saved the room from total darkness, giving enough light to only barely make out oneself and to see what was on the floor to not trip over anything. In front of those moniters was another woman, voluptious as other men would happily describe her sat in seiza position facing the moniters and away from her guest. Long brown reddish hair fell from her head to cover her back and her glasses were aglow from refecting the light off the moniters.

Uzume snorted softly as she made her way to the woman, "Oy."

"Hm~?", came the reply as the sounds of the keys of the keyboard being clicked continued on.

"I know you don't get out much and all," Uzume continued as she made her way towards the woman. "But I thought I made something clear last time I came in here." She pasued as she stood behind the bespecked woman and palmed her head. "So you wanna tell me something?" she asked with a mildly ominous expression. "Why the hell are you ogling my Ashikabi like a letch?!"

The clicking stopped and the girls shoulders began to softly quake. Uzume blinked at this but before she could do or say anything the girl in front of the moniters began to softly crackle and she grimaced at the sound. "Ku ku ku~"

"Oh crud, now what?" she muttered.

The girl slowly turned her head, and for a moment as that was happening Uzume breifly thought of an old horror film she had seen once before pushing it away, only for it to come raging back as the girls face could be somewhat seen, the glasses still refracting enough light to mask the girl's eyes but her was still giggling with a little bit of drool dripping from her mouth. "Can you help it?" she asked as her eyebrows moved up and down suggestively before she turned back to her moniters.

"uugh," Uzume groaned as she rubbed her forehead in irritation. "Look, Matsu... I get it sucks being locked up in here and ashikabi-less. I get it. But can you at least try to keep it in your panties? You're gonna creep my ashikabi back into his shell."

The girl cackled again as with a few more clicks all the montiers as one showed the same picture before combining so all the moniters could work in tandem to show one large picture.

Of her Ashikabi.

"His shell?" Matsu repeated. "Do you think with the two of us combined we could break it together?" she asked before brining an arm up to her mouth.

To wipe off the drool, Uzume knew all to well as she caught herself looking at the picture.

"Eeeeeew," Uzume replied. "Seriously Matsu... is five minutes asking for too much?"

"Five minutes", Matsu blinked. "Five minutes for what?" she asked, turning around once more.

"You know what," she answered, folding her arms across her chest. "I know you want to be a part of this game Matsu, but are you really reacting to him or are you so damn lonely anyone will do?"

"Not quite yet," Matsu admitted. "However," she continued before looking back. "Just a few more visits and I probably will be," she finished with a smile and using a hand to fan herself.

Uzume frowned, "Matsu..." she growled.

"Ah, c'mon Uzume-ta~n," she whined. "Its more or less gonna happen, as everytime he comes by he keeps looking better and better, so why not get a head start on it?"

"Becasue, for one, I haven't explained to him about multiple wingings yet." Uzume began. "It was hard enough getting him to this point all things considered since I reacted and just took him. I'm trying to ease him into this thing as easy as I can. And for another," she snorted. "Knowing you, you'd drain him for all he's worth you dirty ol' woman."

"Between the two of us, he'd probably have one foot in the grave already", she said before cackling again.

"Speak for yourself, I'm not as bad as you." Uzume chuckled.

"Ohh reaally~", Matsu said slyly. "I seem to recall things more or less getting pretty steamy that first night in the baths."

"I'm sure you heard me say that if I'm gonna oogle my man, he's gonna get to oogle me in return." Uzume defended. "I've got nothing to hide."

"So you've been showing him".

"He's seen what I got yes. And I've seen what he's got."

"It is pretty cute how he covers himself, isn't it?"

"Or thoes times when he acts like he's not gonna look and tries to sneak a peak any way," Uzume giggled.

"I know, huh?" Matsu giggled along with her.

"I keep telling him he doesn't have to act like that but he's so stubborn," Uzume sighed. "But him being that way is so dang cute too."

Matsu put her hands to her cheeks and swayed a bit. "Almost too much, but its so adorable".

"I know right?" Uzume nodded her head vigorusly at Matsu. "Sometimes, I just wanna pick on him he's so cute. But I also want him to get over that silly hang up of his and just ravish me already!"

Matsu sighed in understanding, "Uzume-tan sure has it rough doesn't she?"

"Indeed I do," Uzume nodded in understanding.

"And Uzume-tan knows that Matsu would do anything to help, right?"

"Indeed I do", Uzume said again as she nodded in agreement. "Indeed I...", she paused and she halted in mid nod, facing the floor now before a tick appeared on her forehead. Woodenly she turned to her sister Sekirei with a frown and nearly closed eyes. " nice as it was to vent, you're not changing the subject on me any longer, ok?"

Matsu just smiled softly at Uzume, "I'm not eh?"

"No you're not," Uzume answered as her frown deepened. "I feel your pain Matsu, but you gotta leave this one be. You'll kill him with your kind of kindness. Literally."

She cackled again. "But what a way to go!"

"Matsu," she growled.

Matsu sighed. "You feel my pain," she echoed Uzume's words of a few seconds ago before turning back to the moniter displaying Ichigo. "Must be tough now," she said before frowning.

"What do you mean by that?" Uzume asked, surprised at Matsu's matching frown.

"I mean," Matsu sighed. "That you sit there and say you feel my pain. You sit there and say you understand what I'm going through. But... but in that same breath you tell me to stay away from your happiness."

Uzume grimaced, "T-that's because..."

"I know I can be a bit... entusiastic let's say, when it comes to your ashikabi. But let's be honest with each other, Uzume. When is someone like me going to get an oppertunity to be winged while I'm busy hiding from MBI all the time? When am I going to get the chanse to find someone to love me like your Ichigo? Can you tell me? I would love to know my dear."

"I..." Uzume hesitated as Matsu calmly sat looking at the lower numbered sekirei. "I don't know."

"Don't get me wrong Uzume," Matsu continued. "I'm eternally gratefull for your help in reguards to that. I don't think it's overstating that I owe you my life. But do you think it fair that I have to possibly spend the rest of my life up here while you get to take your beloved ashikabi whereever he goes? Be able to spend time with him, no matter how limited, as freely as you two so desire?"

"Matsu..." Uzume wispered in a stunned tone.

"And even your limits are greater than my own. You can't leave Teito, I can't leave the Izumo premisis without worrying about those MBI goons or even Karasubasa. How often do you really think Miya-tan is going to get another new tennant that I might react to? And even if she does, what are the odds that I'd react to that person?"

"Would you really have me be alone up here for the rest of my days, Uzume-tan?" Matsu asked in a hushed tone.

"I don't want that, Matsu. You know that."

"Really?" Matsu asked in a pleased tone. "So you'll let me make your couple a three-way, Uzume-tan?"

Uzume mand a disgusted face at the bespeckled sekirei, "Oh man, I can't belive you went there. And I was actually feeling sorry for your rapist ass."

"Oh come on Uzume-tan", Matsu whined and fell to her knees, all previous vestage of seriousness and maturity now lost. "Please, please, please", she begged, each 'please' punctuated by her moving closer to Uzume as she held her hands together.

"Oh get off me!" Uzume growled. "I said no and I mean it you letch! At least not until I know you can keep that libido under control!"

"I can't promise miracles!" Matsu blurt out as she held onto Uzume's leg at the calf. "Uzume-tan, give me a chance!"

"Leggo of me, damnit!" she shouted. "You'll kill him! You'll kill him you horny freak!"

"Never!" cried Matsu. "I wanna be Ichi-tan's number two!"

"No no, a thousand times no!" Uzume cried as she shook off Matsu from her leg. "Not until you get under control!"

"You should take me up on my offer, Uzume-tan!" Matsu cried out, "After all, who know how he'll react if you don't tell him soon? Why he could wing some stranger and not know it!"

"Get off me!" Uzume cried.

"Not until you admit I'm right!! Better me than some stranger!"

"Get off, get off, get off!" Uzume replied. Each cry was puncuated with the sekirei futily trying to kick Matsu off her leg.

"Just admit your defeat and let him wing me! Or at least tell him about me!" Matsu cried. "Or I'll bite you!"

"You wouldn't dare!" Uzume growled.


"GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Uzume cried out in surprise and pain. "What the hell?!? You bit me goddamnit! You actually bit me!"

"If phor own fault!" Matsu muttered through Uzume's flesh

"That's it! You're never touching my Ichigo, you witch!" Uzume cried out. "Goddamnit I got Matsu-rabbies now!"

The door to Matsu's room opened slowly, and a lone figure tiredly walked out, her borrowed shirt ruffled and hair frazzled. The moment the was out she sighed and brought up a hand to close it shut. "Uzume, wait!" Matsu called from inside.

"I said good day to you, you rapist," Uzume muttered tiredly as she shut the door slowly.

"You'll see Uzume-tan!" Matsu cried as the door closed to her room. "You're gonna be sorry when that handsome man wings some strange sekirei that you should've let your bestest friend be your number two!"

"Whatever," Uzume muttered as the door closed. She moaned as she softly limped towards Ichigo's room. "I need a nap. That damn dirty fighter..."


Uzume blinked out of her thoughts and the reality of the present came crashing back as she continued to look on as her stunned Ashikabi looked upon his second Sekirei mouth agape. She was still holding onto him, looking at him with a glaze in her eyes and a dreamy look on her face.

Uzume closed her mouth and silently swallowed the building saliva that had accumilated and blinked again before taking a small breath before finally averting her eyes, Matsu's words stilling ringing in her head.

'I'll deal with it if we cross that bridge' She had said back.

And now that bridge was here.

Heh. She mentally chuckled before looking upon the two again. 'The bridge is here... I... I kinda thought something like this may have happened, Ichigo being... Ichigo but... heh... Ichigo being Ichigo generally also meant...

She closed her eyes and took a breath to calm herself before looking upon them again, feeling now returning to her body. I had always hoped that this wouldn't happen but felt that if it did it'd be a good thing; more protection for Ichigo but... She felt her heart tighten breifly before biting the inside of her lip as if to chistise herself. Get a grip. Her mind told her firmly. This is the Sekirei Game. More Sekirei means Ichigo's chances are better. She took another large breath. It's for the best.

Now only if the hollow feeling would fade.

And for all that thinking only a few seconds had passed.

"A...ash...ashikabi?" Ichigo repeated in a state of shock. "B... but how...?"

"Ahhh..." Ikki said in a daze as she continued to look at Ichigo with a dreamy expression. "I can't belive I finally found you... my dearest ashikabi."

"I... I can't be your ashikabi," Ichigo denied as he tried to break Ikki's grip. "I already have a sekirei!"

At this, Ikki's dreamy expression changed to one of surprise. "Eh?" Blinking for a moment, she fond her eyes locked onto Ichigo shocked brown orbs. "Ah..." she muttered as she felt the heat rising to her cheeks. Averting her eyes, she looked down to find herself pressed up to Ichigo's own powerful frame rather snugly. The warmt that filled her cheeks quickly flooded to the rest of her body, and the arms wrapped around Ichigo released their grip as if the former shinigami was on fire. "Ah!" she squawked as she quickly made her distance from her ashikabi.

Ichigo could only stare as Ikki quickly made a good amount of space between them...

Only to flinch as Ikki tripped over her sleeping sekirei sister, landing on the other side of Nanaha in an undiginfided flop bottom first. "Ouch..." Ikki groaned from her spot on the floor.

"You... uh... you ok over there?" Ichigo asked.

"I'm... fine," Ikki groaned as she rubbed her sore bottom. "Oh there's an ache I didn't need." Her eyes widened suddenly, "AH!" she squaked as she looked at what she tripped over. Nanaha lay on her futon, tossing uneasily in her sleep.

"Nanaha-chan!" Ikki cried out as her sister sekirei started shaking her head violently. "Nanaha-chan, I'm so sorry! I... I din't mean to..." After a few seconds, Nanaha stopped moving and her breathing became steady again. Seeing this Ikki let out a sigh of relief.

"Idiot," Ikki muttered as she berated herself. Giving herself a quick punc in the head as a punishment, she smiled softly down at her little sister. "I'm sorry Nanaha-chan. You get your rest ok?" Looking back up at Ichigo, she rubbed the back of her neck in embarrasment, "Ehheheh... s-sorry ya had to see that."

"Eh... don't worry about it," Ichigo grunted.

"Eh heh... It's a little late for that ain't it?" Ikki asked, a light blush on her cheeks. "I mean... here you go and save me and Nanaha-chan's lives. And honestly, thank you so much for that Ashikabi-sama. You come here to chek in on us, and I.. I go ahead and... and..." her blush deepend as she struggled to finish that statement.

"Y-yeah," Ichigo finished.

What more could be said?

The uncomfortable silence that was beginning as both weren't quite sure what to say or do next was snapped as light footsteps slowly made there way in. Ichigo blinked, remembering who was likely to be there. Turning his head he confirmed that sure enough, Uzume and Asama-san were in the room with him and suddenly felt a wave of shame, feeling that Uzume had seen it all. He turned his head away from her and with a closed mouth grit his teeth, unsure about what to do even moreso now.

"Uuhhh... hello?" Ikki asked as a puzzled look crossed her features. "Mind if I ask who you two are?"

"Oh," Miya said. A pleasnt smile gracing her face, "You're finally awake!"

"Ah yes," Ikki began. "I... I don't mean to be rude ma'am but... where are we?"

"You're among friends, that I can assure you." Miya said as she came near, and Ikki smiled in reply.

"I... kinda figured that." She laughed nervously again, and brushed her short hair back from her face. "So... where am I? And did... did you help me and my sister?"

"Yes, I dressed you and your friend's wounds. As for where you are... you're in Maizon Izumo," Miya answered. "And you're safe."

"Maizon Izumo?" Ikki asked.

"A bording house." Miya answered.

"Ah." Ikki nodded before she locked eyes with Uzume. "Ah!" she cried out and pointed to the Veiled Sekirei. "It's you!"

Uzume blinked and pointed to herself. "Me?"

"Yeah!" Ikki chirped. "I remember you! You helped Nanaha-chan didn't you?"

Uzume blinked again. "Y-yes, I did. Both of us did."

"So I owe you all mine and Nanaha-chan's lives don't I?" Ikki asked as she stood up nad bowed to Miya and Uzume. "Thank you all so much for your help!"

"A-ah. You're welcome" Uzume replied, bowing back. "And you're... Ikki, right?" she asked, managing to bite back a grimace as thoughts of Ikki's winging came flying back.

Ikki nodded, "That's right. How'd you guess?"

"You said so," Uzume responded and rotated her raised hand, which had been pointing at herself to point back at Ikki.

"Eh?" Ikki blinked as she pointed to herself. "I did?"

"You did," Uzume nodded in confirmation.


'Ohhhh no,' Ikki moaned in her thoughts. 'How could this happen?! I've finally been winged and I haven't been able to give my once-in-a-lifetime introduction pose!' She cleared her throat, unaware of the odd looks she had gotten from her new ashikabi and the others in the room. "That's right!" she chirped as she pointed to Ichigo. "Remember this and rember it well my dear savior, for this is your lucky day!!"

Ichigo sighed numbly as he finally looked up. "Is it now?" He asked in a deadpan tone.

"Indeed it is!" Ikki as she gained confidence, completely missing her new Ashikabi's mood. "For you have just his the jackpot of all jackpots!!" She nodded to herself before she locked eyes with Ichigo, "For I am the one and only Numb-gack!"

"Numb-gack?" Ichigo asked as he pursed his lips.

'WHAT AM I DOING?!' Ikki thought in a panic, having slapped her hands over her lips. 'Ohmigod I can't belive I almost blurted out the sekirei plan to a pair of civilians!! Oh man! Oh crapberries, that was close!!'

"Are... are you ok over there?" Uzume asked as she looked at the odd sekirei.

"Peachy!" Ikki replied as she removed her hands from her mouth. "Absolutly peachy!" She cleared her throat in an attempt to regain her composure, "It's just that there's something I need to tell that gentleman sitting there alone, that's all!"

"That you're a Sekirei..." Uzume prodded by finishing for her.

"Eh?" Ikki blinked in surprise as she turned to Uzume, "How'd you know that?"

"Because," Uzume said as she folded her arms under her breasts, inadvertingly drawing attention to them. "I'm a Sekirei too." She then extended her arm as if to shake hands. "Number Ten. Uzume. Nice ta meet you."

"You're a sekirei?" Ikki asked. She then pointed to Miya ,"Is she one too?"

"Oh, no" Miya said as she brought one hand to cover her mouth to giggle and the other raised hand to wave it away. "I have seen many though."

"Ah, I see, I see." Ikki nodded in understanding before whe whipped back to Uzume. A shocked expression on her face as she pointed to Uzume, "What the crap, you're a sekirei too?!?"

Uzume's eyebrow ticked. "Yes, I am."

'Oh my goooooooooooooood!!' Ikki thought as panic began to take over her mind. 'What the crap, what the heck, what the frag do I do?!? I never expected my ashikabi to already have himself a sekirei! WhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoWhatdoIdoW

"Are... are you ok?" Uzume asked as she noted Ikki's stunned expression.

"Uzume," Ichigo suddenly said as he stood up.

"Ichigo?" she asked as she turned to her ashikabi.

He turned to her and breifly glanced away before turning back to her, that familiar scowl once again gracing his face. "Got a moment?"

"Of course," she replied, blinking in confusion. He nodded and began to walk. As he passed by her he took her hand and began to lead her out of the room with him. "Ah! Ichigo what-?" was all she got out as the door closed behind them

Miya took a brief glance at the door before letting out a small sigh, "Oh dear." Turning, she found Ikki still pointing at where Uzume had been standing, a look of pure shock still on her face and she sighed again. "Things really are about to get livly around here again aren't they?" she asked herself as she walked towards Ikki.
Ichigo sighed as he closed the door behind him, the soft click announcing that it had shut completely. Slowly, he let go of Uzume's hand and tightend his fist. He then looked up at her and noted that she was looking back at him with an expression he couldn't quite place.

"How?" He said after a moment.

"I can..." she sighed. "I can explain this Ichigo."

"So you knew?" he asked, not quite accusing. His face betrayed none of chaotic emotions that were sweeping through his body right now.

"I am yours. Body, mind, soul. I belong to you, forever. I exist to love you, until I die."

His eye twitched at the memory. Was it to be like that for this girl too? That she would 'love' him unconditionally? How the hell was he supposed to react to that!? How could he take another woman when he had one already?! He had something with Uzume... What he had with Uzume... All that... Did... did they really have something he wondered as his mind furiously worked overtime. If the Sekirei are supposed to love someone due to just winging them... Was it the same as 'real' love? The assumption awashed his body with a chill that could not be ignored.

With that surge emotion finally broke through his facade with an unbidden release of harsh breath as he turned away and averted his furroughed eyes.

'What the hell do[i/] I know about love?' He thought bitterly. What they had was real, wasn't it? His own growing feelings for this girl...

"Yeah I... I knew about this Ichigo," Uzume sighed again as she raked a hand through her hair. "I wanted to warn you about this it's just... just there was never really a good time to tell you about being able to wing multiple sekireis."

"Never a good time?" He repeated. "When was there a 'never a good time'? I only visited every weekend for three months" He stated, some anger finally coming through.

"Yes and it's not exactly the best conversation starter when you're getting familar with someone." Uzume replied. "The truth is that it's not that common for an ashikabi to have more than one sekirei."

"You could have warned me," he stated as both his fists tightened. "At least that way I could have been more careful. At least that way... Damn it, Uzume, I..." He trailed off as he found himself unsure of what he wanted to say. It has to be real his mind told him. If it wasn't I wouldn't care. It has to be...

Again his mind found himself thinking of the other girl and how she looked over her fallen friend before anything else after her winging. That act alone spoke volumes of her character to him. That girl didn't deserve this. She didn't deserve to be caught up in the middle of his and Uzume's relationship. [i']But she
loves you' his mind reminded him with the viciousness of his lost inner hollow. He grit his teeth again as his emotions were brought back to square one of his anxiety on what his relationship was.

"I'm sorry Ichigo, I really am." Uzume said, giving her ashikabi an applogetic look. "I... I screwed up here ok? I really did. I mean... it's not like I'm happy with this either, y'know? But... but... damn it I hate to say this but... what's done is done. And we are gonna have to deal with this together."

Ichigo was silent and Uzume bit her lip before slowly moving toward him and wrapping her arms around-

He stiffened.

She froze as her eyes widened as she felt him go rigid with her arms nearly fully around him. Her eyes began to moisten as she completed the motion and put her head on his chest and felt him relax. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she honestly said and repeated a few more times.

Ichigo took in a breath as he thought about what she said. We'll get through this his mind thought morosely as he thougth about the other girl in the room. Looking down he saw the girl holding him and found himself automatically wrapping his arms around her, the simple fact being because he wanted to. We'll get through this he thought again, ignoring his minds thundering questions of how.

"I'm so sorry," He heard her again and thoughts of their time together came to fore. She wasn't stupid but she could be flighty at times around him and he realized she was being truthful about what she said, as frustrating as it was.

He tightened his arms around her. "I know," he said, sounding tired. "I know you are. Now then, Uzume..."

"Yes?" she said as she looked up but noticed he was looking ahead at not at her.

"We're going up to my room, and you're gonna tell me anything else you know."

"Yes," she thought as her mind began to think of what to say, anything she might have left out but she was sure that she told him everything already.

"Ok, let's..." he trailed off as a faint glow made itself known and faded, not too unlike what he had seen earlier. "What the..." he trailed off again as suddenly the few potted plants bursted open as they suddenly grew too big for their containers.

"Gah!" Uzume exclaimed as she suddenly let go of Ichigo and twirled around, confused and wound up, wondering what the hell was going on as she made sure Ichigo was behind her. They both could see the same happening to the flowers and greenery in the yard and both stood still in shock.

And just as suddenly as it began it was over, the plants no longer bulging or growing and now still however retaining their new size.
Minato looked on at the impish little girl next to him as a soft smile graced her face. He blinked, still a little confused at what had just happened. He had been sitting on the engawa, watching Musubi train as he wrapped himself in his blanket, somewhat necessitated by the cool crisp morning air. Kuu had come from the corner of Miya's room somewhat unexpectantly and he was unsure now what to do now that they had rescued her. Do they keep her? If not, who to take her back to? The girl was far too young to be involved in this Plan of MBI's.

Not to mention how would he explain her to Miya...

She had come and sat next to him, gazing out at the backyard and Musubi before she sneezed and her arms folded around herself. Taking that as his cue he removed the blanket and wrapped it around the young girl, just suppressing the need to shiver as the cool air hit him. The effects were immidate as the young girl smiled and pulled the blanket around her. Seeing now that she was now comforted his thoughts turning to the tree that had 'caught' he and Musubi when they literally fell upon Maison Izumo and spoke aloud about it.

He didn't know exactly why he said it aloud, but having seen this girl in his dreams and a flash of her from that night when he and Musubi fell into that tree maybe she could shed some light on it. It surprised him that she answered him. She heard him, she had said, his voice calling for help and responded. He smiled in return and called her his lifesaver, and thanked her.

And it was then that she completely caught him off guard. Rising from her seat she put her little arms on his shoulders. Before he could ask what she was doing she softly pleaded. "Please... Please become Kuu's Ashikabi."

And before he could get a word in or register what she wanted she leaned in and kissed him and a soft green light enveloped his world.

Watching her with wide eyes as the green wings of light subsided he yelped and hopped back on his seat when the backyard caught his eye and he gasped. Musubi had stopped in wonder and laughter as greenery and shrubbery exploded in growth and size around her. Her arms were stretched outwide as she now twirled within a storm of flower pedals;the results of Kuu's power.

"Minato-sama! Minato-sama! Look! Look!" she cried with the innocence of a child, much like the one that was now beaming at him.

"Huh" he let out as he shook his head and plucked a leaf that had fallen on Kuu's head and she giggled at him. As he was about to open his mouth he heard footsteps approaching. Turning his head to his right he saw Ichigo and his Sekirei, Uzume, come rushing by before they both stopped to look at him and then Kuu. They had both looked like they were going to say something before Uzume turned her head.

"Wow..." Uzume breathed out and Ichigo turned his head to gape.

'What the hell?' he thought. With the shouji screen wide open he gaped as he saw what happened inside was greatly magnified outside, despite being able to see some of it.

"He-hey" Minato said a bit bashfully, unsure of what else to say.

"H-hi" Uzume responded, still engrossed with the view before stepping off the engawa to look around. Holding her hands out several petals landed in her palms and she looked down at it and shook her head.

"So what happend?" Ichigo asked Minato.

"Um, I... I don't really know" Minato responded. Nothing like this happened when Musubi had been winged. Even though they were indoors in his old apartment there had been no great changes outside when they had left later on.

"Isn't this great?!" Musubi called out, still continuing to twirl before stopping her pirouette to face Minato and Ichigo and then jogged up to them. "This is soooo wonderful Minato-sama. You have two Sekirei now!"

"Sekirei..." Ichigo repeated, blinking as he looked outside again, seeing only Uzume before looking back to Musubi and then Minato and...

Oh yeah, the kid he remembered. He was going to ask about her but then the unexpected scenery took priority. She was small, very young it seemed. Blonde hair that reached down to her legs and wearing a green sleeveless sundress. She was currently gripping Minato's shirt from behind him and trying to make herself seemingly smaller as she looked at him like she wasn't sure what to make of him.

He then looked back outside to see where the Sekirei that had caused this was at. Only seeing Uzume he stuck his head out and looked back and forth, only seeing his girl and the shock of new shrubbery and flowers. He frowned as he wondered where she could be and asked Uzume if there was anyone else out there. Getting a negative he turned to Minato and Musubi and Musubi's smile lit up.

"She's right here," she chirped while looking at the child.

'What?' his mind responded and he blinked a few times. This kid was a Sekirei? No way, that can't be right. This was going to be a tournament, right? Would MBI be such bastards to send a child out to...

"I...I've found you", she breathed out, voice no higher than a whisper.

"Wha-what?" he smartly got out as he looked into her face, seeing her flushed a bit with her eyes slightly open.

"You", she breathed, her right hand moving to rest on his left shoulder. "My Ashikabi", she breathed again as she fully lowered herself onto him.

"Uh", was all he got out as he froze as he felt those two mounds fully press into him as her face reached his and felt his brain short-circuit when her lips met his.

He found himself opening his eyes, and idly wondered why no one
mentioned the light show-




Both paused as they saw the position he was in and that the girl had seemingly tripped over the other. "I told you to stay in bed!" Ichigo hissed as loud as he could to not further aggravate the other one below them.

But, the girl in his arms did not seem to listen to him.

In fact, she looked rather glossy eyed.

Now why did this remind him-


His eyes shot open as the girl suddenly lifted herself up and and stole his lips with a gentle kiss. He blinked as a familiar burst of light made itself known, as bright emerald wings burst forth from this girls back, illuminating the room in a green glow.


He blinked. And blinked again.


"We're going up to my room, and you're gonna tell me anything else you know".

"Yes", she thought as her mind began to think of what to say, anything she might have left out but she was sure that she told him everything already.

"Ok, let's..." he trailed off as a faint glow made itself known and faded, not too unlike what he had seen earlier. "What the..." he trailed off again as suddenly the few potted plants bursted open as they suddenly grew too big for their containers.


His mouth opened and closed as his mind continued to process the information it was giving out and he turned his head to the young girl, ignoring as she seemed to further hid himself. Minato looked up at the younger tenant and wondered if he was ok. He had just been told that the girl was a Sekirei, and it seemed that he kinda felt the same as he did in regards to how young the girl was, but then all of a sudden he paused and became unnervingly silent.

It was then that all confusion and uncertainty left his face as Ichigo's full gaze turned to him with tight lips and a scowl so intense Minato felt his hair begin to stand and his stomach suddenly drop.

"We talk. Now."


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Hell yeah. Glad to see more of this. Worth thr wait. Now, Uzume has to start back from scrath. The road to recovery of their relationship will be long and hard.


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Didn't notice the first post cutoff.


If Minato had not went to the restroom earlier he knew without a shadow of a doubt he'd had wet himself long before now. If anything, he would love to pass out and wake up from the nightmare that he had stepped into.

If his shirt continued to constrict itself anymore he'd get part of his wish.

"You sick son of a bitch..." Ichigo growled out, both his hands gripping the other boy by his lapels tightly. It was completely lost upon him that he had been in the same position not a few days prior. Both had gone to Ichigo's room, excusing themselves as they left the girls behind him, Ichigo asking Uzume if she could keep them there for a moment. She had blinked at him in confusion before agreeing. Not a few steps into his room he swiftly slammed the door shut and shoved Minato into the door, ensuring that no one would interfere.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" He asked as he tighted his grip before loosening it, allowing the other boy to cough a bit and take a few gulps of air before looking fearfully at him. After a morning that completely caught him blindsided and his own doubts on the nature of his relationship something relatively simple had been dropped in his lap that he could deal with.

"Do-doing?" Minato asked, utterly terrified at the look in Ichigo's eyes. Why was this happening?

"Are you some sorta sicko? Huh?!"

And then Minato's eyes widened in understanding.

Oh dear sweet merciful God. 'He doesn't think...'

Ichigo saw that Minato had understood and his grip tightened again. "That's right you little shit. You don't have a lot of time to explain yourself before I usher you into hell."

"It's... not...what..."

"..I think?" Ichigo finished. "Tell me then, what exactly is it? Not to mention bringing a child into this mess at all!"

"Can...can't br-::gasp::!" Minato gasped for breath as the grip completely loosened and he fell to the floor. He gasped for breath a few more times, his eyes beginning to wet from the pain and lack of air. He then turned his head up so see Ichigo staring down at him, face now unnervingly calm if not for the storm in his eyes promising undescribable pain if he didn't provide an adequate explanation.

Ichigo leaned forward, his face only inches from Minato's terrified one. "You better have a goddamned good explanation for this neighbor," he hissed, furious. "Because if you dont..." he trailed off, leaving the threat hanging in the air.

Terrified, frozen and stuttering Minato responded. "If.. if I don't...?"

"If you dont..." he hissed anew. "Let's just say that the milisecond a pathetic excuse leaves your mouth, you'll be beaging me for death. Clear?"

"C-clear!" Minato quickly responded.

"Very good," he said. "You've earned the right to keep your life... for now." He flopped down on his bed, his hard brown orbs traind on Minato. "Start talking."

"We-we saved her last night" Minato began. "She, she was in the arboritum and being hunted", he then gulped.

"By who?"

"By - by other Sekirei. Y-you know, right? A text even went out on that".

Ichigo blinked, his frown fading slightly, "A text? What text?"

Minato then blinked as well, confusion almost replacing his fear. "Y- you know... MBI sent one out to everyone". He would have fumbled for his phone if he wasn't wearing his pajamas.

"I didn't a text... at least I don't think so," Ichigo grumbled as he pulled out his phone. Flipping the device open, his eyes widened at the missed text message blinking in front of him. Popping the message open, his frown just grew all the deeper as he read alowd.

"Greetings my dear ashikabis. This it your friendly neighborhood MBI director with a tidbit of hot news! In the Botanical Gardens, here is a cute little Sekirei waiting for the fortunate ashikabi to wing her. But be warned! It's first come first serve, winner takes all!"

Ichigo was silent as he finished, but his face was alive with emotion. His trademark scowl was fixed in place. "Are... are you... fucking... kidding me?!" he snarled out. If Minato had enough strength to go through the door he'd have been pressing against the wall in the hallway by now with the look that Ichigo was giving.

"That... that goddamned... son of a bitch!!" Ichigo growled, ignoring the elder man in the room at this point. The hand that held his phone clenched into a fist, and his phone made crackling noises as it threatened to break uner the former shinigami's growing rage. 'These are peoples lives he messing with... and he's acting like it's a goddamed game?!?'

'A game...' he thought as he turned his head baco to Minato, ignoring how the other man flinched at his glare. 'So he got this message and...' "Oh... oh you dirty bastard," Ichigo growled.


"Don't what me, you asshole," Ichigo growled as he stood up. Discarding his broken phone, he walked up to Mianto slowly. "You tell me about this text message and you honestly expect me to belive you went to 'save' that little girl?"

Minato was already pushed as far back as he could go, and as scared as he was, his mind was working overtime to try to find a way to convince his neighbor that he was telling the truth and not die in the process. "Y-yes." Minato said, trying his best to hold his ground. He was, afterall, telling the truth.

"How stupid do you think I am, kid?" Ichigo asked. "First come, first served and all that? Why the hell should I belive you went out of your way to save that kid?"

Taking a few breaths Minato grit his teeth and responded, trying to hold back his shivers. "I- I did. Me and another were there. He had two Sekirei himself. But we went in to save her." He shivered again, though not from Ichigo. "A-another Sekirei almost had her". He then remembered what Musubi had told him and swallowed more saliva. "We brought her in last night". He then shook his head slightly. "I just wanted to save her. I didn't know Kuu would do that..."

"Another sekirei?"

"Hn?" Minato looked up at him again.

"You said another sekirei almost got her?"

"Yes", Minato said, remembering her chilly smile and her taunts.

Ichigo sighed in fustration, "Damnit... this shit is giving me a headache." He paused in an attempt to get his emotions lowered before he continued,"So you beat the sekirei and swoop off with the kid back here? Am I supposed to beleive that?!" Ichigo then asked.

Minato's breathing was still quick but he blinked as he remembered something else and then gulped before frowning. "Y-you're one to talk".

"What do you mean by that?"

"Y-yesterday." He answered.

"However," Seo continued, "the way the system has been set up, anyone with the powers or potential of an ashikabi can wing any Sekirei, whether they want to or not."

His own eyes then narrowed. "Y-you're one to talk, bringing those two in last night. They're Sekirei!" he just about shouted and just managing the urge to clamp his hands to his mouth.

He shook his head mutely, still in a bit of shock at seeing two badly injured girls before him. Why had they not taken them to a hospital? Why hadn't the landlady called the police?

"...whether they want to or not."

"They were hurt really badly too", he said, the memories of their silent forms giving him an odd sense of strength.

"You mean..." Ichigo snorted in realitization. "Oh no. Nononononononono. I didn't do that to them."

"How do I know that?! Your Sekirei, she looks really strong." He bit out, pushing his hands against the wall in an effort to stand. He took a shuddering breath to his nose, instincts screaming to do the opposite of what he was doing. "How do I know that you weren't going to force them?"

"How do you...?" Ichigo balked. "Don't you lump me in with the rest of you guys, understand?! I didn't want this shit dumped in my lap!"

"Neither did I" Minato said. "But... but look how it looks to me in comparison. At least Kuu can walk and make her own decisions". Which the spritely girl had done.

"What are you saying kid?"

"I... I just wanted to save her. What... what happened down stairs, Kuu did that on her own." He then mustered his courage once more. "An-anyone with the po.. potential with an ashikabi can wing any Sekirei whether they want to or not". His own eyes, thought still scared held a bit of accusation back.

Ichigo frowned, "And who told you that?"

"The one who helped me save Kuu yesterday", he responded. "Well?"

"Well what?" Ichigo sighed.

"Did you make them your Sekirei? Did you force them?"

Ichigo stared at him in surprise, feeling himself bristle. How dare this snot-nosed little punk think he'd-!

He froze in mid-thought, remembering the kid's words. "'re tellin' me... that this is happening to other Sekirei? That they're being taken whether they want to or not by people who can?" Minato blinked, caught off guard by his change in demeaner and nodded to him, the look in his eyes conveying how serious he was about that in spite of his fight or flee instincts in effect. "C'mon kid," Ichigo barked. "Speak up!"


Ichigo eyed Minato cooly, folding his arms and forcing his face into less harsh features. "You said you were helped by someone, someone that was familar with how sekirei worked, right?"

Minato nodded again. "Yes."

-note that he never said about knowing how sekirei worked in regards to Seo

"What did he tell you?"

Minato took a breath, eyeing the other an warily. "That anyone with the power of an Ashikabi can take whatever Sekirei they want. If they want to... even if the Sekirei doesn't want it".

Ichigo's frown returned, "Say that again."

"They can still be winged even if they don't want to."

"What?" Ichigo grunted. "That... that can't be..." He lowered his head, clutching his forehead with one hand and rubbed at it in irritation. "Oh god, who am I kidding? That sick little fuck'll even get kids involved with this mess. Of course something like that'd be ok with that bastard."

Minato was silent as Ichigo as Ichigo continued, feeling the growing anger in his voice. "I don't even know why that'd surprise me. That bastard is letting these Sekirei run around and find people for them to be with and then put them into some random ass fight for his own amusement. Like some real life PokÚmon or something. A bastard like that...a bastard like that doesn't give a shit about anything so long as it amuses him! A bastard like that... who lets his power go to his head like he has.... he's-!"


Minato gulped slightly as the strawberry blond in front of him destroyed his cell phone in a fit of rage. The image alone would be intimidating enough, to say nothing of the cost of a new one. But the fact that he haden't seemed to noticed... well... it just added to the intimidation. Ichigo let out a brief yell of fustration before tossing the destroyed phone to the floor in anger. Letting out an irritated breath, he flopped back onto the bed. His hand clutching his face, hiding a small bitter smile.

For the next minute or so each stayed where they at, not moving as Minato watched Ichigo rub his head with his hand, covering his eyes, a few times but did not change his overall position. He then sighed and broke the ice after another moment.

"Did you?"

Ichigo let out a bitter laugh at that, "Actually one of them kinda forced themself on me."

The look of bitterness and tiredness spoke volumes to Minato and he knew the other man was not lying. "And that's what happened to me too", he said after another moment.

"Ah ha..." Ichigo let out as he removed his hand from his face. "What a fucked up mess this is..."

Minato gave off a sad smile himself. "Yeah, it is, isn't it?" With that, he gingerly started to stand up from where he had been half sitting, half laying on the ground.

"Sorry 'bout before," Ichigo grunted. "It's just... y'know..."


"Sorry 'bout your phone too," Ichigo added. "I'll uh... I'll pay for your new one."


"So uh... how long?" Ichigo asked suddenly.


"How long've you been involved with this mess?"

"Uh, I met Musubi a couple days before moving here. My landlord had a no woman rule".

"Is that so?" Ichigo asked. "Heh... I've been involved with this mess for three months and you already know more about what's up than me. Think I've been slippin' or somethin'."

"Three months?!"

"Yeah three months," Ichigo shrugged. "Not gonna lie, it's been some weird times." Ichigo sighed as he got up from his bed, "Look man, I... uh... we got off on the wrong foot here. And... Um... well... since we're neighbors and all..."

Minato blinked, and then realized what Ichigo was saying and let out a relieved breath. "Thank you."

"No problem," Ichigo nodded. "So.. um... since we're in this fucked up game together man... uh... if you need some help or something I'll..."

Minato smiled, now feeling completely relieved. "Again, thank you."

"Sure thing," Ichigo nodded as he made his way towards the door. "Look, not to be rude man, but you kinda gave me some stuff to process here. And Uzume's probably gonna be up here soon enough so..."

"Yeah..." Minato agreed and stepped to the side so Ichigo could reach the door.

"And hey," Ichigo continued as he grabed the knob. "At least it can't get any worse than this right?" And with that he opened the door and saw Uzume and Musubi coming around the corner when something below caught his eye. Blinking, he looked down and saw the tiny little Sekirei he had seen earlier looking up at him with... watery eyes? Was she crying?

-HIC-HIC- She sniffed.

He blinked again. What was she hold-




And before he could register his surprise the thing in her hands, several bits of torn weed suddenly exploded as if it were alive and everything went dark.



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The last sentence needs a period or something else to be finished properly. Well done with part 1 of 3 so far.

I've really missed this fic guys? Have you guys decided what you will do with regard to the fullbring arc?


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Bwa! this... exists? But I don't even...



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You might want to check the scene over again. You mention Minato not having his phone because he's in his PJs, then have Ichigo apologize for breaking it at the end. I thought Ichigo had broken his own phone.

Overall good start to the chapter. I eagerly look forward to the next part.

If I can find the time, I'll try to go through and point out the typos I noticed, sadly time is lacking at the moment.


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Oh shit it's up. :jawdrop:

Heh... Someone might want to keep a score card for how many cell phones Ichigo ends up destroying by the end of the fic. That's his second. :D


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So....Matsu is reacting to Ichigo? That's interesting...


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vgz said:
You might want to check the scene over again. You mention Minato not having his phone because he's in his PJs, then have Ichigo apologize for breaking it at the end. I thought Ichigo had broken his own phone.

Overall good start to the chapter. I eagerly look forward to the next part.

If I can find the time, I'll try to go through and point out the typos I noticed, sadly time is lacking at the moment.
Ichigo actually broke his own phone. He was apologizing for freaking him out


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well that's one shit storm averted and another one has begun. Sanity was never here in the first place, and now she's got reason to never visit.


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DeathGod666 said:
Ichigo actually broke his own phone. He was apologizing for freaking him out
From the snippet:
Minato then blinked as well, confusion almost replacing his fear. "Y- you {I'd say remove the space after the -} know... MBI sent one out to everyone". {the . should be inside the " } He would have fumbled for his phone if he wasn't wearing his pajamas.

"I didn't {add 'get' here} a text... at least I don't think so," Ichigo grumbled as he pulled out his phone. Flipping the device open, his eyes widened at the missed text message blinking in front of him. Popping the message open, his frown just grew all the deeper as he read alowd. {'alowd' should be 'aloud'}
This portion leads one to believe that Ichigo had broken his own phone since Minato doesn't have his on him...

"Sorry 'bout your phone too," Ichigo added. "I'll uh... I'll pay for your new one."
...but that line makes it sound like he broke Minato's, hence the confusion. ^_~;;

Also, note the corrections in italics in the quoted portions. ^^;;


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BukkakeNoJutsu said:
I am fucking overjoyed to see this updated.

Let the harem shenanigans begin!
Yeah. I sort of hope Homura or Seo hears them grouching about it at each other.

"Oh, no! I've got multiple beautiful women who love me throwing themselves at me! The horror!" ;) :p

Also hoping for the girls from Bleach to clue into Ichigo's now polyamorous relationship, and decide to go for it.


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Yay, something to distract me from vomiting and other unpleasant effects of the flu...

I was kinda hoping Ichigo would accidentally terrify Kuu, and then spend a significant amount of time trying to get her to stop running away whenever she sees him,


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ovidkid said:
Bad Ichigo making Kuu cry like that.
All Ichigo could see was this grown man locking lips with a child. He may have gone overboard but his reaction was predictable.

From here on out, Ichigo will have to carry a bottle of aspirin around with him. Despite Uzume saying they'll get through this, this'll just make him go back in his shell as he is unable to juggle his feelings around multiple women.

Uzume was patient, and she always a bit more level headed. Ikki, not so much. The antics around MInato, additional sekirei for Ichigo, Soul Society who will want to keep an eye on him as they have in the Fullbring arc will soon drive him mad! He'll need more than one bottle.


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Ichigo freaking out over the kiss was really well played. I know I would have flipped shit in his. If I was Ichigo, at this point, I would probably would have gone to Urahara to get my powers back, and just start wrecking shit.


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Please note that Ichigo never saw the liplock but saw the results first hand and put two and two together.

Also as mentioned by Ghost, this is a very, very rough draft thats not only missing some little details but a lot of polish on dialogue as well.

Ichigo's gonna have some issues, as seen in his thoughts in the snippet, and if we portray it well enough you'll see the swings of it back and forth(for example he stiffened at her touch, but he did not push her away. If he had that would have been square one completely). He's tasted the joys of a relationship, and he wants it but with everything else coming into play...

And of course, thats not to mention of whats coming up.

One thing I'm curious about that hasn't been mentioned as of yet, but what does everything think of Minato's sudden backbone? I kinda wanted this to the start of his journey into finding his own.
Wheeljack said:
One thing I'm curious about that hasn't been mentioned as of yet, but what does everything think of Minato's sudden backbone?? I kinda wanted this to the start of his journey into finding his own.
If Minato having a backbone means he'll be telling certain people where they can shove it at some point down the line I'm all for it.


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I honestly couldn't care less. Minato has left such a small impact on me that I barely notice him at all.


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Wheeljack said:
One thing I'm curious about that hasn't been mentioned as of yet, but what does everything think of Minato's sudden backbone? I kinda wanted this to the start of his journey into finding his own.
What do you mean sudden? Unless you mean taking away the limp noodle you gave him and replaced with his canon self. Never understood why you changed him with the minor screentime he had and no indication of a difference in Minato's past.

Sorry, but stopping the canon sparring with Miya for absolutely no reason when in canon he didn't mind irritated me.


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Garahs said:
Wheeljack said:
One thing I'm curious about that hasn't been mentioned as of yet, but what does everything think of Minato's sudden backbone?á I kinda wanted this to the start of his journey into finding his own.
What do you mean sudden? Unless you mean taking away the limp noodle you gave him and replaced with his canon self. Never understood why you changed him with the minor screentime he had and no indication of a difference in Minato's past.

Sorry, but stopping the canon sparring with Miya for absolutely no reason when in canon he didn't mind irritated me.
I went off Uzume stopping or allaying Minato's fears in canon as a basis for this. It was her that said Miya is used to this stuff (and likely he trusted her in already knowing Uzume was a Sekirei by that point). <a href='' target='_blank' rel='nofollow'></a>

Without Uzume there at this moment in this timeline he overreacted.


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Chaotic Symbolism said:
Wheeljack said:
One thing I'm curious about that hasn't been mentioned as of yet, but what does everything think of Minato's sudden backbone?á I kinda wanted this to the start of his journey into finding his own.
If Minato having a backbone means he'll be telling certain people where they can shove it at some point down the line I'm all for it.
Second. I've been wanting to see a backbone out of Minato for a good long while now.

Honestly it's difficult to see why Minato is the protagonist in the first place. Of all the characters in the manga, Minato Sahashi is the least interesting.